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Registration of documents with IGRS Andhra Pradesh is essential as once registered, they become public information, thus making it easy for authentication. At IGRS, while the stamp tax will charge on purchases and transfers, a registration fee is assessed on the transfer of ownership of immovable property.

IGRS is the authority answerable for levying and collecting various property-related and other taxes within the state. This authority in Andhra Pradesh is IGRS Andhra Pradesh (AP). Through its official IGRS portal, registration.ap.gov.in, the IGRS AP provides several online AP stamps and registration services to its citizens.

IGRS AP is Andhra Pradesh’s oldest department that authenticates registered documents. Let us know more about IGRS AP.

About IGRS

The full title of this position is Inspector-General of Revenue and Stamps (IGRS). Throughout the state, IGRS is responsible for levying and collecting numerous property-related and other taxes. It is responsible for archiving both historical and up-to-date property records and producing them as evidence in the event of a legal dispute. Andhra Pradesh’s IGRS authority is known as IGRS AP. It offers a variety of online AP stamps and registration services to its citizens through its official IGRS outlet, registration.ap.gov.in.

Documents must be registered with IGRS because once registered, they become public information that can be used to verify them. At IGRS, a stamp tax is charged on both purchases and transfers. When the ownership of an immovable property changes hands, a registration fee is charged. IGRS AP is the oldest department in Andhra Pradesh. It verifies documents that have been registered.

IGRS Andhra Pradesh Official Website and Enrollment EC

  • IGRS AP authorized website is rs.ap.gov offers the AP emblems and enrollment EC.
  • EC investigation AP, consider and download IGRS EC online at http://registration.ap.gov.in/.
  • AP EC, also known as Andhra Pradesh Encumbrance Certificates, are often acquired by visiting MeeSeva centers or SRO offices within which property has already gets registered.
  • Involve for AP EC; property registration documents, sale deed, deed of conveyance, and requiring address proof.
  • IGRS Andhra Pradesh EC search users can search Encumbrance Certificate online using document or memo numbers.

Property owners will appreciate having all the information they need about the IGRS AP EC- encumbrance certificate in a single place, and that’s exactly what this article aims to provide. The article highlights the benefits and advantages of IGRS AP EC, as well as procedures associated with IGRS EC, such as where to look for your IGRS EC AP encumbrance certificate, how to download your encumbrance certificate, and how to apply for an IGRS EC encumbrance certificate. Some of the additional services provided by the IGRS province are also described in detail here.

Apart from finding IGRS deed details, EC Andhra Pradesh, AP stamps and registration, IGRS CC AP property valuation-IGRS value, AP holds the list of notaries. Citizens in the province can avail themselves of an excessive number of other services using the IGRS Andhra Pradesh portal.

Key Features of IGRS AP

  • For receiving the EC AP, the branch of enrollment and stamps AP presented an internet site known as IGRS AP.
  • You can effortlessly explore, receive, and verify the Encumbrance Certificate AP by calling the official portal of IGRS AP.
  • One also can obtain the EC province by visiting the Meeseva centers or the sub-registrar’s office where the property’s registered.
  • You can seek EC AP online on IGRS AP through the memo or document numbers.

Overall benefits of IGRS Andhra Pradesh

  • You can review the list of dealings made on possession using the IGRS AP website.
  • You can pursue the EC AP on the website.
  • Calculation of tax and checking of the value of a property
  • Verification of the encumbrance certificate AP

Services By The Portal

The online portal of IGRS AP permits users to test property registration details. A document number, village name, district name, plot or apartment number, and so on are all necessary to access the registration details of a certain piece of real estate. IGRS Andhra Pradesh also allows shoppers to figure out how much money they’ll need for an e-stamp and an e-challan. After determining the stamp tax and registration fees, they must be paid using the IGRS AP portal.

The IGRS AP portal provides an overview of all property deeds, which facilitates the transfer and registration of property in a more streamlined and accurate manner. Mortgage, sale, lease, gift, exchange of power of attorney, will, and other legal transfers of property all call for specific deed formats, and they are provided for the customer’s convenience. Deeds of sale, estate deeds, lease deeds, mortgage deeds, exchange deeds, Will deeds, and power of attorney deeds

You can also find encumbrance certificates for any property registered with the sub-office registrar’s through the IGRS AP portal. Users can check encumbrance certificates and view the fine print of the society’s registration on the IGRS AP site. The official IGRS AP website is where you may find information about e-stamp franking agents and stamp merchandiser lists.


Find below some powerful features of the IGRS Andhra Pradesh online portal.

  • There is a brief registration process that users can go through on the IGRS AP online portal in order to create their own individual credentials. Simply try to supply information that can identify the person, such as their name, email address, phone number, Aadhar number, and so on. And sign up in a matter of mouse clicks.
  • The IGRS AP internet portal features a specialized navigational feature that makes it easy to get around. Online services of all stripes can be found in their own dedicated locations. Users are able to easily get the information they need inside their chosen service.
  • Property valuation, GPA lookup, marriage registration, property registration, and detail registration are just a few of the many online services available through the IGRS AP portal.
  • Visitors to the IGRS AP portal can easily locate the nearest office that provides the service they require by searching through a variety of lists, such as the Sub-registrar office list, stamp vendor list, notary list, etc.
  • Templates for different legal documents, including sale deeds, mortgages, gifts, leases, releases, and more, are provided by the IGRS Andhra Pradesh webpage.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): This portal has a dedicated area where visitors can look up answers to common inquiries about stamps, registration, property purchases, estate administration, and other topics. In case they have any further questions, they can reach out to the portal’s support staff for help.

Documents Required for Registration

Documenting possessions with IGRS AP mandates the below-mentioned documents:

  • Passport size photo of the client and seller and therefore the buyer
  • Identity cards like Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Passport
  • Existing possessions card acquired from CSD known as City Survey Department. 
  • Recorded photocopy of the first sale deed
  • Photocopy of utility bills
  • Photocopy of the valid document stating the specified stamp tax payment.

Enrollment Charges and Online mode of Payment for Stamps

The Stock Holding Corporation of India provides a wonderful resource for locals to learn about provincial e-stamping locations, SRO offices, and ACC bank branches accepting e-stamping for payments of revenue enhancement.

Lastly, the IGRS Andhra Pradesh website offers many services, like viewing encumbrance certificates, certified copies, market price certificates, stamp fee calculation, registration fees, and other user charges. One may also check prohibited property searches, a list of stamp vendors, and several other services citizens who don’t seem to be associated with property registration services and charges, like marriage registration, firm & society registration. 

View the IGRS province official website @registration.ap.gov.in.