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This article is about the Top 10 skyscrapers where each building is India Big Building. The skyscrapers are no less than 190 meters (623 ft) tall, in the height of standard level estimation. All these features indicate that the towers and various other architectural details are shown here. There is no inclusion of the antenna masts, as the Urban Habitat and the Council on Tall Buildings control it. 

Just habitable buildings are positioned, excluding radio poles and pinnacles, perception towers, sanctuaries, chimney stacks, and other tall design structures. India’s considerable building period, or the building of skyscrapers in India, initiated with the establishment of the LIC Building that took place in Chennai in 1959. 

It was the first built skyscraper in the country with 12 stories for the first time. However, India’s tallest structure remained until 1961, when the LIC building was superseded by the Usha Kiran Building in Mumbai, which had 25 floors. 

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Introduction of the India Big Buildings

From that point forward, numerous taller structures appeared in different urban areas in the country. Palais Royale completed its construction in 2018, considered the tallest building in India, with an altitude of 320 meters; the tallest structure is still under development. 

india big building
Source: Photo by Iñaki del Olmo on Unsplash

World One, which is 280.2 meters (919 feet) and about 76 stories, is the tallest building in India. Supertech Supernova Spira would supplant the building that will be developed in Noida in the coming days. 

A few tall buildings are also under development. Mumbai has the most significant number of skyscrapers and India’s Big facilities. Currently, nearly 200 skyscrapers and 5,600 tall buildings exist in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. 

Delhi-NCR has seen a monstrous development blast for the most recent 20 years now, with 16 skyscrapers and 5,200 elevated buildings around that were built in the district. There are 14 skyscrapers in Kolkata and almost 800 completed tall buildings. Bangalore, Pune, and Surat have various elevated structures.

Top 10 India Big Buildings as of 2022

1. World One

  • City: Mumbai
  • Height: 282.2 metres
  • Building Type: Residential
  • Developed by: Lodha Builders

World One is the tallest building in India, on the 7.1-hectare (17.5-acre) site of the outdated Shrinivas Mill. The skyscraper has two pinnacles: World View and World Crest, and Lodha Group created this complex.

File:The World Towers Mumbai
Source: By Joy goel – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

World One was built at the expense of US $321 million. The construction began in 2011 and is claimed to be 442 m (1,450 ft) tall in altitude. As the designer neglected to get an endorsement from the Airports Authority of India for that height, the task was slowed down for a considerable time. 

Following the postponement, the architects updated the venture and finished it. Pei Cobb Freed and Partners designed the building World One. However, Leslie E. Robertson Associates is the structural engineer of the building, and Buro Happold Engineers is the MEP engineer. 

The entire work of The World Towers comprises three towers. The two civil contractors for the construction were hired, including the Arabian Construction Co. and Muscovite Group (World Crest, World View). Indian Millionaires took a portion of this massive tower project, and some own a percentage of it.

2. World View

  • City: Mumbai
  • Height: 277.6 metres
  • Building Type: Residential
  • Developed by: Lodha Builders

Lodha World View Project at Lower Parel by Lodha Group is a Ready Possession Project with 3/4 BHK lofts/Flats beginning from 8 crores onwards. The Lower Parel consists of the World Towers with three different towers: World Crest, Lodha World One, and World View. World View seems to be the focal point of the two other pinnacles.

Lodha world view - india big building
Source: By Indianspy007 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

As the name suggests, it has an astonishing view of the Mumbai Sea Link and the Racecourse. The World View tower presents spacious 3BHK and 4BHK opened shell houses. Inhabitants can plan the apartments according to their standard of living.

The project of Lodha World View, as created by the Lodha Group, is completed with 76 stories opposite Lodha Supremus, Tulsi Pipe Rd, Lower Parel. Lodha World View was sent off in June 2016, and the project was finished in Jun 2020.

3. The Park

  • City: Mumbai
  • Height: 268 meters
  • Building Type: Residential
  • Developed by: Lodha Builders

The Park is a magnificently created private venture that covers 17.5-acres of land. The Lodha Group develops this project in the upscale Worli, which is the neighborhood of Mumbai, India. For this venture, in 2012, the land was bought from DLF Limited for approximately 2,800 Crores. Lodha, The Park building consists of 5 towers that stand at the altitude level of 268 meters with a presence of 76 stories in each tower. 

Lodha Allura & Parkside,Mumbai
Source: By Indianspy007 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

It is situated in Worli at Pandurang Budhkar Marg. The nearby landmarks of this location are Nariman Point and Bandra Kurla Complex and the Mumbai business regions. High Street Phoenix and PVR Cinemas are within driving distance.

Other Details of The Park India Big Building

The Park contains premium residential and business improvements, fancy hotels, luxury retail shopping centers, movie theatres, and scope of gourmet options. The venture incorporates around 7 acres of lush green landscapes set on top of 70 feet tall ‘slope’ inspired by the globe’s metropolitan parks. 

This development will provide job opportunities for people, including jobs for draftsmen, specialists, and interior decorators. This vast project will likely uphold 10,000 indirect jobs in unified businesses like concrete, steel, tiles, cables, etc. 

When The Park finishes, there will be more opportunities for facility management, housekeeping, cultivation, etc. In addition, the task would coordinate the Evander Holyfield gym center inside the complex. 

The ‘Trump Tower’ in Mumbai, which is around 879 feet high, is a tower that consists of three and four-roomed apartments, which is highly important for the concerned project. The Lodha Group intended to build the tower when they signed the brand licensing deal with Donald Trump Organization in August 2014.

4. Omkar 1973

  • City: Mumbai
  • Height: 267 meters
  • Building Type: Residential
  • Developed by: Omkar Realtors & Developers

Omkar 1973 Worli is a multi-skyscraper project situated in Worli, Mumbai. It is a 3-tower improvement by Omkar Realtors. The task is supposed to be finished by 2022. Fosters+Partners designed the towers, and Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), UK, made the inside of these towers.

The Omkar towers were built in 1973, with 400 or more flats. The building prevails the space from 2,500 sq. ft. to 18,200 sq. ft. region. It will have a height of over 267 meters and an area of around 5,000,000 sq. ft. The task comprises 3 similar skyscrapers: Omkar 1973 towers A, B, and C, each 73 stories tall. All buildings will have 3 levels underground for car parking facilities.

5. Nathani Heights

  • City: Mumbai
  • Height: 262 meters
  • Building Type: Residential
  • Developed by: Nathani Group 

Nathani Heights is a private skyscraper in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The building is close to the Mumbai Central railroad station, one of the most active places in Mumbai. The tower, 262 m tall, was proposed in 2011, and development began a year after the fact in 2012. Architects finished the entire venture in 2020.

Southbombay,nathani heights
Source: By Indianspy007 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Nathani Heights is located in central Mumbai, and the building offers many perspectives. You can see the Arabian Sea and Mahalaxmi Racecourse well from the skyscraper. The skyscraper highlights numerous amenities, too, like a fully equipped gym center, massage rooms, and yoga space. Pools, running tracks, and tennis courts are some extra features of this skyscraper.

6. The Three Sixty West Tower B

  • City: Mumbai
  • Height: 260 meters
  • Building Type: Residential
  • Developed by: The Oberoi Realty

The tower named Three Sixty West is one of the prominent super-tall skyscrapers in the city of Mumbai. Tower B is 260 meters high and has around 66 stories among the two towers. Oberoi Realty created the Hotel Three Sixty West Tower B. This building is an outflow of a top-notch vision for making notorious identifiers for one of the globe’s best urban cities.

Three Sixty West,Mumbai
Source: By Indianspy007 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

This building is a genuine wonder of design, and the towers are very much positioned, offering staggering ocean sea views with all the basic top-of-the-line conveniences. The habitants of this project enjoy the most extreme security and discretion.

7. The 42 – One of India’s big building

  • City: Kolkata
  • Height: 260 meters
  • Building Type: Residential
  • Developed by: Mani Group, Salarpuria Sattva Group, Diamond Group & Alcove Realty

Residential 42 is a habitable high tower in Kolkata constructed in the territory of West Bengal, India. It is situated on Chowringhee Road, the city’s central business area, between Tata Centre’s business structure and Jeevan Sudha’s private structure. It was first proposed in 2008. However, some people deferred the building’s development for almost two years. 

The 42 - one of the india big building
Source: By Ahmad Iqbal – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

The structure’s development got completed in 2019 and established the highest form in the country. It is the tallest finished India Big building outside Mumbai, and the Maharaja of Darbhanga was the owner of the building initially.

The designers make this building of Mani Group, Salarpuria Sattva Group, Alcove Realty, and Diamond Group to be Kolkata’s tallest private structure. Situated on Chowringhee Road, in Kolkata city, the high rise has 65 stories. The significant highlights of The 42 are that it is an environmentally favorable project with a bunch of conveniences.

This undertaking has present-day comforts, excellent infrastructure, and is comprised of rigid materials. The structure has contemporary security measures and offers enticing views of the city.

8. One Avighna Park

  • City: Mumbai
  • Height: 260 meters
  • Building Type: Residential
  • Developed by: The Avighna India Ltd.

The building named One Avighna Park is a twin-storeyed residential building with 64 floors with two towers of the same height. This lavish residential structure is situated in Parel, Mumbai. This building is a splendid combination of savvy plans and state-of-the-art engineering.

One Avighna Park 1111 - india big building
Source: By Smokingsingh – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

The top-tier conveniences and energy-proficient advances make One Avighna Park Mumbai’s most pursued and desired home. The best hand-picked originators designed it. The skyscraper has various elements like confidential dive pools, far-reaching sun decks, etc. All these features characterize genuine extravagance.

9. The Imperial I and Imperial II

  • City: Mumbai
  • Height: 256 metes
  • Building Type: Residential
  • Developed by: The S D Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

This is a pioneer style of twin-tower type residential tall complex in the billionaire’s series in Mumbai, India. From 2010 to 2019, people considered India’s big building until the Lodha group surpassed the building design. World One again overwhelmed The Lodha Group’s The Park scarcely in one year. It has been a cozy dwelling for a few billionaire individuals.

The Imperial Towers SP - india big building
Source: By Niravjgosalia – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Renowned architect Hafeez Contractor designed The Imperial. This skyscraper is located at Tardeo in South Mumbai and is the Contractor’s most recognizable venture to date. The venture’s utilization of the cutting-edge metropolitan redevelopment model in which the structure firm gives free land and recovery of slum dwellers in return for privileges for property improvement was the principal executive of this model on a large scale.

10. Three Sixty Tower A      

  • City: Mumbai
  • Height: 255.6 metres
  • Building Type: Residential
  • Developed by: Oberoi Realty

This is one of the impressive skyscrapers in Mumbai, a type of commercial building with an altitude of 255.6 meters, and Oberoi Realty created it. It consists of around 52 stories and facilitates an unmatched scope of conveniences and different ways of life encounter accessible to the inhabitants through Club 360. 

360 west towers, Lower parel,Mumbai
Source: By Indianspy007 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

The conveniences in this building incorporate differentiating zones of wellness focuses, sports facilities, children’s playing centers, relaxation, and lounging facilities. Kohn Pedersen Fox designed the building. 

The structural advisor is LERA (Leslie E. Robertson Associates), and the primary Contractor is Samsung C&T. Tony Chi and Associates have designed the hotel’s Interiors. Populous design amenities for the residents.


Above are the Top 10 India Big Buildings. Urbanization hit developed nations with a phenomenal boom in tall structures alongside the world’s most impressive steel skyscraper. In 2004, Manhattan was also considered the concrete jungle’s queen. During the same time, 28 buildings were scaling 215 meters or taller. 

In 14 years, 13 different superstructures were fabricated, and 15 are under development. Throughout modern history, the architects developed the most extraordinary designs with robust construction steel, opposing gravity, with its most noteworthy point appearing to arrive at the mists. 

As patterns in engineering decipher, “grandeur” won’t be the main point that the architects wish to accomplish. Instead, the way of tall structures all around the world may seize to exist. The reason would be that trendsetters compete for the most effective and supportable designs.