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India is a land where festivals are celebrated with pomp and grandeur, and Laxmi puja is one of the most talked about Indian festivals. People go overboard with decorations and almost all Indian homes are lit up beautifully. On this auspicious day, Indian families offer their prayers to goddess Laxmi and pray for the well-being of their families.

This is one such day when people tend to decorate their homes with garlands, lights and several other objects. It is time you start planning and thinking about ideas about Laxmi puja decoration at home. We are here to help you with amazing ideas and you will love these.

Before jumping into decoration ideas, we would first throw some light upon other facts related to this holy festival.

Laxmi Puja: Why Is It Celebrated?

laxmi puja decoration at home
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A three-day affair, Diwali is an Indian festival that makes the month of Karthik (as per the Hindu calendar) special for Hindus. Laxmi puja is celebrated on the third day of Diwali and people worship goddess Laxmi with great joy and sincerity. The festival usually falls anywhere between late October and early November. 

It is believed that on this special day, goddess Laxmi comes down on earth to bless the homes of her beloved devotees. People try their best to make the goddess happy. Goddess Laxmi as people know is the goddess of wealth, but she is also known to be the goddess of happiness as well as intelligence.

People also pray for the well-being and prosperity of their families on this special day. It is advised to offer your prayers and do the holy rituals between 6-8 pm on the day Laxmi Puja falls. The date varies from year to year depending upon the dates of the Hindu calendar.

How Can You Please the Goddess On This Auspicious Day?

please the goddess
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The Gods don’t demand anything from their devotees but as per Hindu mythology, certain offerings and doings make the Gods happy. On Laxmi puja, the devotees are expected to do the following if they ought to make the Goddess happy.

  • You should clean and properly organise your house as goddess Laxmi is known to be pleased with cleanliness.
  • Decorate your space with gorgeous diyas. A lit-up home is sure to make the goddess happy.
  • Chanting ‘Shree’ 108 times is advised for devotees who wish to offer prayers to Goddess Laxmi. Make sure you use a tulsi mama for the same.
  • Make sure you are worshipping not just Goddess Laxmi but also goddess Saraswati as well as goddess Durga. When you worship all the three together, it brings good luck, prosperity and happiness to the family.

Best Ideas For Laxmi Puja Decoration At Home

laxmi puja decoration at home
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When you think about innovative and amazing ideas for Laxmi puja decoration at home, keep in mind that the Gods are pleased only when the house is clean. You must first clean the house. For this, all the family members should come forward to make the job easier and quicker.

Once the home is clean, you can start setting up the stuff required for Laxmi puja. Also think of ways to decorate the idol of goddess Laxmi like a new bride.

1. Set Up The Altar

The altar is the prime focus of any Laxmi puja decoration at home. It is the set-up on which the idol of goddess Laxmi is placed for the puja. You need to set up and decorate a very beautiful altar for the goddess. Thinking of innovative concepts for the altar design is something people do these days.

Simple Altar

People who love simple decor ideas can simply go for a red cloth for the altar set up. If possible you can add little accents to the cloth and give it a touch of golden. This will highlight the altar. 


Make a bed of silver coins and set up the altar this way for an authentic Laxmi puja feel. Additionally, you can also make garlands out of currency notes for the idols.


Use average-sized stones to set up a beautiful altar for the goddess. You can also decorate the stones or cover the entire set-up with an attractive cloth for a clean and nice look.


An altar made with flowers looks gorgeous and one can never go wrong with flower ideas. You can also design the altar with origami flowers and ask your children to get creative with these.

Note: Before decorating the altar and placing the idol of goddess Laxmi on it, make sure to bathe the idol in panchamrit, then with water and wipe it with a fresh towel. Further, you can make the idol wear clothes and jewellery which can be store-bought or even self-designed at home. Once the idol is ready to set up on the altar you can start the altar decor.

2. Go eco friendly

Eco friendly decor
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While you are busy with Laxmi puja preps never ignore the urgent need of the environment. As per Hindu mythology, the earth is also a goddess and you should not upset her at any cost. Go for eco-friendly decor options as far as possible. 

Scrap Papers

When you have kids at home, having scrap sheets, chart papers, and art papers is a common thing. You can use these sheets for decor purposes. Either write different chants on the sheets and decorate the walls with them or cut out thin strips and make flowers out of them. Both the ideas will brighten up your wall and also help you in exploring your kid’s creative frame of mind.

Sarees And Dupattas

You don’t need to fetch a bag full of products to make your house look beautiful for the Laxmi puja celebrations. The sarees and dupattas lying in your wardrobe can very well be used for the same. Highlight the wall behind the altar or any other wall that you will use as a background for your family pictures, with colourful clothes. You can also use fresh unworn sarees or dupattas to make clothes for the idols.

Cutlery That’s Edible

Yes, you heard that right! Edible cutleries are available in the market and since Laxmi puja is the day when you have a lot of family and friends visiting home, this would be a fun and innovative thing to try.

3. Flower Decoration Ideas

lotus flower
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Flowers not only freshen up your house but also add to the visual appeal of the place. Using flowers for offerings is something you do during and after the puja but using flowers for decoration is again a very good idea. There are several ways you can incorporate flowers in your decoration theme.

Floral Backdrop

Using flowers in the backdrop of the altar or highlighting the accent wall in your house with flowers is an amazing idea to go for. You should preferably go for bright coloured flowers like marigolds. 

Hanging Flower Strings

Use flowers and strings to make a beautiful decoration concept for your Laxmi puja celebrations. This idea is great when you want to beautify a wall or decorate the main door of your house. You can make flower strings with colourful flowers or same whatever suits your theme.

You can also create a gorgeous backdrop with these flower strings. Highlighting pillars with flower strings is also an amazing decor idea.

Flower Bunches And Bouquets

If you want to decorate a larger area and you have many walls, opting for flower bunches or bouquets is a better idea. In this way, you can decorate a comparatively bigger area with lesser flowers. Using more bouquets in and around the altar and then scattering the rest on the walls and backdrop is an amazing idea.

The Lotus Thali

You all know that goddess Laxmi adores the lotus flower and it is her absolute favourite. Offering this gorgeous flower to the goddess during the Laxmi puja is considered to be very auspicious. You can also use this flower for decoration. Arrange lotus flowers in a gorgeous-looking thali and keep it at the foot of the idol.

4. Decor Ideas With Lights

light decor
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Popularly known as the festival of lights, Diwali is all about worshipping the goddess Laxmi and decorating your house with lights and diyas. Lights can be used in many creative ways to give your house the kind of makeover that would leave guests appalled. 

Rangoli with diyas

diya decor
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Nowadays you get electric diyas and candles that not only allow you to get creative with your decor ideas but are also safe for homes that have pets and kids. You can incorporate these lights in your rangoli design for that added touch of elegance.

Outdoor Area

If you are setting up the puja altar in the outdoor area, use ample string lights to decorate and light up the space. You can decorate your outdoor space by laying light strings on grasses and trees. If you are good with shapes, you can make diyas and Swastik with string lights and highlight your outdoor area with these designs.

Accentuate Your Walls

Hanging string lights on walls or using them in clusters will help you in accentuating the walls in your house. Make sure to use lights near the altar.


Using string lights around the base of the altar or outlining the photos in the temple of your house is also a good light decoration concept. 

5. Rangoli Decoration Ideas

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You should opt for a gorgeous rangoli design as it adds a vibrant touch to your house. A nice and attractive rangoli in the foyer would look great. You can also design a small rangoli near the altar.

Instead of going for traditional rangoli colours, you can also opt for flower rangoli or a rangoli with diyas and lights. Also, let your kids wear their creative hats on and ask them to use eco-friendly stuff and design a nice rangoli for the occasion. It also keeps them busy this way.

Doing all of this and much more that you wish to add, make this festival a memorable one for your family. Spread love and smiles this Diwali!


When is Laxmi puja celebrated in India?

Usually falling anywhere between mid-October to mid-November, Laxmi puja is celebrated in the month of Karthik. In 2022, it is supposed to be celebrated on the 24th of October however the date is tentative.

What posture of goddess Laxmi’s idol should be placed in the temple of your house?

When placing it in your house, you should preferably go for an idol of goddess Laxmi in a seating posture.

Can you have non-vegetarian food during Diwali?

It is not just about Laxmi puja celebrations, but you should avoid non-vegetarian food during the entire 3-day festival of Diwali.

How can you make post-puja hours fun for the family?

After the Laxmi puja celebrations are done, people usually visit their relatives and close ones and you can play board games and enjoy nice snacks to make the evening fun and enjoyable.

How to involve kids in the celebration?

You should teach your kids to actively participate in everything from cleaning to decorating the house and then getting involved in the puja. Boost their confidence and push them to get creative with everything they do.