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Getting the interiors of your house done is something that people spend time and money on. Everybody wishes to have the most beautiful home and people usually fulfil all their desires while getting their new home styled. But there’s always that one corner in the house which ends up getting ignored. Later on, it hurts you to see that corner lying untouched.

We have tips and best ideas for that one tiny but special corner in your house. You can plan and opt for the idea that best suits your existing interior style and the set-up of your living room.

1. Bookshelf

Source: Element5 Digital / pexels

That special corner in your house deserves to have a bookshelf because what’s more special than showcasing your prized possessions? A corner bookshelf has always looked beautiful and it will only add to the gorgeousness of your living space. It doesn’t matter whether your living room is a huge one or a quaint little space, a bookshelf can be easily squeezed in.

You can get a customised one as per your choice and space restrictions. Adding a bookshelf in the living room also serves a great purpose when you have guests in your place. They can indulge in some book reading too.

You can look up bookshelf DIY ideas and design one yourself. It would require a little effort and only a few materials.

2. Picture Perfect

Source: Ksenia Chernaya / pexels

You must be having tons of pictures that you love and want to put up somewhere as a memory. What has kept you waiting? Get your favourite pictures framed and put them up on the corner wall in your living room. Let the memories do the talking and you will love how beautifully decorated the wall will look. This living room corner decor idea can be applied even when the room is compact because it does not require any additional floor area as the pictures are hung on the wall. Have your picture-perfect wall in no time and unwind here whenever you feel like.

3. Art Pieces

living room corner decor
Source: Sammsara Luxury Modern Home / pexels

Sometimes while roaming in the marketplace you come across any sculpture or art piece that you really like but you cannot think of an apt place for it in your home. Don’t you think that vacant corner in your living room deserves some love and attention? Get a unique sculpture or anything that you love to showcase in your house. Put it up in that corner. It will breathe life into your living room and the corner will as if brighten up.

4. Breakfast

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This is one such meal that people prefer having in a hurry and leaving for work quickly. The concept of the entire family gathering around the dining table for breakfast is long forgotten. For a quick and goto breakfast idea, set up a really cute breakfast nook in that unused corner of your living room. It gives you some me time early morning and you can quickly grab a bite and leave. It is also a great idea for families that have little ones. They will enjoy their own breakfast moment and you can prevent your living room carpets and floors from getting dirty.

5. The Artistic Touch

living room corner decor art
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

If you are an art lover, get an artistic piece like a wall painting and put it up on the wall of that left-out corner in your drawing room. Even if you have a small living area, this idea can never go wrong. Not utilising any area in the room, it only highlights the wall and adds to the aesthetic feel of the place. A beautiful wall art elevates the ambience of the room and you should make sure that you pick something unique and magnificent.

6. Greenery

Source: Mizuno K / pexels

Adding greens anywhere in the house can never go wrong. When it comes to decorating corners, greens are the best idea to come up with. Be it beautiful indoor plants or fresh flowers that you can change often, greenery is a win-win always. Decorating corners with greens is a great idea as it does not eat up any space. Moreover, you can easily shift the set-up whenever required.

It also adds a freshness and a vibe to your room and the ambience is instantly uplifted. Make sure that you opt for a very artistic planter that also works as an art piece in the room.

7. Wall Of Fame

Source: cottonbro / pexels

Want to showcase your achievements in a special space in your house? Well, make the best use of that ignored corner in your living room and set up your certificates and trophies beautifully. In no time the ignored corner of the house will become your very own wall of fame. Let your success decorate that corner in the most special way. It is an amazing idea to decorate the living room nook and it will also become a subject of discussion whenever you have guests visiting your house.

8. Workspace

living room corner decor workspace
Source: Medhat Ayad / pexels

A quaint and cosy workstation is something that makes you feel good and you love your work even more. If you have that leftover corner in your living area that you want to utilise and you are on the lookout for a nice decor idea, a workstation would be perfect. It will not only add utility to your otherwise wasted space but will also add to the charm of your work scene.

A cute workstation in the corner of your living room will be interesting to look at. You will love working in the newly designed modern work desk set up. It is one of the best ways to utilise a wasted corner space.

9. Hang Chairs

hang chair
Source: Julia Filirovska / pexels

Ever seen a cute and artistic hang chair on the web and dreamt of having one in your house? You can get one in your living room corner and it would only result in that space getting utilised for the good. Hang chair not only provides you comfort but it has a different kind of calm. It makes you happy inside out.

You can then spend some cosy time when you wish to unwind or lay back and read your favourite book. It will become the kind of perfect spot in the house that every family member wishes to capture for some time in the day.

Make sure to add a few elements like throw in an aesthetic rug, drop in a beautiful throw, add fairy lights and you are good to go.

10. Vanity

Source: Emma Bauso / pexels

Even though you have a dressing area in your bedroom but sometimes having dual choices is an added bonus. You can set up a cute vanity area in your living room corner and it will add to the beauty of the room. Make sure that the set-up goes well with the existing decor of your room and that it only adds up to the feel. It is a lovely living room corner decor idea as you will love dressing up in your living room sometimes.

11. Mirror

Source: Nadine Wuchenauer / pexels

When you cannot think of any other living room corner decor idea but you need something up the wall, go for a mirror. A big-sized mirror on a wall always looks good and it is the safest option to go for when you have a blend of modern and rustic interiors in the room. You can easily pick a gorgeous and uniquely framed mirror that will elevate the look of the room. Mirrors are available in a variety of designs and getting the perfect one for your drawing room corner is easy.

12. Accent lighting

accent light
Source: Valeria Boltneva / pexels

How about elevating that ignored corner in your living area and making it the centre of attraction of the entire house? There are so many lighting options available in the market these days. You can get a really attractive and beautiful accent light design and revamp your corner. It will not only add to the aesthetics of the room but will also add to the lighting effect.

13. The DIY Effect

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If you have a creative mind and you keep trying DIYs at home, what’s better than coming up with something that’s hand done? You can showcase your talent and feel good about yourself. There’s plenty of stuff that can be made at home and decorated in that corner of your living room. Alternately, you can also plan as per the requirement of the space and then come up with an idea that can be made or designed at home.

Now that you have got to know about so many living room corner decor ideas, it is time for you to take some time out and take measures to plan and set up the space accordingly. Give your drawing area the perfect feel and give your family what they deserve best.

Corners in the house can easily be made special and when it comes to your living room, it has to be given special attention. Put your creativity to the best use and dig up your brain for more ideas. Find some exciting wall design patterns here.


Can you decorate your living room corner on a budget?

Absolutely! We have provided you with plenty of options to choose from and if you have a budget constraint, you can easily go for photo frames, plants, lights and other decor ideas.

Should you decorate the corner if the room size is small?

Yes, you can! If your room size is small you should smartly plan and go for ideas that do not take up any space and just use the wall to highlight the corner.

What is the easiest and quickest living room corner decor idea?

Adding greenery in the form of plants or fresh flowers is one you can do quickly as it does not require any brainstorming or preparation time.

Is it okay to add furniture pieces to decorate the room corner?

Yes, it is absolutely okay to add bookshelves, vanity desks, workstations, bar cabinets etc to decorate the corner. You should make sure that the added furniture blends well with your existing decor and interior.