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Mumbai is a place for providing shelter to a large number of people. Mumbai is best known for the spectacular architecture be it traditional one or a modern one. You can find various types of architecture around you. But, due to the hectic schedule, if you want to renovate your place, you can hire an interior designer to achieve your goal.

There are various impeccable interior designers available in Mumbai that can not only renovate your place with a modern touch but also with a traditional touch. If you have been struggling hard to find the best interior designers for your place in Mumbai, this blog will just suffice your needs.

Best Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai

1. Studio MAT (Detail-Oriented Designs)

  • Location: 301, 3rd floor, Jambli gully, Boriwali West

Studio MAT is one of the most prestigious interior designers based out in Mumbai. They build the custom designs of your places and give detailed orientation for each architecture. Moreover, they provide unique architectural designs for every place.

Besides that, you will get the best interior solutions for your place irrespective of the scale and the size of the project. Once you give your residential contract to them, you can sit without any worry and see your dream home come into reality.

2. Dreamspace India (Bold Colors)

  • Location: 411, Lodha Supremus, Off Mahakali Caves Rd, next to hotel Bindra supremacy, Box, Andheri East

Dreamspace India is one of the most reputed interior design firms available in Mumbai. If you are a great fan of bold colors and want to get a whole new look for your residence, relying on Dreamspace India is just the best thing for you.

The designers at this firm are highly inclined towards using modern colors for the space and will design an aesthetic look for your place. If you want a whole new experience for your place, just have the faith in Dreamspace and see wonders around you.

3. Open Atelier (Contemporary Concepts)

  • Location: Bungalow no. 3 Gulab View Society, CG Rd, Next to Cubic Mall – Chembur, Chembur

Open Atelier offers one of the finest interior design concepts for your residence. They design your place with the best modern and contemporary designs to give an unforgettable touch.

Open Atelier was founded by Rahul Mistri and has won various awards at the national and international levels. This firm believes in transforming urban lives via means of its modern and latest architectural concepts.

4. PGAG Architects (Luxurious Spaces)

  • Location: 1st floor, Dimple Arcade, 118-119, Asha Nagar Rd, behind Sai Dham Temple, Kandivali, Gayatri Nagar, Asha Nagar, Kandivali East

If you want to convert your residential space into a luxurious one, taking assistance from PGAG Architects will solve your needs. PGAG Architects focuses on offering innovation to clients via means of innovative designs.

If you have certain requirements regarding your place, you will be amazed to witness that they will respond to your queries creatively. Moreover, they have a versatile project profile and a practical approach to executing the designs. Besides that, they develop luxurious spaces to give you a phenomenal experience.

Best Budget Interior Designers in Mumbai

1. AVN Interiors (Clean Work)

  • Location: Soni House, 4th ns road, Friends Society, JVPD Scheme, Vile Parle

AVN Interiors offers an impeccable interior design to the commercial place. It is one of the most renowned architecture firms in Mumbai and is primarily known for its clean and modern work. They believe in converting the client’s dream into reality and offer a touch of sophistication to the interiors.

If you are a huge fan of luxury and comfort, AVN Interiors are just the best suited for your needs. You will be amazed to witness that the places designed by AVN Interiors showcase a great sense of calm and smoothness.

2. Ashleys (Assured Quality)

  • Location: Goldcrest Business Park, 315, Lal Bahadur Shastri Rd, opp. Shreyas Cinema Road, Ghatkopar West

Ashleys is a famous interior design firm based out in Mumbai. It was founded by Pooja and Arbaysis Ashley as the youngest and most proficient interior designers in Mumbai and are well known for their spectacular work. They believe in creating detailed architecture for your place at a budget-friendly price.

You won’t find a speck of doubt in the quality assured by them as they have great reliability and assurance for their work. Besides that, they create a sense of exclusivity for the designs they make to give you an ideal place to reside.

3. Deksha Design Studio Pvt. Ltd. (Elegant Designs)

  • Location: Dheeraj Heritage, 51, Upper Basement, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Santacruz West

Deksha Design Studio Pvt. Ltd. focuses on constructing elegant designs for your comfort. They design a comfortable space for your convenience. Moreover, they have been creating an impact with their designs for the last three decades.

They are highly focused on creating innovative designs with a client-centric approach to suffice the client’s requirements to the maximum potential. With their innovative designs, they have a unique story to tell via the means of their architecture.

4. Astral Designs (Timeless Designs)

  • Location: 508, Naman Midtown, B-Wing, Off Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road

Astral Designs is one of the most renowned interior design firms based out in Mumbai. They offer clients a unique design experience and make an ever-lasting impact with their designs. This interior design firm enjoys a great reputation in the market for its high-end designs and architectural experiences. They have a goal to make a positive difference in the environment with their magnificent architectural designs.

Best Corporate Interior Designers in Mumbai

1. Aum Architects (Use Latest Trends)

  • Location: Sai Commercial Complex 203, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400088

Aum Architects is one of the highly reputed commercial interior designers in Mumbai. If you want to give some innovative yet latest architecture to your commercial space. They use the latest trends and technologies to make the best version out of your place.

Aum Architects was established in 2004 with the leadership of Manish Dikshit and Nachiket Borawake to setup an innovate place for interior designing. They also deal with the management of state-of-art projects to give you a global experience. Besides that, they use global design methodologies to make the best impact on your place.

2. Milind Pai (Unique Designs)

  • Location: Kuber Complex, 120, New Link Rd, opposite Laxmi Industrial Estate, Veera Desai Industrial Estate, Andheri West

Milind Pai is one of the most famous firms for interior design in Mumbai. If you want to infuse your corporate place with a new sense of creativity, taking assistance from Milind Pai will serve your needs. The major aim of this firm is to design bespoke and unique designs for clients. This firm has significantly grown since the time of its first inception.

A large number of highly skilled professionals strive towards the mission of this firm to deliver you the best results for your place. The dedicated professionals will providing excellence for your infrastructure. Moreover, they offer comprehensive services to accomplish the task.

3. Delecon Design Company (Space-Specific Designs)

  • Location: Office No.1007, Haware Infotech Park Opp. Four Points, near Vashi Station, Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Delecon Design Company is a very innovative interior design company based out in Mumbai. They provide end-to-end services to clients. Besides that, they have experienced professionals who have designed various impeccable structures.

No matter how much space you have, they offer architectural designs as per your space. They will offer a stunning transformation of your interior space and will the entire space transformed into a new elegance.

4. Aesthos Interior Design and Styling (Functional Designs)

  • Location: B1, Luthria House, AD Road, Juhu

Aesthos Interior Design and Styling is one of the most impeccable corporate interior design firms available in Mumbai. They focus on creating the aesthetic as well as beautiful architecture to suit your taste. Moreover, they focus on creating environment-friendly designs.

Besides that, they have a great inclination towards enhancing the culture of the space by making the interior designs culturally appropriate as per the essence of the place. Therefore, if you are finding an apt and professional interior designers firm for your corporate renovation, seeking assistance from Aesthos Interior Design and Styling will suffice your needs.