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A city that received the tag ‘City of Joy’ for its profound exemplification of culture, love, secret, regard, energy, and a few wonderful sweet treats, Kolkata once more ranks number one as India’s safest city to live in the year 2020. The city has been pronounced as a metropolitan with the least rate of cognizable offenses, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) crime report 2020. 

It is the most secure city in India for ladies. It is currently mentioned as a city that maintains an ideal juxtaposition between the old and current worlds. Kolkata has acquired the best position in the rundown of the most secure city in India for 2020 by scoring 129.5, which estimates cognizable offenses recorded per lakh individuals. You can also read Best Places in India.

India’s Safest City 

The city has been observed with eighteen other Indian metro urban communities with over 2,000,000 populations to come up with these rankings. Kolkata has kept up with its top position for three progressive years.

india's safest city
Source: Photo by Matt Jones on Unsplash

Women need to feel protected wherever they go, whether working or school. In India, women will make up 48.65% of the populace in 2022. Being a woman in India today includes defeating an assortment of safety problems. This is miserable considering women’s critical job in deciding the country’s financial, social, and political fate. All in all, individuals should get the degree of safety they merit.

Looking into India’s safest city for women is significant before we plan the large move. Particularly when we’re youthful and taking action for the first time. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to stress this, yet this is an unfortunate reality. So as is commonly said, it’s best to be as careful as possible. 

We suggest exploring where your college or working environment is situated, nearby regions, and the crime percentages in those areas. We recommend picking a home with a multi-level security framework containing CCTV observation with facial acknowledgment, access card empowered entrance, and a 24X7 security group.

List of the Top Safest Cities to Settle in India

1. Kolkata

Kolkata has been collated with eighteen others with more than 2 million populations to develop these rankings. Kolkata has kept up with its high score for three progressive years. This is good news for all and particularly for solo women travelers. Presently they know where to plan an excursion to. 

The NCRB report expresses that Kolkata has recorded the least number (14) of sexual assaults in India, and there were no instances of lewd behavior in the city in 2019. Likewise, it didn’t record even a solitary instance of an attempt to commit rape. Additionally, women who complained of sexual assault were over 18. 

Kolkata is considered India’s safest city for females and one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. The city has been positioned first in the list of most secure urban communities arranged by the National Crime Reports for quite some time straight. 

Other Details about Kolkata 

Kolkata’s crime percentage has been on a descending slide for the past seven years, with the total number of cases declining from 26,161 in 2014 to 18277 in 2020. The total number of IPC violations has slid from 17,324 in 2019 to 15,517. However, the quantity of SLL cases saw an ascent: from 2,314 in 2019 to 2,760 in 2020.

The numbers show that the city has fared well in reducing savage crimes, enlisting just 53 instances of homicide and 121 instances of endeavor to kill, contrasted and the 55 and 143 cases announced in 2018.

2. Hyderabad – One of India’s Safest City

Source: By Vivekanand pokala – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

After Kolkata, Hyderabad is India’s second most secure metro city, scoring 233, which estimates cognizable offences recorded per lakh individuals. It is said to have an extremely high standard of living compared to other Indian urban communities. The city has topped many records with a low crime percentage, excellent schools and educational plans, low contamination, and high business rates. 

Not to neglect its safe co-living homes are the best places to live. It is one of India’s safest cities, nearly at standard with the other significant urban areas around Asia. Police presence is an essential area of strength for exceptionally; there are an adequate number of hospitals and medical facilities in Hyderabad because of abrupt crises.

There are around 6 lakh Close Circuit cameras in the state, and one CC camera is equivalent to 100 police workforce. CC cameras with cutting-edge innovation, which can record any event during the evenings, are being utilized in the city. Many testify that a woman can book an auto or cab at night and reach her destination without fear in Hyderabad. 

This certainty comes from how the State government has started measures to provide a safe and secure atmosphere for ladies through various ideas, for example, SHE Teams, Bharosa Center, Dial 100, SOS buttons in portable applications, etc.

3. Mumbai

Source: By Sailko – Own work, CC BY 3.0

India’s monetary capital Mumbai snatched the third spot after Hyderabad and turned into the third most secure city among 19 Indian metro urban areas, as indicated by NCRB information. Mumbai is quite possibly the poshest city out there. It likewise has been positioned as one of the most secure cities in India for women on various occasions. 

Although rent in the city touches the sky, it’s as yet a drawback that we can neglect, assuming that Mumbai has extraordinary work opportunities here. It is the business center point of the nation and, likewise, a protected spot for working women around evening time. Shops and cabs are readily available even after midnight. 

Women consider Mumbai as India’s safest city among other Indian metros and Maharashtra the safest state. These discoveries were a slice of a countrywide study that recorded the impression of solo lady explorers. “Because of the new spate of wrongdoing against ladies, Delhi has acquired a reputation with 84% ladies guaranteeing it to be the riskiest metro in the nation,” uncovered the Solo Women Traveler Survey 2013, completed by a travel site.

4. Bengaluru – Yet Another India’s Safest City

Source: By Ramakrishna.hd – Own work, Public Domain

As per NCRB crime report 2020, Bengaluru, the silicon valley of India, is in the fourth spot with 401.9 scores. Bengaluru is likewise one of the urban communities in India with countless positions, new infrastructure, and high expectations for everyday comforts. 

The crime percentage is also very low because of the n-number of IT Companies in Bengaluru and capable individuals like us moving to the city. More than 62% of individuals in Bangalore have come here from different parts of the nation. This makes the city (and PGs in Bengaluru) an exceptionally another spot.

Bengaluru is the third most populous city in India and offers a varied cuisine with dishes from around the world. Residents in Bangalore show extraordinary solidarity and neighborliness among themselves, which has made the city a highly protected spot to live in, particularly for women. 

To increase women’s safety, Bengaluru Police Published an app named “Bengaluru Police Suraksha App.” This application has been downloaded 1.5 lakhs times since its launch in 2017. One should simply press the emergency signal on the application, which is straightforwardly connected to the police response group. Police say it’d take them just 7-9 minutes to arrive at your area.

5. Surat

Source: By Rahul Bhadane – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Gujarat’s Surat, the world’s largest diamond manufacturing center is one of the safest cities among 19 Indian metro urban cities, shows NCRB information. Famous for its diamond polishing and textile ventures, Surat is another destination we can consider. It’s a genuinely less popular, however forthcoming, business center with the quickest development rate among all urban communities in India. 

The city has a nearly zero percent joblessness rate, combined with a respectable rate of urbanization and education among local people. These attributes make it the most secure city in India for females today. Surat is a relatively hygienic city. According to the perspective of women’s security, the record of wrongdoing against women in Surat is extremely low. This explains that women here work like men in each field. 

Today Surat is the most secure city for ladies in India. Individuals from everywhere over Gujarat are coming and settling because besides the fact that individuals get a protected climate here, they likewise get work here without any problem. The city is generally exceptionally protected; you should be cautious on the streets. Armed thefts are uncommon here. At night, cabs are cabs on the streets. Most roads are adequately lighted, and Police stations are highly cooperative. 

6. Ahmedabad

Source: By Kalyan Shah – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Ahmedabad, one of India’s largest cities, is third-most horrendously terrible in crime percentage, with a score of 1300.5. Ahmedabad is the biggest city and the capital of Gujarat. It is India’s fifth most populated city, arranged on the Sabarmati stream and known for its vacation destinations. 

In general, we can claim that it is a protected place for vacationers assuming and considering all means of safeguards and picking up your accommodation. Transport infrastructure is adequately developed in the city, and voyaging offices are accessible all over, yet these are not viewed as highly protected. This way, be mindful and take just the vehicles marked with the taxi sign.

Due to the not-so-pleasant situation in India, pickpockets are often met here. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a close look at your belongings, especially your documents, and try not to carry all you have with you if possible. It is accepted that this is India’s safest city for travelers as it claims to be the protected one for the women going there, assuming you will consider all precaution means. 

A woman named Sanjukta Sinha shifted from Lucknow to Ahmedabad and said, “I feel the city is safe because women can travel late at night. One of the main reasons is the alcohol ban, which rules out many reasons for teasing. I belong to Lucknow, and you don’t see girls out after dusk in those parts. Coming to Gujarat was a cultural shock for me as we could safely go home late at night after the shows. I travel a lot, but in Ahmedabad, I feel at home.”

7. Pune – Another India’s Safest City

Source: By Tatiraju.rishabh at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Pune, the sprawling city of the western Indian state of Maharashtra, has ranked seventh on our list. Pune positions are fifth on the list of the most secure urban areas in India for women in 2022. It is also known as the social capital of Maharashtra; Pune is a fantastic spot for you to begin your school life or you’re most memorable work. 

Because of its low crime percentage and PGs in Pune with 24*7 security, Pune is rapidly becoming one of the best urban communities for working women.  It is one of the further developed metropolitan urban areas. The well-being of ladies is generally high. Pune is fostering an IT framework and drawing in understudies and experts. The individuals here don’t need to stress over their security to an extreme. It has more than adequate hotspots for its advanced security to safeguard its residents.

8. Chennai

Chennai has a score of 1937.1, which estimates cognizable offenses recorded per lakh individuals, bringing Chennai to the bottom of the list. Chennai isn’t about Idli-Dosa and Rajnikanth. It is a city with a significant south Indian culture, be it engineering, music, dance, show, or model. 

It likewise has a low crime percentage, making it a protected spot for Indian ladies and sightseers and solo explorers from abroad. Furthermore, it likewise has some super-secure PGs in Chennai. The main thing to recollect, it gets very sweltering in the mid-year months. 

Chennai has climbed above in giving its people quality life compared with the previous year. Better open transportation with the new expansion of Metro Rail, more global and presumed schools, and less gridlock, contrasted with different urban communities, have raised the nature of living in Chennai.

Chennai has a score of 1937.1, which measures cognizable offenses recorded per lakh people according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) crime report 2020. Chennai and any other cities in South India are pretty safe for women. A few incidents must not create panic in the minds of peace-loving citizens. 


India’s most secure urban cities are not the greatest or biggest ones. They are the metropolitan cities that have executed key measures to guarantee security for every one of their residents. Kolkata stands apart as the most secure city in India. This is because it has the most reduced number of absolute rough crimes. That is the reason it is a particularly well-known and safe metropolitan region.

Likewise, Kolkata has a lot of cultures and local areas. In addition, the costs for lodging, food, and everyday items are fundamentally lower than the remainder of the country. For those hoping to stay and live in India, whether for work or an extended getaway, Kolkata could be a fantastic choice. 

The rental house price is relatively low compared to other developed metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. We trust that you found this data supportive. Eventually, the well-being of any city boils down to two things: how the act is related to the safety of the residents and the adequacy of its administration.