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Lizard is one such creature that is harmless but people tend to get scared of it. When spotted at home, lizards become a cause of concern for most people. If you are on the lookout for how to get rid of lizards at home, we have several tips and home remedies that come in handy.

What Brings Lizard To Your Home?

How to get rid of lizards at home
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Having a pest-free home is something we all dream of and seeing lizards crawling here and there in the house is creepy. There’re a lot of reasons that bring lizards to your home and to get rid of them you should first analyse the cause of their entry.

Food crumbs

Although lizards thrive on insects, flies etc they also love food crumbs and leftovers. You can see them entering the kitchen, dining room and other such places in search of food.

Raised temperature

The rise in temperature forces lizards to move inside houses in search of shelter and they find cool places to hide like benches, sheds, cupboards etc.

Messy and congested spaces

If you tend to mess up your home and have a congested set-up, lizards find many places to hide and stay for long.

Warm water supply

Where there’s a warm water supply, you are sure to find lizards hiding behind pipes, beneath sinks etc. 

Damp cabinets and under sink areas

People usually are lazy and do not clean the kitchen cabinets or under sink areas timely. These places become nice hibernating spots for lizards.

Where To Find Them?

If you are worried about how to get rid of lizards at home, your first step should be to inspect the places they are most likely to be found. Lizards don’t just loiter here and there all day long. They find shelter in various spaces and listed below are the places you will find them.

Look for cracks, openings and holes

As already mentioned, lizards usually look for shelter and they need cool places in your house where they can find shelter. Also, these creatures enter your house through door openings, cracks in the window panes etc. Watch out for these places.

Check corners and dark places

Any human activity near the lizards forces them to swiftly crawl and they tend to hide in little corners of the house. You should check for them in all the dark and cool areas in your house. You can also find lizards in places that are over-stuffed.

Furniture and decor items

You must have noticed lizards hiding behind wall decors and also furniture pieces. These are also common places where you can easily spot hiding lizards.

Tips To Prevent Lizard Entry Into The House

Further down you will get to know about home remedies to keep lizards away but the first step should be to stop lizard entry into the house at any cost.

  • Make sure to keep windows and doors closed at all times.
  • Get cracks and cuts repaired at the earliest.
  • Install window screens or use mosquito nets to prevent entry from windows.
  • Make sure to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness in the house.
  • Keep your house waste free at any moment. 
  • Do not keep leftover food unattended in the house.
  • Plan your furniture and decor in such a way that they do not work as hiding spots for the crawlies.
  • Look for water and pipe leakages and get them repaired instantly.
  • Use pesticides in your plants and garden area.

How To Get Rid Of Lizards At Home Using Home Remedies?

Lizards are unwelcomed guests in your house and once your house is infested with the crawlies you need to take measures to keep them off. If you want to know about ways how to get rid of lizards at home, watch out for these amazing home remedies.

1. Bird Feather

Peacock feathers
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Several birds feed on lizards and pests, peacocks being one of them. You can use bird feathers, particularly peacock feathers and keep lizards away from your personal space. The best way is to keep a few of these feathers in a vase near any window opening or near entrances in your house. The crawlies will stay away from places where the feathers are kept.

Since peacocks are lizard predators, the slightest smell of their feathers is threatening to these creatures and they tend to run away from that place forever.

2. Coffee Powder Balls

coffee powder
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It is believed that lizards hate the smell of ground coffee and they tend to stay away from places that smell of coffee. For this remedy, you need some ground coffee powder and tobacco powder. Give it a nice mix and make small balls out of the mixture. Once done, you can throw these balls near windows, doors and other places where you find lizard infestation. 

You should avoid this remedy if you want to get rid of lizards without killing them because these balls might be hazardous for the lizards if consumed.

3. Onion And Garlic 

Onion and garlic remedy
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Lizards tend to hate the smell of onion and garlic and it kind of irritates them. Both onion and garlic add a nice flavour to your food but lizards run away from the smell of onion and garlic. You can hang either of the 2 at places from where there are chances the crawlies might enter.

Alternately, you can also squeeze some juice out of onions and garlic, mix with water, and spray the mixture near the entry points of lizards. You can also use this spray behind curtains or wall arts as lizards tend to hide there often.

4. Lizard Repellent Plants

Peppermint plant lizard remedy
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Certain plant species repel lizards. If you are tired of spotting the crawlies in your yard, garden or balcony, you can grow these plants and keep these creatures away. Peppermint and eucalyptus are known for their lizard-repellent smell. These plants in return also add to the beautification of your house or garden.

5. Eggshells Remedy

how to get rid of lizards at home using eggshells
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You can use egg shells to keep lizards away from your house. Lizards are scared of eggshells because they count eggshells as a big threat to their life. You can keep these shells at places where lizard activity is noticed the most. 

Always make sure to replace the old egg shells with new ones in about a week so that they don’t rot.

6. Vinegar And Lemon Spray

Vinegar and lemon spray
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Lizards have extremely sensitive skin that tends to get irritated with a spray made out of lemon and vinegar. For this, you need to mix vinegar and lemon juice in a 2:1 ratio and add water to the mixture. Pour this into a spray bottle and shake well. You can then spray this solution on lizards and also on the places you often see them crawling. The acidic nature of lemon and vinegar acts as a skin irritant and helps you get rid of these nasty creatures.

7. Naphthalene Balls 

Naphthalene balls have always been one of the best remedies to keep pests in check but people hardly know that these balls also keep lizards away. This crawly creature hates the smell of naphthalene and tends to run away from it. You can drop a few balls in the corners of your house and also inside cupboards and drawers. 

Naphthalene balls when dropped in any corner of your house should be taken care of. If you have little ones at home, they might gulp these balls accidentally and it will turn out to be extremely hazardous.

8. Wrap It Up In Paper Or A Box

cardboard box
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This home remedy is meant for people who are not very scared of lizards and can use a broom or stick to control the movement of a lizard. All you need is a cardboard box and a broom or stick to direct the lizard so that it enters the box. Once inside, you can cover the box and leave it anywhere outside so that the lizard escapes smoothly. The same process can be done using a newspaper but you have to have the courage to control a lizard with a broom. 

This process is undoubtedly very safe and does not harm the lizard in any way.

9. Phenyl Tablets

If you want to shoo a lizard away, the smell of phenyl works wonder. But instead of phenyl liquid, tablets show a quicker result as keeping these tablets in the corners of the house prevents lizard entry and loitering in that space. These tablets also work great if you keep them in cabinets and other damp areas in the house.

10. Cold Water Remedy

how to get rid of lizards at home using cold water
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Have you ever noticed that lizards are seen more during the summers and you hardly get to see them during the colder months? This is because these creatures hate being outside when it’s cold and they tend to hibernate. Just like they hate winters, they also run away from cold water. If you have the courage enough to chase and grab them with a newspaper or cloth, this remedy is one of the best ways to get rid of lizards.

Whenever you spot a lizard crawling, you need to throw some cold water on its body and it is sure to leave the lizard shocked. When you notice the lizard has stopped moving, you can quickly grab it with a newspaper or a piece of cloth. Then release it outside far from the house and it is probably gone forever.

11. Pepper Spray Trick

pepper spray
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This one works like magic if you have been wanting to know how to get rid go lizards at home. Fetch some hot pepper powder from your kitchen and mix it with water in a spray bottle. Then use this mixture on areas that are infested with lizards. While mixing the pepper powder with water make sure to be extra cautious as the powder might hurt your eyes. 

Tabasco sauce or chilli works equally well and you can replace the pepper powder with any of the 2 while preparing the spray.

Other Remedies

Apart from all this mentioned above, you can also opt for pest control sprays be they naturally made at home or the ones available in the market. Nowadays you also get devices that can be plugged in and they emit radiation that repels pests.

Now that you know how to get rid of lizards at home, it is time for you to know a little more about these creatures.

Lizard Poop: How To Clean And Manage?

We know lizards are annoying but the poop they leave behind is a bigger cause of concern. If not taken care of, lizard poop can be hazardous especially if you have toddlers and kids in the house.

To get rid of the mess that lizards leave behind, you need equal parts of vinegar, water and dishwashing liquid. Mix all the three well in a spray bottle and spritz this mixture on areas where you see them crawling. Additionally, this spray also helps in keeping the crawlies at bay.

You can try out these remedies and see the difference but it is always advised to seek professional help when the situation is out of control. There are pest experts ready to provide service and they can diligently inspect, find the cause and make your home pest free in no time.

Also, it is advised to maintain cleanliness and keep the house well managed and organised all the time. Doing this will keep all kinds of pests away from your house.


1. Can lizards harm you in any way?

Basically, house lizards are harmless and they do not attack humans but sometimes if the situation arises, they may bite.

2. Are lizards allergic?

Since lizards roam around anywhere, their bodies are covered with dirt and you can have allergies if you come in contact with them.

3. Is it mandatory to kill lizards to get rid of them?

No, you can easily shoo the crawlies away without harming them in any way. The best way is to use the cardboard box or the cold water remedy.

4. Is home remedy enough to make your house lizard free?

It depends on how densely is your house infested with lizards. When the problem is spread on a bigger scale, it is preferred to opt for pest control services.

5. Can your house be re-infested with lizards?

It is always advised to take precautionary measures even after your house is free of lizards. If any home remedy helps you get rid of these creatures completely, the chances of re-infestation are strong. Take measures to stop lizard entry into the house.