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Tiles are a fantastic option for making a design statement, and this applies whether you decide to use them as a backsplash or cover the whole floor.

Picking out new tiles for your kitchen remodel might be one of the more enjoyable aspects of a kitchen makeover. These decorative touches provide colour, personality, and texture to the space. You have quite a bit of leeway in this regard, and you are encouraged to put your imaginative skills to work to make your kitchen stand out from the rest of the house. 

Tiles are versatile enough to be used on either the floors or the walls, or even on both. Do not be concerned if you have a fear of colour. You may give your kitchen more personality and colour by using one of the many options for neutral-coloured tiles available. 

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9+ Imaginative Designs For Floor Tiles For Kitchen

When picking out floor tiles for your kitchen, it is vital to consider how the design will complement the room and what other aspects you would want to highlight. Although squares are the most common shape, you may also try experimenting with rectangles, octagons, and hexagons. Squares are the most common form. Using various forms will allow you to create one-of-a-kind patterns, such as basketweave, that will give your flooring more visual appeal. Check out the many designs of kitchen tiles to get more specific information.

1. Checkerboard Tile Design

Adding a checkerboard floor pattern to a kitchen may provide an immediate sense of flair while bringing out the best in an otherwise unadorned area. 

Checkerboard Tile Design
Source: Jason Leung /unsplash

Traditional checkerboard tiles in black and white have been resented, but replacing the squares with hexagonal tiles may give the design a more contemporary feel. Porcelain tiles may be used to create a brilliant pattern that will add interest and mystery to any room, even if you have a more conventional approach to interior design. 

Choose hues in the pastel range to round off the eclectic style. Alternately, if you want this to have a more modern appearance, you might decorate your kitchen in the traditional checkerboard pattern that is black and white.

2. Diamond-Shaped Floor Tiles

Putting up a backsplash comprised of diamond-shaped tiles is an excellent approach to creating a daring fashion statement. Because of its inherent elegance and subtly patterned veins, marble is an ideal material for backsplashes. Glass tiles also have the benefit of being good for the environment, in addition to being long-lasting and appealing.

The following are some helpful hints about the installation of diamond tiles. Make sure you follow all of these instructions for a successful kitchen backsplash installation.

  • After installing the backsplash, you should thoroughly clean it and then play with various tile patterns and sizes to see which one looks best.
  • Choose a design for your floor that draws attention to the transition between the floor and the walls when picking out your flooring.
  • If you have hardwood flooring, arranging your furniture in a diamond pattern can give the impression that there is less room than there is.
  • If you go with a square plan, it will draw attention to how tight the space is and give the impression that you are standing in a bowling alley.
  • On the other side, diamond tile patterns are not square. Therefore, they will not provide the impression of a bowling alley. 
  • Additionally, they will conceal any areas that are not quite square.

3. Wood-look Tiles

Wood-look Tiles
Source: Sven Brandsma /unsplash

The wood appearance tile design is adaptable. Using a variety of colours, you may make anything appear old-fashioned, rustic, or even exotic. Because of the extensive colour palette available, wood-look tile may be easily coordinated with a variety of wall colours and countertop materials. 

Wood-look Tile
Source: Ellen Tanner /unsplash

A floor tile that is lighter in colour will go well with a natural stone countertop that is deeper in colour, while a floor tile that is richer in dark colour will go well with light-coloured cabinets and stainless steel appliances. You may choose a light wood tile pattern that imitates the colour of the wood flooring to give the impression that your kitchen is even more contemporary.

Wood-look tile is an excellent option if you like the appearance of wood but are concerned about the cost of natural wood. These tiles are designed to appear and feel like genuine wood planks, but they do not need the same level of care. In addition to that, their prices are reasonable.

4. Terracotta Design Tile

Terracotta floor tiles are the way to go if you want your kitchen to have a traditional appearance since they have that warm, earthy feel. They look charming when paired with vivid hues. Their unaltered appearance will always be considered fashionable. The most astonishing thing about terracotta tile flooring is that it will always look good, regardless of what other kinds of flooring may be popular at any given time.

5. Vibrant Patterned Tile 

Adding a point of interest to a room is one of the many reasons patterned tiles are ideal for kitchens. If you want to incorporate patterns into your space but maintain its functionality, this is an excellent option. Tiles with patterns may be found in a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from. Not only will your kitchen seem much brighter with these tiles, but it will also be much simpler to clean.

The pink peony tiles are an excellent illustration of a patterned tile. The patterning is understated yet provides an intriguing point of focus inside the room. The installation of patterned tiles is the optimal option for every kitchen.

6. Black Tiles 

The use of black kitchen tiles creates a sophisticated background. Black tiles, whether they have a high gloss or a matte finish, provide a background that is subtle yet attractive. You

You also have the option of going with tiles with a cement-like texture if you are working with a limited budget. 

Tiles that mimic the appearance of the wood are often used in the design of modern kitchens because of the dramatic effect they have on the room. For a more dramatic impact, use a range of different widths. The aesthetic of your kitchen will make a statement, regardless of whether it has a contemporary or rustic design.

7. Cement-Look Kitchen Tile Desig

Cement tiles made nowadays are available in a wide variety of hues, ranging from bright and cutting-edge to understated and elegant. They can change colour depending on the environment and the illumination. 

Cement tiles are a versatile alternative that can be included in a wide variety of design plans due to their low cost and minimal maintenance requirements. And you’ll also be shocked at how long-lasting cement tiles are in your home!

8. Vinyl Tiles With A Geometric Pattern

Vinyl Tiles With A Geometric Pattern
Source: Omar Flores /unsplash

Using vinyl tiles in a geometric pattern may provide a stunning floor design in a kitchen that is otherwise designed to be neutral. Because the material comes in such a broad range of forms and colours, vinyl works well in both contemporary and vintage-styled interiors.

9. Natural Stone Kitchen Tiles

Tiles made of natural stone come with several advantages that are not immediately obvious. It is long-lasting and elegant, in addition to being visually beautiful. Try a floor tile made of natural stone for a more contemporary appearance. These tiles come in a variety of beige tones, making them an excellent choice for use in the kitchen regardless of the colour scheme chosen. 

One of the characteristics of these tiles is that they have irregular forms. Although it may be difficult to get a uniform pattern when using these tiles, the overall effect is stunning. In addition, cleaning them is more superficial than cleaning other types of floor materials. Think about using this style for a more subdued arrangement in your kitchen if it is on the smaller side.

10. Patchwork Tiles

The use of patchwork tiles in kitchens is quite common, with some combination of a batik backsplash with a patchwork tile pattern for the kitchen. These tiles are offered in various themes, such as floral and Moroccan motifs, for customers to choose from. When selecting tiles for a patchwork, you should ensure that the colours and patterns are consistent. These tiles would look stunning, decorated in soft hues and with a rural motif.


To make your kitchen design stand out from the rest of the pack, consider incorporating floor tiles. However, if the tile is not laid correctly, it may seem unattractive and unpleasant. 

In case you need a reference later, this list of 9+ floor tiles for the kitchen, in the long term, will prove to be somewhat helpful!