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The design of your living room’s cement almirah is essential when building a new home. Take a look at each of them.

Almirahs made of concrete have evolved throughout time. A cement almirah is a simple concrete structure constructed from concrete slabs. For architects and builders, cement almirahs are a godsend.

Your cement almirah is the home’s focal point; how can you best organise your living room around it? Choosing the suitable materials, patterns, and designs for your entrance hall might be difficult since there are many options. 

Not to worry! Your hall may be transformed into your dream home’s display part with the aid of the information in this post. 

Indian Cement Shelf Designs For Your Hall Décor

The design of your hall should consider your house’s overall motif. Are there any specific themes that you’d want to incorporate? How do you see your hall looking after the foundation has been laid? There are a plethora of materials available to you when you do your study to design the perfect home display. 

While researching your home, you’ll come across two types of materials used for hall exhibits. The hall’s exhibit is made of wood and cement. You may think about what to do next. Your exhibit or almirah will survive for a long time if you use cement.

You’ll be blown away by these modern Indian cement shelf ideas for your foyer:

1. A Cement-Walled Cupboards

 Cement-Walled Cupboards
Source: A65 Design / unsplash

Concrete-walled hutch for a hallway This almirah allows you to choose any design and shape. What is home complete without a few well-chosen ornaments? Who is responsible for their care?

Many hall storage options might be lost if your cement almirah design is not carefully thought out. See how well-designed and visually pleasing this cement almirah is. You may store decorative items, glass gems, family photos, and antiquities in discrete sections.

2. Cement Shelves For The Hall

Another stunning cement shelf design for your beautiful ideal hall is here. Your home will be the talk of the town when you add this trendy cement shelf.

In the hallway, you can see a classic cement cabinet style. Using cement cupboards in hallways is an attractive and cost-effective option.

3. Floating Wall Cabinets

A new architectural trend is floating shelves. They provide a dash of sophistication to your foyer or living area. Choose them if you want to maximise vertical wall space. Floating shelves and wall cupboards are standard in tiny houses.

4. Cement Cupboards

Increasingly, people are looking for ways to maximise space and create visually appealing designs. Concrete is a popular material for making almirahs in home halls since it can be customised. They’re a fashionable way to organise your belongings and give your home an air of refinement.

5. Cement TV Stands for the Hall

Try this style for a cement TV shelf in your hallway. Decorate your hall with this. Creating your furniture is an option. Any colour may be used to paint the cement designs.

Designs for a wooden centre table in Indian households

Cement Almirah For Bedroom Décor

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a room like this? Great work on this! This is what my home will look like when it’s finished. This article is for those who are constructing or purchasing a house.

There are several styles of cement almirahs for bedrooms available on the market. From trendy to elegant and modest, there’s a style to fit every personality.

Here are a few tips for making your property seem spectacular.

1. Bedroom’s Cement Almirah Design

Your bedroom will seem more pleasant and lovely if your stuff is well organized. Identify it. Here’s a clever way to make the most of the limited square footage in your bedroom.

2. Cement Shelves With Indian Designs

A dressing table and storage may be seen in Indian cement shelf designs. A modern look may be achieved in your bedroom with the help of these pieces. Toys, books, and clothes may all be stored in the built-in cabinet, which often contains drawers.

3. Bedroom Shelving: Cement Shelves

Put anything on the cement shelves to decorate your bedroom. This is an excellent way to use your bedroom’s cement shelves. It’s possible to arrange your room so that you may study beneath the cement shelf.

This cemented almirah in a bedroom is a superb example of the style. As can be seen, an ac vent may be added to the bottom. It’s a great place to curl up with a book and a cup of tea on a rainy day or just to gaze out the window and listen to your favourite music.

4. Bedside Cabinets With Cement Almirahs

Feast your eyes on this exquisite cement almirah. It is possible to keep your work clothes and evening gowns in the photo’s finely polished cement compartments. The vertically extended sections for your coats will keep them fresh and ready for the office party. 

For party attire, girls like the lengthy vertical divides. What a breeze it is to have your clothing steam-dried!!

Cement Almirah Layout: Kitchens

Cement Almirah Layout Kitchens
Source: Laurence Katz / unsplash

Designs for cement almirahs in sailing boats may enhance a room’s whole atmosphere. Food preparation takes place in this space of a home, which is called a kitchen. 

Consider the ambience of the room while arranging your kitchen. This list of almirah ideas is an excellent starting point for your kitchen’s cement almirah.

A Cement Almirah With Wooden Shelves In A Kitchen

Kitchens with plenty of storage space make cooking more accessible, and those who have worked in a kitchen know this to be the case. For a meagre cost, cement kitchen shelves provide a durable storage option that will endure for many years. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate wood into the kitchen, you may go for an almirah built of cement with wood shelves. Because of the shelves’ contemporary style, you’ll never be short on storage space again.

In Conclusion

In this post, we discussed how a newly constructed cement almirah might be put in your home to give you more storage space if you discover that you need more space for your stuff. 

If you are considering installing cement shelves in your home, you should know that the installation procedure is relatively simple. Keep these cement almirah designs on hand for use in your home.


Q: Is cement a suitable material for a television cabinet?

In your home, you may install a cement TV cabinet. A sturdy and durable cement cabinet can handle the weight. New designs for cement almirahs might be aesthetically appealing.

Q: Is it possible to make a puja shelf out of cement?

Indeed, cement pooja racks are widely used in India. Choose a simple, modern look that appeals to your style.

Q: What Does The Word “Cement Almirah Design” Refer To?

A concrete almirah is an example of a concrete-based almirah design. Consider adding this low-cost storage shelf to your home as an alternative to expensive wooden tables and racks. In 2022, we’ve rounded up some of the most creative concepts for modern cement almirah design.

Q: Many Benefits May Be Gained Through The Usage Of A Concrete Wardrobe. Please explain.

Because of its durability and robustness, a concrete wardrobe may be a good option for a modern bedroom. It’s possible to build a solid wardrobe out of a cement almirah, which is both cheap and stylish.

Q: Is It Better To Have A Wardrobe Made Of Wood Or A Cement Almirah?

However, a wooden almirah is a beautiful addition to your home, but the expense of obtaining one is prohibitive. An almirah built of cement, which provides the same storage space but is considerably less expensive, can be useful in your home. Cement wardrobes have a long life expectancy and are extremely low maintenance, requiring just monthly retouching.

Q: Is Cement Almirah A Good Choice For Building TV Cabinets?

A cement TV cabinet unit may be installed in your home. The cement-built cabinet will be able to withstand the weight put on it without difficulty. As a result of cement almirahs’ extensive adoption of cutting-edge designs, these storage cabinets may now be aesthetically pleasing.

Q: Is It Feasible To Build A Puja Shelf Out Of Cement?

You’re right; cement pooja racks are standard in Indian homes. A simple and minimalist design approach is available to suit your needs.