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That place in your house where love blossoms in the sense that you pour out love from your heart and add it to the meals you cook for your loved ones, the kitchen is the prime section of any household. Thinking about how to design it, you can take inspiration from Kerala simple kitchen design and give your kitchen the required makeover. Watch out for these lovely ideas!

1. Traditional

When it comes to Kerala simple kitchen design, you ought to know about traditional Kerala kitchens. Everything wooden is loved when it comes to the traditional kitchen style. Be it the table tops, cabinets or any other feature of the kitchen, you will love the wooden feel. It adds a different vibe to the kitchen and the space looks aesthetically beautiful and timeless. 

2. Modular

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Who said you need a large space or a bigger kitchen size for a modular kitchen? Modular kitchen concepts are not based on the floor area available. You can easily design a small modular kitchen and have an amazing time cooking meals for your family. This kitchen design involves making the cabinets modular so that you can easily arrange the stuff and it makes the overall kitchen experience very easy and breezy.

3. Backsplash

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You can have an attractive-looking backsplash to make your kitchen more trendy. The backsplash is the area just behind the stove and it is considered the highlight of any kitchen. You can either go for a flashy and colourful backsplash or keep it very neutral for a sober look. 

4. Corridor Style

kerala simple kitchen design corridor
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When you have a small area set for the kitchen but you want a really beautiful kitchen design, a corridor-style design is what you will love having. Also known as the gallery kitchen design, this one is perfect when you have space constraints. Here, the length of the kitchen is much more when compared to the width and thus the name corridor. You have to be smart enough while planning the design for a corridor kitchen because it might go wrong if not set up tactfully.

5. Go By A Theme

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Theme-based bedrooms and theme-based kitchens are gaining popularity day by day and for a kitchen to be theme based, all you need to do is opt for the same colour scheme for all the elements in the kitchen. For this kitchen design, make sure that you do not choose a very bright and flashy colour as it might make the kitchen look overdone. A theme kitchen looks fun and quirky and you will love the energetic vibe it exudes.

6. Luxury Kitchen

kerala simple kitchen design luxury
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Although it is not very common to have a luxurious kitchen, still people opt for it when they want to. You can have a lavish kitchen design by opting for certain grand kitchen elements like beautiful lighting concepts, an exclusive false ceiling idea, gorgeous-looking glass cabinets, marble or granite counters and other similar stuff. A luxurious kitchen will make you fall in love with that section of your house and you will enjoy cooking meals for your family.

7. Open Kitchen

Modern times interior design concepts call for an open kitchen design and you will love how it will revamp the personality of your living area. This kitchen design paves way for a cooking island and you have to be smart enough to plan the rest of the elements carefully so that your living room is not messed up. See that the cabinets and counters complement the living room elements well. 

8. The Kerala Elements

There are certain typical Kerala elements that when added to the kitchen will make it look gorgeous. You will love the simplicity these elements will add to your kitchen design. Using terracotta or brick walls is a great example of incorporating Kerala elements in your kitchen. You can also add any other element that you like and want to have in your space.

9. Futuristic

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Add a futuristic touch to your kitchen by opting for the best interior designer who can help you design a futuristic kitchen. It will look trendy and chic. You will love the highlights in your kitchen and it is sure to grab the attention of anybody visiting your house. Industrial-style lighting would look great when you are looking forward to a futuristic kitchen design. 

10. Retro

kerala simple kitchen design retro
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If you are looking up to Kerala simple kitchen design, you cannot miss adding the perfect touch of retro to your kitchen. Keep it primarily wooden and throw in some pieces of furniture from your house. Use old cupboards, showcases and tables to set up your kitchen and see the magic it brings. A kitchen with a retro feel is something that will make you go crazy and you will love spending hours in this section of your house.

11. U-Shaped

u shaped
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A very common kitchen design you will get to see these days is a U-shaped kitchen. This design is favourable for every household as it gives you enough floor area and you can easily work around in the kitchen. The counter is designed in a U shape thus giving you ample space in between for free movement. One doesn’t feel claustrophobic while working in this kitchen design.

12. The Organic Touch

When you wish to keep your kitchen design stylish and yet add natural elements to it for a lovely feel, you will have your organic kitchen ready. It is great to look at as certain elements in the kitchen will be gorgeous. With the perfect blend of natural elements and a stylish look, an organic kitchen is something every individual will love.

We have tried to mention all the possible Kerala simple kitchen design options but you can always explore and find out more ways to get the perfect feel. Kitchens whether modern or traditional are supposed to actually brew love and with the best food cooked with immense love, everything will seem to be right and okay. 

Opt for the design that sounds best to you and you can also mix and match elements from different designs to have your customised kitchen set up just like you want it to be.