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The main door of your home has to be sturdy. There is just no other alternative. The last thing you want is to find out that some intruder broke into your home. So, you should make it a point to choose the best iron door design ideas for the entrance. Iron doors are very hard to break and offer the highest level of safety you can ask for.

Gone are the days when iron doors lacked design and looked awry. These days you will find smizing iron door design ideas that will ooze magnificence and offer you protection and safety simultaneously. So, if you have made up your mind that you need an iron door, we are here with tips and design.

The Maintenance Tips

Before we head into the world of iron door design ideas, we want to share some of the best maintenance tips to ensure the doors stay the way they are supposed to – clean and new.

  • It is always advised to take good care of your iron doors or else they can get dirty and even rusted easily. Here are some of the tips that will surely come in handy for you.
  • Have a very well-planned routine when it comes to cleaning the iron doors. Make sure to do it every day as the entrance door is prone to outside dirt and dust.
  • Make sure to use a very mild cleaner that won’t damage the iron material. Don’t use it daily but make a schedule of cleaning the iron gate with cleanser once every fortnight. This will ensure that your doors will retain their shine for a long.
  • After you have used a damp cloth for dusting, make sure to dry it off with a sponge or a soft cloth. You must ensure no water residue remains on the iron rods. Any water residue can damage the doors.
  • Take care of any rust spots and make sure to take them off. Also, you need to be extra careful and take more precautions if you start to see several rust spots on your door.

So, these are the basic care and maintenance tips you need to be wary of. Make sure to follow these and your doors should retain their charm.

The Iron Door Design Ideas That Are Trending

Now, let us see some of the design ideas so that you too can be inspired to implement them on your entrance door.

1. Double Door Gate

double door
Lamax / Shutterstock

If you have a big sprawling bungalow and you need the best of safety, you can choose to have double-door gates. They are much more versatile and sturdier and you can have spikes on them to ensure no one dares to climb up the gate.

Most big complexes having several apartments tend to have such gates. They further appoint watchmen to protect the residents of the colony.

2. Ornate Style

ornate door
Bruno Bleu / Shutterstock

If you want a grand door that spells grandiose and magnificence, you can choose heavy iron doors with a lot of etchings and ornate gold styling. They give a very royal appeal to the place. You can find them in old havelis and even big bungalows that are designed with a vintage style.

Very heavy iron is usually used for such gates as it lends the perfect charm to the design.

3. Sharp And Pointed Iron Grills

sharp grills (1)
Magnetolga / Shutterstock

Here your iron door has sharp and pointed arrows at the very top. For a more dramatic effect, you can choose to paint them yellow colour. Not only does it highlight the spikes; but it also helps in making it emit a very royal vibe. It does have a verb old school feel but the royal charm too adds to the glory of the overall design.  You can choose to have more main door grills and carvings on the door. Choose or rather limit the number of carvings based on the amount of grandiose you want.

4. Floral Style

Vladimir Nenezic / Shutterstock

The floral style is one pattern that goes well with almost anything and everything. You can choose to have iron door design ideas that are inspired by the floral touch. Have a small flower design or even rounded flowers in the rod. These additional design elements elevate the overall rating of the door by several notches.

5. Full Cast Metal Iron Door 

You can choose to have a full cast metal iron door for your home as well. This style of door is completely opaque and it is very heavy-duty as well. It is almost impossible to break through such doors and can be found in a lot of old-style homes. You can choose to have some markings and etchings on the outer side of the door if you wish to.

6. The Antique Look

Ivankifa / Shutterstock

If you want to go for more of an antique look, you can choose to have such a design. Large circular door knockers or big iron bars as door stoppers are some of the antique elements that have the same glory even today. Here, the doors are usually completely opaque and you will find several nuts and bolts on top of it for enhanced protection and an antique look.

Several palaces and forts used to have similar gates in the past and the tradition seems to go on even now.

7. Roman Carvings

roman carving
A Lesik / Shutterstock

You can choose to have carvings of the sun or other planets too on the gates. They are a great way to showcase your powers. Always make sure to check what Vastu has to say for the ruling planets. Whenever designing a planet on the door, you have to make sure that it is your ruling planet and that the direction sense is okay. These too make for a very great appealing design.

8. Dotted Style

Suti Stock Photo / Shutterstock

You can call this style to be minimalistic as there are no other elements but dots scattered all over the door. The dots can be beads or you can add an ornate touch to them. If you want to make a huge statement, you can also choose to bathe some golden touch to your door too.

There is scope for a lot of improvisations and you are free to choose what you think will look best for your home. It is undoubtedly a very safe bet.

So, these are some of the different iron door design options you have. Feel free to mull over the best designs for your home and then implement them. Always make sure to use the best quality materials because you will never compromise the entrance of your home, will you?