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As the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to start thinking about what to give your friends and family who live in India. Here are 10+ gifts that will be sure to please!

When you’re planning to give a housewarming gift to an Indian family, it can be tough to know just what to get them. Here are some ideas for gifts that will show your appreciation for their new home and their culture!

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas For Indian Houses

When you’re thinking of the perfect gift for a new homeowner in an Indian home, you’ll want to consider something that is culturally specific. Here is a list of over ten housewarming gifts that are appropriate for Indian families:

1. A Mirror

Source: Luis Villasmil /unsplash

A mirror is a great way to show appreciation for the new home and the culture. It is a traditional Indian gift, and it is also considered to be very lucky.

2. Flowers in Reusable Jars

If you are planning to give a housewarming gift to an Indian family, flowers in reusable jars are a great option!

Reusing flower vases is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also a stylish way to show your appreciation. You can buy inexpensive reusable flower jars at most stores or make your own using recycled materials.

Here are some tips for giving flowers in reusable jars as a housewarming gift:

  • Choose flowers that are popular in India.
    Choose plants that will survive being transported in a jar.
    Make sure the jar is big enough to fit the plant and the flower stem securely.
    Fill the jar with fresh water before you give it to the recipient.
    Let the recipient know that the flowers will be fresh for 3-4 days, and then they should discard them.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

If you’re looking for housewarming gifts for Indian families, Bluetooth speakers are a great option!

There are a variety of different Bluetooth speakers available on the market today. Some of the most popular models include the Bose SoundLink Mini II, the JBL Flip 4, and the Sony SBX-1005.

Bluetooth speakers are an excellent option for Indian families because they can be used to play music, podcasts, and audiobooks. They can also be used to answer phone calls or play games.

If you’re looking for a housewarming gift that will appeal to everyone in your family, a Bluetooth speaker is a great option!

4. Beautiful Paintings

Whether it’s for a new home or an existing one, a painting can be an excellent way to show your affection and appreciation.

Many different types of paintings are perfect for Indian families. Some of the most famous paintings include traditional religious, landscape, and contemporary paintings.

When choosing a painting, consider the size and shape of the room. Some paintings are best suited for larger rooms, while others are better for smaller spaces.

Finally, be sure to choose a painting that will complement the recipient’s personality. Different people have different tastes, so it is essential to find a painting that reflects their personality and style.

5. A Beautiful Pair Of Bedside Lamps

Bedside Lamps
Source: Cheryl Winn-Boujnida /unsplash

Choosing a pair of bedside lamps is an ideal house-warming gift for an Indian home. It can be a thoughtful gift for the recipient and make them feel special. It can also be a good idea to get antique designer bedside lamps that match the bedroom décor!

6. Artistic Cushion

When it comes to housewarming gifts for Indian families, the artistic cushion is a top choice. These cushions are often made of colorful fabric and feature intricate designs.

If you are looking to buy an artistic cushion for an Indian family, here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect one.

  • First, consider the size of the cushion. Most Indian families prefer cushions that are small enough to sit on but big enough to cover most of your lap.
  • Second, decide whether you want a plain or patterned cushion. Plain cushions are more affordable and make an excellent gift for anyone, while patterned cushions are more memorable and perfect for Indians who love color and patterns.
  • Third, select the fabric of your cushion. While all artistic cushions are made from cotton, some fabrics are better than others because they are softer and have a better feel. Some popular fabrics include silk, satin, and cotton blends.
  • Fourth, choose your design. Many designs are available on artistic cushions, including floral designs, animal prints, and abstract designs. Select the design that best suits the personality of the recipient.

7. Coffee Maker

 Coffee Maker
Source: Nathan Dumlao /unsplash

Traditionally, housewarming gifts in India have been kitchen related. For an Indian house, however, a coffee maker may be more interesting than an ordinary coffee mug. Coffee makers are handy kitchen appliances. 

Most Indian homes do not have coffee makers, and those with one may choose from several different kinds. A coffee maker is a valuable and well-liked appliance that may be found in kitchens. 

There are several types of coffee makers, so be sure to pick a gift that is both useful and unique. A coffee maker may also be a great gift, as not all households in India own a coffee maker.

8. Colourful Rugs

Whether you are hosting a housewarming party or just getting to know your neighbours, it is always a good idea to bring a little bit of culture into the mix. One way to do this is by giving them colourful rugs.

Many different types of rugs are available on the market, and they come in all sizes and designs. If you are unsure what to buy, don’t worry – we have put together a list of the 10 best Indian rugs for housewarming gifts.

These rugs are perfect for Indian families who want to add a little colour and style to their homes. They are also made from high-quality materials, so they will last longer and look beautiful in any room.

If you are thinking about buying a rug for a housewarming gift, be sure to check out our list! We guarantee that you will find the perfect rug for your friends or family.

9. Handloom Tablecloth and Table napkins

If you are planning to give a housewarming gift to an Indian family, you may wonder what types of gifts they would appreciate. Here are nine handloom tablecloths and table napkin ideas that will likely please your guests!

  • Traditional Handloom Table Napkins: A handloom table napkin is a unique and memorable gift that will show your guests that you took the time to get creative and custom made something for them. This is a great gift for anyone who loves traditional Indian artwork and culture.
  • Beautiful Floral Table Napkins: If your guests are passionate about nature and flowers, a floral table napkin is a perfect gift! These napkins are made from beautiful flower prints on lightweight cotton fabric. They look elegant and delicate and will add a touch of beauty and grace to any dining table.
  • Geometric Table Napkins: If your guests love geometric designs, a geometric table napkin is perfect for them! These napkins are made with finely woven fabrics in bright colours. They are perfect for formal or special occasions, such as weddings or birthday parties.

10. Succulents

Source: Angèle Kamp /unsplash

If you’re looking for housewarming gifts for Indian families, succulents are a great option! Succulents are low-maintenance plants that are perfect for Indo-Americans. They require little water and care, making them an excellent choice for new homeowners.

Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect succulent for your Indian friends:

  • Matching your friend’s colour palette.
  • Easy to care for.
  • Has beautiful foliage.
  • Easy to move.

Gift Cards

If you’re not sure what to get an Indian family, consider getting them a gift card to one of their favourite restaurants or stores. This will let them choose the gift themselves, and they will likely appreciate it!

Some handy tips

When it comes to housewarming gifts for Indian families, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, some general rules can help you create a gift that will be appreciated.

Here are some tips on what to consider when choosing a housewarming gift for an Indian family:

1. Think about the culture of the family. Some families in India prefer traditional gifts such as flowers or food baskets. Other families might prefer something more modern, like a customised wall clock.

2. Choose a gift representative of the family’s culture and interests. If the family is into arts and crafts, consider purchasing a handicraft or painting. If the family is into sports, think about buying them sports equipment such as a basketball hoop or cricket set.

3. Consider the occasion. A housewarming gift for an Indian family might be different from a birthday gift for an Indian family. Make sure to choose a gift that is appropriate for the occasion, whether it’s for someone’s first or tenth home!

4. Think about the recipient’s personality and interests. When selecting a housewarming gift, it’s essential to consider what the recipient would prefer!

Ideal and healthy housewarming presents

When you’re trying to come up with a gift for an Indian family, you’ll want to consider their cultural sensitivities. While some traditional items may be off-limits, many health-conscious things can be given as housewarming presents.

Some of the best choices for housewarming gifts for Indian families include healthy food items, cooking tools, and home decor. If the family is into yoga or meditation, giving them yoga mats or meditation candles can be a great gift. Additionally, giving them a cookbook or some kitchen gadgets can help to improve their culinary skills.

If you’re unsure what to give an Indian family as a housewarming present, consider buying them a warm blanket or a mug of hot tea. These gifts will show your appreciation for their home and show that you’re thinking of their comfort and well-being.


If you’re shopping for a housewarming present for an Indian family, keep these gift suggestions in mind so you can make their faces light up!


Q: What are some practical housewarming gifts?

Looking for the perfect gift for an Indian family housewarming? Look no further! Here are some of the best housewarming gifts:

1. Carafe Juliette
2. Handheld Blender
3. Kulfi Maker
4. Serving Tray
5. Patisserie Cutter
6. Tea Towels
7. Spices and herbs set
8. Indian Cookbook
9. Candles

Q: Is the cutlery set a decent housewarming gift?

Yes, it is a decent gift. If you’re thinking of giving a cutlery set as a housewarming gift, make sure to choose something that is both practical and stylish. Some of the best options include stainless steel sets or sets with colorful handles.

Q: What are some appropriate presents for a housewarming celebration in India?

When welcoming a new family member into your home, it’s customary to give them a gift at the housewarming celebration. Here are some of the most appropriate gifts for a housewarming in India:

1. A crockpot or slow cooker is an excellent gift for Indian families because they are always busy and have little time to cook.
2. Indian families love candles, so buy them some, preferably from their homeland.
3. A picture frame is always a hit, especially if it has personalization options like adding names or wedding dates.