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If your home is infested with negative energy, it can lead to a lot of ruckus and unwanted troubles. This is why you need to know the best ways by which you can remove the negative energy and thereby purify the atmosphere at home.  Here, we will tell you some of the tips that will allow you to do so.

How To Remove Negative Energy From Home – The Starters

Your home needs to be a place where you can unwind, destress, relax, and rejuvenate. This is why you have to be very cautious about the type of energy that is circulating in your home. If you want to know how to remove negative energy, make sure to pay heed to these details.

More often than not, these tips will come in handy to allow you to experience the right results. We will be splitting the tips into different categories so that you can peruse the ones that you are specifically looking for.

Removing Negative Energy During The Shravan Month

The Shravan month is known to be the month of Lord Shiva and it is the fifth month in the Hindu calendar. A lot of people choose to observe fast throughout the month and several people fast every Monday of the month as that day is considered holy for Lord Shiva’s worship.

So, as per the books of mythology and sacred belief, it is said that if you follow some rituals, it can lead to the cleaning of mind and soul and also help you attain both purity and abundance. This will also allow you to strip your body of negative energy and also of the environment.

So, try to observe fast at least every Monday in the Shravan month. You should worship Lord Shiva, offer milk, and flowers, and practise other rituals with a clean mind and body. At the same time, burn incense sticks as they are believed to truly purify the environment and the aroma helps in uplifting the soul.

Also, by the books of Vastu, try to have a water symbol like a fountain at the east end of your home. This is likely to bring positivity and good luck to your home. The Shravan is often considered the best month to shoo off the negativity from your mind, body, and your home.

How To Spot Negative Energy?

Sometimes people wonder whether or not there is negativity present in their home. If you too are wondering how to spot negative energy, read on.

Despite trying your best to maintain a positive outlook and the right frame of mind, you may be surrounded by a lot of negativities. When too much bad energy is present in the house, it is sure to impact your work and individuality as well. This is why no matter how much work you have at hand, you should always focus on how to remove negative energy.

Owing to the presence of negative energy, the health of the people in the house and the relationship between each other are likely to be impacted. There can be a lot of diseases, quarrels, miscommunication, and more in the family.

When you have too much negativity in your home, it will always make you feel depressed and tired. This is because it sucks all the happiness and optimism from your mind and body and leaves you super drained and exhausted. It can also have an impact on your mood and you may stay irritable all the time.

So, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to do the needful. Clearing the negative vibe will allow you to truly enjoy the positivity and the healthy burst of vigour and energy.

So, let us get started with the tips.

1. The Role Of Sunlight

how to remove negative energy from home
Source: Ksenia Chernaya / Pexels

The sunlight has a lot of power in it. Every morning, make sure to draw back the curtains and open the windows. Allow natural sunlight to seep into your room and illuminate it. This is the easiest and the most scientific way to remove negativity from your room. A lot of people who are battling depression found significant relief after they made it a point to sit and brood in the sunlight for an hour in the morning.

The wave of fresh air draws out the negativity and fills you with rejuvenated feelings and thoughts.

2. The Power Of Salt

As per Vastu, salt is one of the powerful elements that has the power to absorb the negative energy from your home. From time to time, get the home cleaned with salt water. Try not to do this on Thursday though.

You can also take a glass bowl and add sea salt to it. Keeping this bowl can help in absorbing the negativity from your home. Make it a point to clean the entrance door with rock salt-infused water. This will clear up the negativity from your home.

3. The Power Of Plants

how to remove negative energy from home plants
Source: Ksenia Chernaya / Pexels

Plants have a lot of power in absorbing the toxins present in the air. They are also known to be super effective in filtering out the negative energy from the atmosphere. They also promote good fortune and offer the right vibes.

You can find the list of lucky plants that you can incorporate into your home by reading here.

The science of Vastu believes that the Tulsi plant is sacred and comes in handy for the sake of purifying the air and the environment. It should however be placed in the north and northeast corners only.

Bamboo is another plant that is known to bless the home with good luck and also bring in money. You can also keep plants with aromatic flowers as the fragrance of the flowers help in purifying the place and also lift one’s mood significantly.

So, try to learn about the plants to have and the directions in which you should have them. You are sure to feel the difference.

4. Tidy Up The Home

When you have too much clutter in your home, it is bound to bring in negativity. You have to try your best to keep your home clutter-free. Make sure to keep stuff organized and neat and clean.

When your wardrobe and the room space are organized and clean, you will feel that you can breathe air deeper and it will also allow you to experience a sense of calm. It also makes the room spacious which in turn feels better.

Feel free to use small organizers and boxes to stack things in an orderly manner. Always fold and iron your clothes while putting them in the cupboard. It will allow you to retrieve them quickly too.

5. Burning Camphor Or Sage

burning sage how to remove negative energy from home
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Sage has a mention in the world of Feng Shui. It is believed that sage helps in eliminating the negative energy from your home and it purifies the place and cleanses it off. It can ward off evil energies too. However, make sure to open one of the windows in the room before you burn sage or else the smoke can lead to cough.

Along with this, you can also choose to light up camphor. Do this during dusk and it is known to infuse the home with positive energy and vibration. Camphor is also believed to be sacred.

You can choose to have diffusers, incense sticks, and more. The bottom line is that you should fill your house with the right kind of aroma.

6. The Entrance

The entrance of your home assumes a pivotal role as far as maintaining the energy level is concerned. You need to know how to stop negative energy from entering your home and this is why the main door will always have a strong role to play. Always keep the main entrance and the windows leading up to the main door clean and clutter-free. Also, design the main door in such a way that it is Vastu compliant and has no doshas.

You can check the detailed Vastu tips for designing your home here.

7. The Altar

Having an altar that is dedicated to sacred and auspicious items is one of the smart ways to ward off bad luck and negativity. Ideally, choose the right crystals., flowers, incense sticks, figurines, and statues to be placed at the altar. This corner will be powerful enough to fight the negative energies at home.

8. The Water Fountains

Water fountains are an excellent way to cleanse the air and remove negativity from your home. They are known for creating a good vibe in the home and the rhythmic sound of the falling water is peaceful for the mind and the body.

Ideally, you should place the fountain in the north direction of your home. You can have it in the living room or close to the entrance of your home as well. The water should always flow in the direction of your house and not away from it.

9. Musical Sounds

how to remove negative energy from home windchime
Source: Engin Akyurt / Pexels

Things like the wind chimes, and the Tibetan bowls, are items that you can also choose to have in your home. The rhythmic sound emanating from these instruments helps in cleansing the air. It also lends an energetic vibe to the air and uplifts the mood. Those who are suffering from depression should have these in their home as it can have a direct impact on their temperament and mood.

Some people simply choose to have a big bell which they ring at different times of the day. This is also known to remove negative energy. You should also chant the mantras and thereby make the atmosphere clean.

10. Rearranging Furniture

The best homes are the ones where you don’t have very heavy furniture. Also, do not allow dirt and dust to settle on the furniture as this makes them ground for negative energy to flow and seep. Always have the furniture arranged in an orderly manner and ensure that they beautify your home rather than make it look awry. The furniture should not be present in a way that will hinder your movement.

The Use of Healing Crystals

how to remove negative energy from home crystals
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Crystals are known to be very powerful as far as energy movement is concerned. Tourmaline is one of the best crystals that you can use for the sake of cleansing your mind and aura. It fills your mind with positivity and will make you feel happy.

There are several other crystals like jade, amethyst, selenite, and more. You can choose to integrate them as a part of the décor in your home or keep mixed crystals in a bowl as well.

So, a mix of these methods is sure to help you get rid of the negativity and spread the right vibes in your home.


Can negative energy impair the health of people living in the home?

Yes, if your home is filled with negative energy, people are much more likely to fall ill. Depression and anxiety are also common in such homes.

Can Vastu help in cleaning the energy?

Yes, Vastu has tons of solutions that you can use to get rid of the negative energy in your home.

Is salt a good absorber of negative energy?

Salt is known to be very powerful and it comes in handy for absorbing the negativity in a home. You can also choose to mop the home with salt water.

Can you put plants for positivity?

Plants are a great natural source of infusing positivity and good vibes in your home. There are a lot of indoor plants you can grow too that are known to infuse the right vibe.