Black Forged | Cobbled Iron | Designer Rail | Infinity | Iron Banister | Iron Grill | Long Iron Rod | Mesh Iron Rail

Whenever you have stairs in your home, your key focus is always on choosing the best design that is aesthetically pleasing and at the same time, it will last longer and offer you the right utility too. So, if you have made up your mind and settled for iron stair designs, here we are going to share some of the best styles that are sure to catch your fancy.

Each of these designs is bound to inspire you to pick some cues out of it. Feel free to come up with a mixed design inspired by several of these or you can choose to integrate any of the design as it is. The decision is up to you. We have tried to bring forth the best of variety.

1. Black Forged Style

Black forged iron staircase
Yakov Oskanov / Shutterstock

This is a great design of iron stairs that is sure to spell beauty. The intricate iron carvings and the forged style stand out and add the perfect touch to your home. This design is likely to incur high maintenance as dirt will settle between the gaps. However, when you are ready to put in the right efforts, it is sure to rev up the style appeal of your home by several notches.

2. Cobbled Iron Style

cobbled iron stairs design

This is a sturdy and solid design of stairs that you can choose. Solid iron means that they require less maintenance as there is less scope for the dirt to enter and settle. However, the railings have been made spacious or else the design may get a bit too claustrophobic for anyone’s taste. You need to leave some sort of breathing space when you are planning the layout even for stairs.

3. Designer Rail Style

designer rail style
Justin Adam Lee /Shutterstock

If you are truly focussed on aesthetics and want to have the kind of design that will become the talking point in your home, you can choose this designer rail style. Observe closely and see how intricately the stair rails are designed. The royal black colour further enhances the overall appeal. The design seems to blend with the spiral design of the staircase and is a winning combination for sure.

4. Infinity Style Iron Stair Designs

infinity style
Shutter Bri / Shutterstock

You won’t find this type of stair style inside a home but it is a lot more likely in a big building, like say a complex with several housing flats or even a big government body and colleges or institutes alike. The design of the stairs resembles an endless infinity as it seems to go on and on. The symmetry in the stairs when seen from any angle adds to the appeal and is the leading cause of its soaring popularity. You too can implement this design as it has a very high visual appeal.

5. Iron Banister Design

iron banister stair design
VIP Man / Shutterstock

If you have a huge living room or you have a multi-storeyed building and a massive hall, this design seems to be best suited. You will find such staircase designs in a lot of ballrooms with rooms on the upper floor. Here there are stars on either side that merge into one common staircase that leads to the hall. You will find the same symmetrical style of design on either side.

The centre stair can share the same design or have some other style to mark the difference and steal the highlight.

6. Iron Grill Design

iron grill design
Ekaterina Astakhova / Pexels

This is another simple yet elegant design that you could ask for. As you can see the stairs are simple, but it is the grill that manages to land quite the punch. Observe closely and see the intricate detailing and how the simplicity stands out in the right manner.

7. Long Iron Rod Grill Staircase

long iron rod grill stair designs
Alfin Auzikri / Pexels

This is a great design for the key reason that the grills seem to have towering iron rods. The symmetrical design has a great appeal as the long iron bars seem to exude the perfect taste and feel. It is also a very safe design even if you have toddlers in your home as the chances of kids falling off the stairs are very less in this case.

8. Mesh Iron Stair Designs

mesh iron stair designs
Firman Hendrianto /Shutterstock

This is another vintage sort of staircase design. The mesh iron is a great way to add a rustic touch to your home. The colour tone has also been purposely chosen in a way that it will ooze the vintage sort of vibe. It is great for traditional homes that carry the legacy of the olden times.

So, these are some of the iron stair designs that you can choose from. Let us know what you liked the best.

If you want more variety, you can check out wooden stair grill designs or even steel railing ideas as well.