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Here are nine plus interior design ideas for a modern Indian vibe!

India is a land of contrasts where ancient traditions meet modernity. The same is true for Indian homes, which are a blend of both traditional and contemporary elements. If you’re looking to give your home a makeover, here are nine plus interior design concepts to help you achieve a contemporary Indian look!

Interior design
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1. An inviting gateway

The gateway is the first thing guests see when they enter your home. Make sure it is well-lit and welcoming. You can use plants and flowers to add a touch of nature to your entrance.

Your living room is one of the essential rooms in your house. It is where you entertain guests and spend time with your family. Make sure it is comfortable and stylish.

Your bedroom should be a haven where you can relax and unwind. Choose furniture and bedding that are comfortable and calming.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where you cook meals and spend time with loved ones. Make sure it is functional and inviting.

2. Use vivid colors

Vivid colors are a great way to add personality to your home. They can make a space feel more lively and inviting.

Remember a few things to remember when using vivid colors in your home. First, you want to ensure the colors you choose complement each other. You don’t want to use too many colors that clash with each other. Second, you want to use appropriate colors for the room you’re working on. For example, you wouldn’t want to use super bright colors in a bedroom because it would be too jarring.

If you’re unsure where to start, try picking one color you love and building from there. Once you have your color palette, start experimenting with different design concepts and see what works best for your space.

3. Indian fabrics for home decor

India is a land of rich culture and heritage. Traditional Indian fabrics are an essential part of this heritage. They are not only beautiful but also have a deep meaning and significance.

These fabrics can be used for various purposes, including home decor. You can use them to create beautiful curtains, cushions, tablecloths, and more.

4. A peaceful puja chamber

A puja room is a sacred space in the Hindu tradition where we perform daily rituals and worship the gods. The word “puja” means “worship” or “devotion.”

A puja room can be simple or elaborate, depending on your budget and taste. It should be clean and clutter-free and have a peaceful atmosphere.

The most essential item in a puja room is the shrine, a table or platform where you place the deities. The shrine can be decorated with flowers, incense, and candles.

You will also need a few essential items for your puja room, such as an oil lamp, a bell, a conch shell, and a water pot. These items are used in the puja ritual.

Puja rooms are usually located in the northeast corner of the house, which is considered the most auspicious direction.

5. Traditional wall decor in living space

When designing your interior, think about how you want the space to feel and what colors and patterns would work best. Some popular contemporary Indian wall decor ideas include tribal art, colorful batiks, and geometric designs. You can also feature plant ornaments or abstract art on the walls.

When choosing furniture for your living space, be sure to match the style of the walls and decorations. For example, if you have a tribal mural on the wall, you might want to choose furniture that features similar motifs.

6. Classic wooden furnishings

wooden furnishings
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Contemporary Indian homes need classic wooden furnishings to give a rustic and elegant look. There are many different types of wooden furnishings that can be used in Indian homes.

Some of the most popular wooden furnishings for Indian homes include coffee tables, side tables, and chairs. Coffee tables should be large enough to accommodate magazines, books, and other items. Side tables can store cups and plates, while chairs can be used for seating.

7. Flooring using ethnic carpets

Ethnic carpets are a popular choice for flooring in contemporary Indian houses. They add an exciting and unique look to the rooms and can be a great way to add personality to the space.

Many types of ethnic carpets are available; you can choose whichever one appeals to you the most. Some popular options include Persian carpets, Turkish carpets, and Balinese rugs.

Choosing a carpet that is compatible with the style of your home. You want to make sure that the carpet fits in with the architecture of the house, as well as with the other furniture and decorating features.

Source: Camylla Battani / unsplash

8. Patio decor ideas in India

Patio decor in India is a popular trend that is growing in popularity every year. When designing your contemporary Indian home, consider incorporating some patio decor ideas into your design.

Some of India’s most popular patio decor ideas include using plants and flowers, adding accents of color, and creating an outdoor living space complete with chaises and hammocks. You can use natural materials like wood or stone, or choose more colorful options like bright prints or vivid colors.

9. Foliage provides good sentiment

Indian homes are often designed with a focus on good sentiments. Foliage is an important part of this design philosophy, and it is used to provide a sense of peace and calm.

Foliage can be used in different ways in Indian homes. It can be used as a decorative element, or it can be used to create a natural atmosphere.

The use of foliage in Indian home design is often influenced by the region in which the home is located. In some cases, local plants may be used instead of imported foliage.

10. Wood door carvings

If you want to add a contemporary Indian design to your home, consider adding wooden door carvings to your home. This simple addition can transform the look and feel of a room, and it’s a great way to add some unique character.

There are many different types of wooden door carvings that you can choose from. You can choose carved panels or carved fretwork panels. Both options are beautiful and unique, and they will add a layer of sophistication and detail to your home.

11. Lattice or jaali patterns for Indian home décor

Lattice or jaali patterns are a popular design trend for contemporary Indian homes. They add richness and texture to any space, and they can be used to decorate any room in your home.

Many different types of lattice or jaali patterns are available, and you can choose whichever one suits your needs. Some popular patterns include diamond lattice, Persian lattice, and zigzag lattice.

You can use lattice or jaali patterns to decorate modern and traditional Indian homes. If you want to create a more contemporary look, try using diamond lattice or Persian lattice patterns. If you prefer a traditional look, try using zigzag or tri-lateral lattice patterns.


Contemporary Indian interior design combines different textures, colours, and materials to create an eclectic and modern look.

A few interior design concepts are prevalent in contemporary Indian houses.  Overall, many different interior design concepts are prevalent in contemporary Indian houses. Natural materials, bright colours, and exciting textures are all commonly used to create beautiful and unique spaces.

Whatever type of patio decor you choose, make sure it coordinates well with the other elements of your contemporary Indian home design. Good luck!