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There are numerous authorities in every country, and each one performs different duties and responsibilities. In India, for example, the Inspector General of Registration is responsible for ensuring that all legal documents and records are appropriately maintained. This individual is also responsible for conducting government department audits, investigating corruption cases, and providing government advice on regulatory matters.

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Source: https://www.igrodisha.gov.in/

Services on the IGR Odisha portal

The IGR Odisha portal provides a wide range of services to its users. These include registering property, getting driving licenses and passports, filing taxes, and more. The IGR Odisha portal is user-friendly and easy to use, making it an excellent resource for those looking to get their affairs in order.

If you want to know how to compute stamp duty, a tax you must pay when you purchase or sell a property, the best way to find out is to use the IGR Odisha portal. The portal has a dedicated calculator that will help you determine the stamp duty you must pay.

If you are looking for a way to get around an encumbrance on your property in Odisha, you may want to consider applying for an encumbrance certificate from IGR Odisha. This certificate will allow you to sell or lease your property without any restrictions being placed on it.

Services on the IGR Odisha portal
Source: https://www.igrodisha.gov.in/

How can you check the progress of your online application on the IGR Odisha portal?

If you are applying online for a registration certificate, there are several ways to check the progress of your application. You can:

  • Log in to the IGR Odisha portal and click “Application Status.”
  • Click on “Application History” and view the details of your application.
  • Contact our customer care team if you have any questions or concerns about your application.

Deed forms on IGR Odisha

The IGR Odisha is the state’s statutory authority on registration matters, including births, deaths, and marriages. It was constituted on the recommendation of the State Council of

Registration on September 1, 1981. IGR Odisha functions through separate departments such as registration, revenue, archives, and personnel.

The IGR Odisha registers all state citizens and verifies their particulars, including residential addresses, identity cards, and other documents related to their identity.

Online document submission

IGR Odisha provides an online document submission facility to citizens for various purposes. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Pension verification
  • Election registration
  • Birth certificate verification
  • Migration status verification
  • Domestic violence record check
  • Property tax assessment
  • Income tax return filing, etc.

The following are the steps that need to be followed to submit documents online:

Step 1: Visit the IGR Odisha website and click on the ‘Submit Documents’ link at the top of the homepage.

Step 2: Enter all the required information and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 3: The system will take you to the next page, where you will be asked to upload the required documents.

Step 4: Once all documents have been uploaded, click on the ‘Upload Document’ button.

Step 5: The system will review and validate all documents and mark them as accepted or rejected accordingly.

If any document is rejected, it will explain why it has been rejected.

Step 6: Upon successfully validating all the documents, you will be able to submit the documents.


● The IGR Odisha is an autonomous body under the Government of Odisha. It was constituted based on the Inspector General of Registration Act, 1959, to maintain the accuracy and completeness of electoral rolls and prevent confusion and fraud in elections.

●The IGR Odisha conducts periodic reviews of all electoral rolls in the state to ensure that all electors are duly registered and that their names do not appear more than once. Besides, it conducts other essential functions, such as the conduct of by-elections, conduct of revisional examinations, etc.

●The IGR Odisha has a staff strength of around 310 officers, including 130 and 350 assistant superintendents. The headquarters are located in Bhubaneswar.


1. What is IGR Odisha?

IGR Odisha is an autonomous statutory body responsible for registering, updating, and revising electoral rolls, conducting elections, and monitoring political parties’ compliance with the Representation of the People Act, 1951. The main objectives of IGR Odisha are to maintain transparency in the electoral process; promote fair and free elections; check corruption, and ensure probity in elections.

2. In Odisha, where do I go to register my marriage?

If you plan to marry in Odisha, you must visit your district’s In-charge Registration Officer (ICRO). ICROs are responsible for registering marriages in their respective districts.

You can find the ICRO for your district on the state government website. The website also has information about the procedure for getting married in Odisha.

The website also has a search feature that can help you find the ICRO for your district. You can search by name or by district.

3. What papers are necessary to register property in Odisha?

To buy or sell property in Odisha, you must get the appropriate paperwork. This includes acquiring an IGR Odisha registration number. Here is a guide on how to obtain an IGR Odisha registration number:

To register a property in Odisha, you will need the following documents:

1) A copy of your passport or ID card

2) A document that proves your legal ownership of the property (like a property deed or lease agreement)

3) Your IGR Odisha registration number

4) The money for the property’s purchase or sale

5) Any other required documentation, like a construction permit if the property is being renovated.

To get your IGR Odisha registration number, you will first need to visit your local municipal office. There, you will be required to show your documents and ID card. You will then be given an IGR Odisha registration number. Keep this number safe, as you will need it when buying or selling property in Odisha.