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The land measurement system varies from one state to another. The most commonly known land measurement units are Katthas, acres, square meters, and square yards. In south India, Katthas is a unit of ground space that equals 719 square feet and is used for calculating landed property.

Although these units differ from state to state, a general understanding of them can be beneficial for those involved in the real estate industry. For instance, in Tamil Nadu, a cent equals about 2,400 square feet.

The same rule applies to agricultural fields: an acre equals 4,473 square meters. Similarly, in Kerala and Karnataka, a cent is equal to 435.6 square feet.

Ground, Cent, Ankanam, and Guntha are a portion of the land estimation units that are for the most part utilized in the Southern territories of India.

Apart from these units, around the world acknowledged measurement units like Square Feet, Acres, Square Yards (otherwise called Gag), Square Meters, and so on are additionally utilized in the South Indian Region.

South Land Measurement
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Units Used in South India

1 Ankanam 72 sqftParts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka1Acre=605 Ankanams
1 Cent 435.6 sq ft Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka1 Acre is equal to 100 cents
1 Ground 2400 sq ft Parts of Tamil Nadu 
1 Guntha (33ft X 33ft) 1089 sq ft Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka  40 Gunthas = 1 Acre
1 Kuncham 484 sq yd Andhra Pradesh1 Kuncham=10 cents
Land Measurement Units in South India

When measuring the size of your property, the land-measurement units are critical. Knowing which units to use will help you choose the perfect property or make sure you are getting a fair deal.

By using an area-conversion tool, you can speed up the process and eliminate the possibility of a miscalculation. If you’re looking to buy or sell a property in South India, a land measurement unit may be just what you need.


How many Sq.ft make one Katthas?

720 sq.ft

Which land measurement units are used all over the world?

Land measurement units- Square feet (sq ft), Square yards, Square meters (sq m), Acre, and hectares are used all over the world.