Partition ideas | Conclusion

Privacy or renovation—which is more essential for you? Both factors seem equally important, no matter how big or small your apartment is. However, a complete renovation is not an option if you live in a rented apartment, and home renovation can be expensive!

So here are some cool room divider ideas that are a terrific space-saving option that can serve as a decorative element without causing a dent in your pocket. If you can think out-of-the-box, even the simplest things like movable partitions, a tall bookshelf, or rearranging your furniture can help create more personal space for you, keeping the aesthetic unaltered. Additionally, feel free to play with subtle color options to make your living room more attractive.

7 best aesthetically pleasing ideas for your living room

Here are a few creative ideas to partition the living room that can help you make the most of your space while staying within your rental agreement’s financial constraints.

1. Frosted glass sliding Doors

frosted glass sliding door
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With this, you can establish the difference between both sides of the room without totally excluding them from each other. It also allows you to convert the whole place into one if you leave them open when you need space. Frosted glass sliding doors can bring light into a room and make it feel more luxurious.

2. Wooden shelf

wooden shelf
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A wooden shelf is not just for the corners of your living area! (here are more (ideas to brighten up your living room corner) Place a wooden rack strategically and divide your living room like a pro. Most interior designers prefer this option as it provides a lot of storage space to keep books and plants. To add a twist, add a wine rack, extra shelves, and drawers that make it a versatile option for partitioning your living room.  

3. Bunch of greens

bunch of greens
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Plants will always be the easiest option to decorate your room if you want to add natural essence to your living space. You can make the best use of your brightly lit hall by adding climbers and decorative indoor plants that are easy to maintain. Using a plant rack as a partition will complement your living room and imbibe a relaxing environment.

4. Stainless steel partitions

metal partition
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Add a dose of luxury to any space with this metallic element (say, a gold-painted metal frame divider) that will transform a dull living area into a charming one. Adding a chandelier and other furniture with a similar gold finish is an easy way to make your living area seem more elegant.

5. Fireplace

fireplace partition
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Nothing can go wrong with installing a fireplace in your living room. A small fireplace in between your living room and dining will make your place so much cozier and add warmth to your room, the kind of energy you need at a home you want your guest to hang out.

6. Foldable screen

foldable screen partition
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An elegant foldable screen can also be an excellent choice for providing seclusion in your living or dining room. Furthermore, it would be ideal if your screen had a visually appealing design. Folding screens are the best because you can quickly relocate them depending on the situation. You may find them made from a wide range of materials: wood, bamboo, metal and plastic, leather, cloth, and even plastic.

7. Counter and a bar table

counter cum bar table
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How cool is that? A counter cum bar table can be a convenient choice where you can keep your basic cutleries, and on the underside, you can hang all your wine glasses. A unique idea to divide the two spaces while maintaining utility and comfort.

Do you still want to build walls?

Steal these fantastic ideas, and you will no longer have to worry about building walls as a partition. You must hire a team of designers to execute your vision while staying within your budget.