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The front door of your house is one of the few things you should try to make the best of and pay close attention to if you want to make a great first impression. Their designers often make Kerala door designs for front doors with unique details. 

Adding elements from Indian culture to your design could help you stand out from the crowd. As wood can give a house a more traditional look, many people want to make standard wooden doors in the Keralan style for their homes. 

Even after hundreds of years, the doors in Kerala still look just as traditional. We have put together a list of front door design ideas inspired by the style of doors in Kerala in case you want to add some traditional elements to your design.

kerala door designs
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5 Kerala door designs themes that will enrich your interior decor

#1 The antique styles of Kerala door designs

The antique styles of front door design
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It is a primary ancient type of front door design in Kerala. Polishing the door and window with a dark brown color is done. Many individuals have expressed their opinion that the door’s color ought to be yellow or brown, and one of these hues can amplify the natural appearance of the door. 

#2 Door with Geometrical Motifs

Door with Geometrical Motifs
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This front door is made of teak and plywood, giving it a beautiful mix of light and dark wood tones. It has two doors in the middle of the building, open and close as a pair. On each side of the door, there are intricate and well-balanced geometric designs. 

This Kerala door designs concept’s main entryway displays these extremely ornate geometrical patterns. Because of the long, slim steel handles, the design has a hint of modernity.

#3 Designs with Intricate carvings

Designs with Intricate carvings
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Fortunately, they can carve doors with such fantastic detail because they influenced Arabs. The intricate construction of this Kerala door design shows that even the tiniest details have been carefully considered. If you aim for quality in all you do, you’ll love how this door is constructed.

#4 Doors with Lord Ganesha’s Engraving 

Doors with Lord Ganesha's Engraving 
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Vastu says it is good luck to put an image or impression of Lord Ganesha at the front door of your house. Because it is thought to drive away negative energies and let only good energies into your home. The etching of Lord Ganesha that you had done on your front door makes it look magnificent, royal, and warm. A picture of Lord Ganesha is carved into the door, and a few other engravings add to the design’s beauty.

#5 Grid-like Kerala door designs

Grid-like Kerala door designs
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This theme is excellent as it has a modern style, but it also has some classic elements in it. It has square windows and a square door. Also, each of the four rows closest to the middle of the door has a few small bells that jingle when the door is opened or shut.


The Kerala door designs for front doors provide guests with a positive impression. However, it’s essential to build front doors that are both beautiful and stylish in the traditional style.