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Lighting in the house has become as important as getting the interiors done. Lighting is a major part of the interior decor at home and people are becoming very particular about the type of lighting solutions they want in each room. 

To help you make the best choices for your home, we have listed the best lighting solutions for your house. It is time to brighten up your space with these gorgeous ideas.

1. Lamps

Source: Flo Dahm / Pexels

Ruling the lighting industry for ages, lamps are versatile and can be easily added anywhere in the house. Be it a bedside table lamp or a floor lamp, these look artistic and also work as a decor piece when not switched on. 

2. Ceiling Lights

lighting solutions ceiling lights
Source: Vecislavas Popa / Pexels

The primary source of lighting in most houses, ceiling lights can be selected as per choice and suitability of the interior design. It adds the perfect touch of elegance to the room and elevates the mood instantly when you light it up.

3. Chandeliers

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

To add to the grace, get a chandelier and choose the perfect spot for it. Accentuate your living area or dining area with a classic chandelier having a royal look or go for a modern minimalist design for your bedroom. 

4. Hanging Lights

lighting solutions hanging lights
Source: Valeria Boltneva / Pexels

When you want to have a wow factor in your room, a hanging light would just work fine. Available in umpteen designs, hanging lights are perfect for highlighting a particular section in the room. One above the bedside table or coffee corner in your room would look great.

5. Wall Lights

wall light
Source: Pixabay / Pexels

Available in varied designs, wall lights serve a dual purpose. The ones that direct light downwards helps in illuminating the space well. Wall lights with lighting direction upwards act as accent lighting making the ambience artistic.

6. String Lights 

string lights
Source: Hamann La / Pexels

To add a touch of beauty and art to your room, string lights are a perfect choice. These lights look good in kids’ rooms and also rooms belonging to the young generation. You can also use these lights for adding life to a particular corner in any room.

All these lighting solutions mentioned above have several subcategories as in varieties available in the market and you have to be smart enough to pick the perfect one for your space. Lights play an important role when it comes to the ambience of a house and going for the right one only makes your house look gorgeous.