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Renovating or even designing a home is a lot of work. There are so many different things and elements that you need to keep an eye on. We want you to check the different options and explore what seems to work best for you. Here, we are going to talk of kitchen wall tiles design ideas because a kitchen needs to be well done too.

The walls of a kitchen are much more prone to getting dirty and this is why it is always advised to have tiles on the wall. The amount of options that you will get when it comes to kitchen wall tiles design is whopping. So, here we are going to guide you in this regard and help you come up with the right selection.

The Trending Kitchen Wall Tiles Design

Here are some of the trending design options that you can choose from. Go through this list and check out the ones that seem to be best suited to your taste.

1. Floral Style

Niva Creation / Shutterstock

Nothing works as good as the floral touch. You can choose wall tiles that come with a slight floral pattern. This will ensure that your tiles will look great. You can add a different floral touch to your kitchen to ensure that the overall appeal is spot on.

You have the option of having a large flower drawing spread over several tiles or you could choose a symmetrical and identical small flower repeated on all the tiles. Think of what design will look best.

2. The Mosaic Look

Max Vakhtbovych/ Pexels

You can also choose to have tiles that fit well like a mosaic. It is a great way to showcase the best of ideas and also lends a rich and colourful vibe to the place. You can choose a blend of different shades and this tends to bring out the right hues. The mosaic look is a perennial favourite even when it comes to floor tiles as well. However, don’t make the mistake of having the same wall and floor tiles as this will create a haphazard look.

We will not recommend you have dark tones of wall stone tiles as this creates a darker kitchen space. Light and subtle shades tend to work well.

3. Pastel Shade Tiles

You can also choose to incorporate light pastel shades on the kitchen wall tiles too. These shades look good and light up the place like nothing else. There are so many options that you can choose from and these include peach, sky pink, azure blue, light lilac, sky green, and so on. You should choose the colour that will blend with the rest of the sector of the kitchen and it is sure to look lovely.

4. The Colour Pop

Max Vakhtbovych/ Pexels

Some people love to highlight a wall with their colour selection. You can choose to have a neutral and basic tone of colour theme in the rest of the kitchen but the wall tiles can be an amalgamation of different colour shades.

Some people choose a very bright colour as it then acts like a colour pop. The vivid and vibrant shade will allow you to showcase or highlight the wall in an apt manner.

If you want things to look pretty colourful, you can also choose to have a rainbow colour pop design. Have tiles representing all the colours of a rainbow and it should work well for you.

5. The Food Galore

food art
Haitham Salem / Shutterstock

While the kitchen is the place where we all cook food and you are sure to fantasize about food here, you can choose to have wall tiles that have quirky food elements printed on them. This is a modern style of decor and tends to add the right modern artistic touches to the place. It is surely quirky and something the new generation loves.

You can have coffee cups, fries, dinner plates, kettles and several other things on the tiles. It gives a very complete and refined look and is sure to jazz up your kitchen space.

6. Modern Art

You can also choose to integrate modern art designs as well. There is endless modern art design of kitchen wall tiles and it is sure to help you make things extra artsy. You can have some random art and great wall etching on these tiles.

They usually don’t have a symmetrical design as modern art is all about having random art and somehow the whole piece exudes a rich and great vibe. This is all about believing in and complimenting abstract art.

You should be able to find plenty of modern art wall tiles and they will be the talking point of your kitchen.

7. Honeycomb Design

Dariusz Jarzabek / Shutterstock

The Honeycomb design is one of the perennial favourites among people. You will find a lot of honeycomb-style of wall tiles. We will ideally recommend you go for lighter and softer shades but it is upon you to choose what you deem fit.

Darker tones tend to mark the place appear a little claustrophobic. So, it is advisable to choose tones like beige, cream, white and more. They lend a very symmetrical and balanced design to the whole place.

So, feel free to check out these designs and then pick what seems to be the apt choice for you. Remember, you need to come up with the right decision and it should elevate the look of your kitchen space rather than dampening it. A well-planned design definitely can do wonders for the beauty of the kitchen space.

Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

Now that you have decided on the type of kitchen tiles you want. The next thing you need to do is understand the right ways to clean them. Simply buying and fitting tiles is not enough as it is important to engage in the right maintenance efforts too.

You can always use white vinegar for the sake of cleaning the kitchen wall tiles in a meticulous manner. It helps in getting rid of the different oil residues and they also don’t leave a pungent smile. Wipe the tiles with a clean dry cloth after cleaning them with vinegar.

You can also choose salt as a cleaning agent as it is pretty powerful. You can sprinkle salt on grease and oil stains and then add a whiff of vinegar. Let it soak for some time and then use a damp cloth to wipe off the tiles. They should be new in no time.

You can also use vegetable oil as it too works as a great cleaning agent. You can pour some vegetable oil on a paper towel and then use it to get rid of dark stains and even grease marks.

Another great option is baking soda. They are pretty efficient in soaking grease and oil marks from the kitchen tiles. You will only need to add a little bit of it and it should achieve your work in no time.

So, feel free to use any of the methods and it will allow you to keep the tiles spotless and clean.

So, now that you are well versed in the dynamics, we want you to take your time and then choose the finest design of kitchen wall tiles. When you have made up your mind, you should then focus on adding the right maintenance efforts for the sake of keeping them intact.