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The Kanpur metro is a recent development and a big boon for the city. The metro was recently integrated in December 2021, when the project’s first leg was completed.

However, this first leg of the project is just the starting and consists of only a 9 km section from Moti Jheel to IIT Kanpur. The whole project is expected to complete by 2024. The project’s purpose is to shorten the transit times for the people of Kanpur and to open new career and educational avenues for them. As Kanpur is the new industrial capital of UP.

The proposed system has two lines that cumulatively have 30 stations. The UP Metro Rail Corporation is responsible for carrying out this project and developing the city into a metro city.

kanpur metro
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The state government said yes to the project in March 2016, and the entire report of Phase 1 and its DPR was submitted to the cabinet, which included metro routes of over 32 km around the city. The central government approved this project in Feb 2019, giving the project a final start. PM Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone on 8th March 2019.

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How Has The Project Been Financed?

Project finance
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The project’s finance for the first phase is coming 50-50 from equity from the GoI and the second from the Govt. of UP. Apart from this, the government has also borrowed approximately 650 million from the European Investment Bank. This loan had already been approved on 15th July 2020.

What Are The System Specifications Of The Entire Metro?

Some specifications have been specified for the metro to work.

  • Metro’s top speed is approximately 80 km/hour.
  • The average rate of the metro is 34 km.
  • The track gauge is the standard gauge of about 1435 mm.
  • The entire meteor’s signalling is done through the communications-based train control system.

Phase 1 Description

Till now, the information about the first phase has been made public.

route map
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  • Two lines run in phase one.
  • The first line extends from Naubasta to IIT Kanpur, which has a distance of about 23.8 km.
  • The second line runs from Chandra Shekhar Azad University to Jaurali, which has a length of about 8.6kms.
  • Various types of metros are involved in this, including the elevated and underground metro.
  • There are about 22 stations on the first line.
  • The stations for the first line are as follows:-
    1. IIT Kanpur
    2. Kalyan Railway Station
    3. SPM Hospital
    4. CSJL Kanpur University
    5. Gurudev Chauraha
    6. Geeta Nagar
    7. Rawatpur Railway Station
    8. Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital
    9. Moti Jheel
    10. Chunniganj
    11. Naveen Market
    12. Bada Chauraha
    13. Nayaganj
    14. Kanpur Central
    15. Jhakarkatti
    16. Transport Nagar
    17. Baradevi
    18. Kidwai Nagar
    19. Vasant Vihar
    20. Baudh Nagar
    21. Naubasta
  • The second line of the first phase runs on the elevated road of the city.
  • It has about 9 stations.
  • The name of the stations are as follows:-
    1. CSA University
    2. GSVM Medical College
    3. Rawatpur Railway Station
    4. Kakadeo
    5. Vijay Nagar
    6. Dada Nagar
    7. Barra-7
    8. Barra-8
    9. Jarauli

Note: Both these lines are not entirely operational. Some parts of these two lines are either under construction or have pending tender notice.

Fare Chart

ticket fare
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The people travelling through Kanpur Metro can buy metro tickets for one particular ride. They can also buy a GoSmart Card, which is a monthly card. There are some reductions in the prices when travelling through GoSmart Card.

No. of StationsMetro Token FareGoSmart Card Fare
1 Station            Rs. 10            Rs. 9
2 Stations            Rs. 15            Rs. 13.5
3 to 6 Stations            Rs. 20            Rs. 18
7 to 9 Stations            Rs. 30            Rs. 27
10 to 13 Stations            Rs. 40            Rs. 36
14 to 17 Stations            Rs. 50            Rs. 45
18 Stations or More            Rs. 60            Rs. 54


  • Using a GoSmart Card, all travellers get a 10% discount on all fare prices.
  • Tourists in the city can also buy various cards. There is a Rs. 100 card for unlimited travel for one day. There is another Rs. 250 Card for unlimited travel for three days.
  • All travellers need to pay a security deposit of Rs. 100 at the time of purchase.

Kanpur Metro Project Timeline

Let us look at the timeline of the entire project.


  • Kanpur Metro Rail Corporation was formed in September 2015.
  • LMRC and RITES submitted a Detailed Project Report (DPR) to the UP state government in November 2015.


  • The UP government approved the phase 1 Detailed Project Report in March 2016.
  • The entire project received the centre’s yes on October 2016. The foundation stone was laid by the former MOHUA minister, M. Venkaiah Naidu and the UP CM, M. Akhilesh Yadav. This ceremony was held at Brijendra Swaroop Park, Benajhabar.


  • By July 2017, the civil work started to develop Phase 1.
  • By September 2017, the central government asked for modifications in the detailed project report.
  • By December 2017, a new DPR was prepared.


  • By March 2018, the UP Cabinet approved the Kanpur Metro Railway Project.
  • By June 2018, the Finance Minister gave the approval and the financial allocation to the metro.
  • By September 2018, KMRC sent another DPR to the central govt.


  • The UP government allocated Rs. 175 crores of its total budget in February 2019 to start work on this project. The project also received final approval from the central government.
  • PM Modi laid the foundation stone for the metro project in March 2019.
  • By July 2019, LMRC invited various tenders to construct the elevated roads and stations from multiple vendors.
  • In November 2019, CM Yogi inaugurated the construction work for the metro project.


  • By February 2020, CM Yogi had allocated over 350 crores to this project.
  • By September 2020, EIB also allotted 650 million euros to develop the metro project.


  • The UP Budget Report allocated another 597 crores to this project.
  • By May 2021, the initial work of a 9 km underground portion of the metro was started.
  • By June 202, UPMRC completed the laying track from scratch from IIT Kanpur to Kalyanpur Railway Station.

Places of Interest near Kanpur Metro

places of interest in kanpur
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The Kanpur Metro covers various parts of the city, and the residents and tourists can use the metro line to do some sightseeing or cover multiple essential places.

  • The Kanpur Metro gives access to various elite educational institutes like IIT Kanpur and GSVM College.
  • One can also experience serene places like Buddha Park and Motijheel.
  • Tourists can also go for their shopping and reach Rave Moti Mall or Swaroop Nagar Market, and Naveen Market.
  • One can also visit the J.K. temple through the Kanpur metro.
  • The metro gives access to various essential services like Hallet Hospital.
  • People can also use the metro to have a good time at Miraj Cinemas.

Lost and Found at Kanpur Metro

The Kanpur Metro has a lost and found department where one can report and look for valuable items lost or forgotten during their metro journeys. The timings to the department are from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Visitors need to remember some information to take full advantage of this lost and found department.

  • One needs to contact the authority after 48 hours of the lost item. But it should be done only during the operating hours of the office.
  • The passengers need to have the original and the photocopy of their identification. The labels approved are Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Driving License and Passport.
  • If the lost item is not claimed within one month, it is disposed of by the authority.

Contact Details

Various queries regarding the Kanpur Metro and complaints can be addressed to the following address or the contact number.

Kanpur Metro Rail Corporation, State Textile Corporation Limited, G.T. Road, near Uttar Pradesh, Gurudev Palace, Sharda Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, 208014.

Contact Number: 0512-2246200

Kanpur Metro FAQs

Who operates the Kanpur Metro System?

The UP Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) operates the Kanpur Metro System.

When was the Kanpur Metro Service began?

The full service began on December 28 2021.

How many lines are there on the Kanpur Metro System?

In the project’s first phase, there are two lines, out of which 1 line is currently functional.

How many coaches are there in Kanpur Metro?

There are three coaches in every metro in Kanpur.

What are the timings of the Kanpur Metro?

The timings of the Kanpur metro are from 6:00 AM to 110:00 PM. And these metros are spaced out at an interval of 5 minutes.