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If you are in Bihar and are looking for information regarding property registration-land records, you can find the right website. Bihar’s IGRS manages land records and ensures transparency by checking the necessary values specified by the government.

Bihar Bhumijankari services also allow users to download a web copy of the records and view the Minimum Value Register.

Here are some of the benefits of Bihar Bhumijankari services:

IGRS Bihar: Management of Land Records

In the state of Bihar, IGRS (Independent Government Record Services) is responsible for managing all land records. This information is crucial for property owners, as it helps them find the land value according to the government’s minimum value register, known as the circle rate.

The IGRS Bihar portal can be used to get detailed information on land transactions, but users must provide the correct details to view and download land records.

Once you have completed the registration process, you can search for information about your property, such as its name and address. However, you must pay a 6% stamp duty and a 2% registration fee before you can obtain this information.

However, if you are a citizen of Bihar, you can obtain the land records of your property by filling out an online application form. You can also obtain the details of any property in Bihar using the portal.

The Prohibition, Excise, and Registration Department (also known as the Revenue Department) is responsible for managing Bihar’s land records. As the state’s revenue department, Bihar IGRS is responsible for registering properties and collecting taxes on property transactions.

Revenue from these activities goes toward development and other government functions. However, you must remember that IGRS Bihar does not provide legal advice, so obtaining legal advice before purchasing property is advisable.

The IGRS Bihar website is the most convenient way to search for land records. There are several options available to you, including searching by serial number or party name. You can also search using the registration office and year of registration.

IGRS Bihar

Bihar IGRS Online Facility

The website also allows you to download a copy of the Web Copy and Minimum Value Register. The site also lets you search for the encumbrance certificate and Minimum Value Register.

The Bhumi Jankari Bihar portal has an online Daakhil Kharij application. To proceed with the process of land mutation in Bihar, you must first be registered. If you already have an account, sign in with your email ID and password.

To get started, you must fill in your personal details, including name, address, mobile number, and email ID. Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive an email confirming your new account.

The Bihar IGRS is responsible for managing all land records. Before you buy a property in Bihar, you must get the property registered with the government. To register a property in Bihar, you must bring original documents and copies of critical documents.

You must also have witnesses who have government-issued ID cards or address proofs. The transaction value is also subject to stamp duty and registration charges, which will be charged to the buyer and the seller.

IGRS Bihar: Government-Specified Values

The IGRS of Bihar is an online portal where land transactions in Bihar are checked. Bihar IGRS checks all necessary government-specified values for property registration-land records.

The website also has a digital map of Bihar, which allows users to view the boundaries of different districts and zones. Once the applicant has selected the district and zone they wish to check, they will be able to find information about the property.

In Bihar, the registration process is computerized, using software prescribed by the Department of Registration. The buyers of real estate in Bihar must adhere to a detailed procedure before registering a property.

Firstly, they should log on to the Bihar IGRS website and click on the Minimum Value Register (MVR) tab. From there, they can see valuations by district, circle, and local body. For this, they must attach copies of the sale contract, PAN card, and ID proofs.

In Bihar, if the property has been mutated, the mutation status of that particular property is checked. It is possible to check the status of a mutation through Bhumi Jankari.

In order to perform mutation searches, users must register with the website, log in, and choose the district or circle from the drop-down menu. Afterward, they must select the type of property they wish to search for and click “SHOW TRANSACTIONS.”

Moreover, the Bihar IGRS also conducts land-related information and activities. The Bihar IGRS was established in August 1999 and is part of the Prohibition, Excise, and Registration Department.

Services provided

The state-owned Bhumijankari portal provides services provided by the IGRS Bihar. There are also different forms for different land-related information.

In Bihar, the IGRS is required to check all necessary government-specified values for property and land records. Moreover, the state government will require Bihar to update the Minimum Value Register every year.

This will keep the government informed of any changes in government-specified values. The IGRS of Bihar will be more accurate than ever thanks to the new system.

The IGRS of Bihar will enable citizens to check the MVR for a flat by entering the relevant details. However, in order to check the value of a flat, a user will have to enter the year and type of transaction.

A pre-computerized property registration record is from 1996 to 2006, while a post- computerized one is from 2006 to the present.

For pre and post-computerization records, the user will need to select the appropriate year of registration and then enter the party name and choose the type of transaction.

Besides the government-specified values, the IGRS also performs various duties on property owners. A draft deed must contain the details of all parties involved, the property, and terms and conditions.

In addition to this, the government will charge stamp duty, which is based on the value of the property. This is a government fee that varies depending on the state.

IGRS Bihar

IGRS Bihar: Ensures Transparency

The Prohibition, Excise, and Registration Department (PERD) in Bihar is responsible for the land and property records of the state. The state’s IGRS (Inspector General of Registration and Stamps) was established in August 1999 to oversee the property registration process.

Bihar’s online portal, Bhumi Jankari, provides property registration information. The system links local sub-registrars to circle rate offices to enable simultaneous land registration. The new portal also helps property buyers obtain information about jamabandi records.

The IGRS website offers a convenient and secure online portal to search for a property. Bihar property buyers can search by serial number or party name. During the registration process, the buyer or seller should present a government-issued photo ID and two witnesses.

The IGRS website also lets users view the minimum value register and encumbrance certificate. Users of the website can also search for property in the state using their government-issued IDs or PAN cards.

Stamp duty is an obligatory tax for real estate transactions in Bihar. The registration documents act as proof of ownership in court. Ideally, a property should be registered within four months of the property’s sale or purchase.

As a buyer, it is your responsibility to follow all rules and regulations of the Bihar government (2008). However, it is not uncommon for buyers to find themselves in this situation and have to seek legal counsel to avoid problems.

Recent Updates

Property registration-land records in Bihar must be computerized. For this reason, the department of Registration has directed the use of computer software to improve transparency. For further information, you can also check the portal’s website and book an appointment.

A registration appointment can be made online and the fee is payable through a credit card or net banking. To book an appointment, visit Bhumijankari.

The IGRS website provides access to certified copies of various registration documents. It also offers online e-stamp registration services, statistics on various chit funds, and other valuable information.

Users can search for Encumbrance Certificates at any time of day and night. The website is designed to make it easy for citizens to access essential information. This is an excellent example of Good Governance.

The IGRS in Bihar helps prevent land fraud by ensuring transparency of property registration- land records. Applicants can also book appointments with sub-registrar offices by submitting all the documents related to their property.

The information about a particular property can be found on the e-Bhoomi portal. Additionally, the portal provides access to information about a property’s requirements, such as whether it is an apartment or a plot.