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Everyone wants their home to look good. If you too want to have a beautiful home, you may be hunting for the best decoration tips. One of the elements that you must incorporate in your home has to be plants. This is why we will tell you the best lucky plants for home. This compilation of plants will help you bring good luck, money, and even success to your home.

There are endless options that you have. However, the plants should be chosen based on several different parameters. Here, you will get a list of the top lucky plants that homeowners can choose to have. Some of them are referred to by Vastu, some are referred to by Feng Shui and so on.

Lucky Plants For Home- The Myth?

Some people do not believe that plants can bring good luck and prosperity. They help in circulating the right flow of positive energy and some of them can also aid in purifying the environment.

There is no denying the fact that plants help in absorbing carbon dioxide and release oxygen when they carry out photosynthesis. This means that areas or even homes where there is a lot of greenery tend to have fresher air and this is conducive to health as well.

If you believe in the science of Vastu, you would know that there are plants that help in diffusing positive energy and vibration in your home. Incorporating these plants in your home can bring in wealth and fortune too. These plants can also absorb the negativity that may pervade the home.

The colour green is associated with therapeutic nature. Therefore, having greenery in your home will offer various benefits. It is also known to aid you in staying connected to the earth and thereby have a sense of gratitude.

The Lucky Plants For Home: Options Galore

1. The Tulsi Plant

Source: AnandBijal8587/ Pixabay

This is one of the most sacred plants and the one that you are most likely to find in most Indian homes. The plant has great medicinal properties and it has a pivotal role to play in the world of Ayurveda. It can also steer away mosquitoes.

Make sure to offer adequate sunlight to the plant as this will help them grow long and thick.  You should never let a tulsi plant die in your backyard as this will be a bad omen. The tulsi plant doesn’t need a lot of maintenance but makes sure to water it regularly and allow sunlight to fall on it.

You can place it anywhere, mostly the chosen locations are the balcony, the front, or the back entrance of the door.

2. The Bamboo Plant

bamboo plant
Source: Emmanuel Jr/ Pixabay

The bamboo plant has significance in both Vastu and Feng Shui. Both these sciences associate the bamboo plant with fortune and good health.

The number of stalks that are present in the bamboo plant will hold a great deal of significance.

  • If the plant has five stalks, it spells good luck
  • A bamboo plant with seven stalks signifies good health
  • Big bamboo plants with as many as 21 stalks indicate both health and great wealth

It is advised to keep the bamboo plants in the east corner. This will allow you to derive the best benefits. These plants also help in purifying the home and they aid in getting rid of pollutants too. They also have a great aesthetic value and you will find amazing designs.

3. The Snake Plant

Source: ehsan ahmadnejad / Pexels

This plant is known to grow well in almost all conditions and requires minimal maintenance. It helps in removing the toxins present in the air and also cuts down the allergen. So, the plant will help in improving the overall health and ambience of the home.

4. The Rubber Plant

Source: Scott Webb / Pexels

The rubber plant is a Feng Shui element and they bless the house with fortune and wealth. The rubber plant also works as an air purifier and so it will cleanse the air of the home and purify the surroundings. This in turn aids in good health. Along with this, the leaves of the plant resemble coins and so it is believed to bring in wealth.

5. The Jade Plant

Source: Lucho GoMuzic / Pixabay

The jade plant has a Feng Shui element attached to it. It is the harbinger of positive energy and good luck and fills your home with an abundance of wealth. You can place it both in your office or even at your home as well. This plant symbolizes growth and regeneration.

6. The Money Plant

Source:  Elle Hughes / Pexels

For ages, the money plant has been used for the sake of blessing the home with wealth and fortune. The plant plays a role in overcoming the different financial hurdles that you may face. Like most other lucky plants for home, they will also filter the toxic pollutants present in the air.

The good thing is that these plants require minimal maintenance.

7. The Lavender Plant

Source: Kekule / Pixabay

If you love plants that leave a lingering smell in your room, go for lavender. The plant has a huge role to play in the field of aromatherapy. Make sure to either keep it at the front entrance or in the open outdoor space of your home like the lawns. Both the flower and the oil are used for making several medicines and scents.

8. The Golden Pothos

This is an offshoot of the money plant and brings in wealth and good luck. Along with it, it is believed that having this plant can help you cut down your anxiety levels as it absorbs the negative energy present. You can grow this plant in almost any corner of your home, including the bathroom as well. There are no restrictions on its placement.

9. The Areca Palm Plant

areca palm
Source: Maria Orlova / Pexels

These plants are known to be a key Feng Shui element. They are also known to help in improving the humidity and can grow even with indirect sunlight. They do not need a lot of maintenance and help in absorbing the negativity from the place. This plant aims to help in circulating peace and prosperity.

10. The Corn Plant

You will find this plant in a lot of Asian nations. It is believed that if you manage to blossom a corn plant at home, you are bound to get good luck and loads of wealth. The plant can remove harmful toxic pollutants from the air and thereby render the overall atmosphere fresh. They don’t need a lot of maintenance, but you should care a little.

11. The Eucalyptus Plant

Source: Kilimanjaro Studioz / Pixabay

If you are bothered about the energy circulating in your home, you should choose to have the eucalyptus plant. The leaves and even the oil of the eucalyptus plant have medicinal properties. They are easy to grow and can help shower good luck in your place.

So, these are some of the lucky plants for your home that you can choose to make a part of the décor. Apart from adding to the aesthetics, they will also aid in blessing your home with positive vibes, good luck, wealth, fortune, and more.

Lucky Plants for Home: Flowers

Now, we will talk about the different flowers you can place at home to attract the right vibes. Flowers in general are a great décor element and a lot of people love flowers. They make your mood happy and allow people to be a whole lot more radiant, both on the inside and the outside.

So, let us take a look at some of the possible flowers you can use at your home.

1. Jasmine

lucky plant jasmine
Source: Wendy Wei / Pexels

In the world of cut-throat competition and rapid lifestyle, we expect calmness and tranquillity at home. This is exactly what the jasmine flowers have to offer. The sweet and mild fragrance helps in beating the stress and allows you to unwind and feel calm. The flowers are known to bring love and luck and also help in blossoming relationships.

2. Lotus

lucky plants for home lotus
Source: Coltsfan / Pixabay

Lotus is known to be the flower of Goddess Lakshmi. It is therefore a harbinger of wealth and denotes peace, money, and spirituality. It is even offered to Lord Buddha and so has the peace connotation. The best place for these flowers is in the north, east or the north-east direction of your home. You can also choose to have it at the entrance as well.

3. Chrysanthemum

This flower holds a mention in the world of Vastu. It is known to bring optimism and positivity. An important point to add here is that you should avoid keeping this flower in the master bedroom. They are more suited for the living room. Even in the Buddhist culture, these flowers are known to be auspicious and the altar is often adorned with these flowers.

4. Lily

Who doesn’t love white lilies? They are the true harbinger of peace, harmony, and wellbeing. The flowers have a great aesthetic value and your mood is likely to be uplifted simply by seeing a well-planted lily flower. They help in cleansing the air and keeping the atmosphere fresh as well.

5. Orchids

lucky plants for home orchids
Source: Pixabay / Pexels

In Feng Shui, it is believed that orchid flowers are symbolic of fertility and good relationships. So, spouses trying for a child can plant orchid flowers in their homes. The best direction for these flowers is the north side. They shower your home with good vibes, happiness, and prosperity. Also, they are very attractive to look at and will beautify your home.

6. Rose

When talking of lucky plants for your home, how can we not talk of rose? We all know that for ages to come, red roses have been used for expressing love, yellow for friendship, and white for peace. Further, the lingering fragrance is sure to de-stress your body and mind.

The ideal direction as per Vastu is the southwest corner. It is the only thorny plant that you can choose to have in your home. Sprouting of flowers can take time and you will need to care for the rose flowers. But once they bloom, the beauty is unmatched.

7. Peonies

peonies lucky plants for home
Source: Irina Iriser / Pexels

The best-suited direction for peonies is the southwest corner. This flower should ideally be grown in your garden as it can get very big. The smell is amazing and it will inexplicably beautify your garden.

The flower is known to help in improving the relationship and also brings in improved fertility vibes. So, it is good for couples.

8. Hibiscus

In Hindu mythology, the flower is sacred and has spiritual relevance. It is offered to Lord Ganesh and goddess Kali. The best-suited direction is the north or the east corner. They will need direct sunlight to grow and are more suited for gardens and porch. These flowers can bestow good luck. Yellow hibiscus, in particular, can lift one’s mood.

So, these were some of the lucky flowers for your home that can improve the ambience and the mood. Make sure to incorporate some of them for the best results.

Lucky Plants for Home: Herbs

Some herbs have the ability to drive away the bad vibes too. Let us quickly look at the chosen ones.

1. Sage

The sage plant has a strong aroma and as per Feng Shui, it can drive away the negative vibrations from your home. It can also keep off the evil energies and thereby cleanses the home.

2. Ginger

If you want to grow a herb that could increase the love and fortune in your home, ginger might be the right answer. It also has great medicinal properties and finds its use in the Indian kitchen considerably.

3. Mint

The mint herb has a strong aroma and it is likely to have a therapeutic effect. It can calm down your stress level and also helps in building hope. The herb can also shower wealth and bring prosperity to the house too.

4. Carom or Ajwain

This herb is mainly known for ushering wealth into a home. The leaves can be consumed directly and have great medicinal properties. It also doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and can grow in minimal sunlight and water.

5. Thyme

For those who seem to be struggling on the professional front, they should plant thyme in their home. The best place is the kitchen garden and it can help you get a promotion or also usher luck in new businesses.

These are the top choices of herbs and are likely to help you in the different spheres of your life.

Lucky Plants for Home: Trees

If you have a proper garden, you can also choose to grow some trees as well. Here is the list you can choose from.

1. Neem

The neem tree has plenty of medicinal value. They help in filtering the air and thereby act as a natural purifier. Thus, it helps in creating a wave of positivity and a healthy environment.

2. Ashoka

This tree brings in bright energy and positivity and it can also bring you joy. The tree tends to have fragrant flowers.

3. Coconut

coconut lucky plants for home
Source: Dana Sredojevic/ Pexels

This tree cannot be grown in all gardens as they tend to get very big. You can plant it in the south or the southwest corner. It helps in fulfilling desires and brings good fortune as well.

4. Amla

This is one of the most sacred trees and it is considered very lucky in the field of Vastu. This tree is the favourite of Lord Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu and therefore brings in wealth. Make sure to plant this tree a little far away from your home. The best direction for this tree is the east or the northeast.

5. Banana

Always have the banana plant in the northeast. Once again, you will need a considerably big garden for the banana tree. The tree brings mental peace and good health as well. The plant is worshipped and is therefore sacred.

So, these are the trees that you can choose to grow in your backyard. Never grow a big tree inside your home as the roots can get very strong and this may thwart the foundation of your home. The trees need to be planted outdoors and are suited for those who have a separate garden or a lawn.

The Tips To Grow Lucky Plants For Home

While we have mentioned the top plants, flowers, and herbs you can grow, you also need to know the right tips that will help you plant them right.

So, make sure to note these down.

  • Always make sure to take care of the plants in your home. Wilted and dead plants are not considered auspicious
  • Keep trimming the plants from time to time to keep them healthy and kicking
  • Never use cracked pots and vases for growing any plant. These can bring negativity
  • Never allow creepers to grow in the house. This is a bad omen as per Vastu
  • Always mind the direction in which you are keeping the plants. Some of these plants bring in good luck when placed in a specific direction only
  • If you have a dedicated garden, always plant an even number of trees as per Vastu guidelines
  • Have a systematic watering system if you have a separate garden in your home
  • Make sure to beautify the garden and place the trees in an orderly manner. The garden shouldn’t look haphazard


Are some plants unlucky for the home too?

Yes, plants with thorns except roses are considered to be unlucky and shouldn’t be planted in homes

Can you have artificial plants?

Artificial plants are not considered auspicious for growing in homes

Can I grow bonsai at home?

Bonsai should not be kept indoors. It can be grown in the garden but as per Vastu, it shouldn’t be inside your home because it stands for stunted growth

Does a dead plant signal a bad omen?

Yes, you should care for your plants because when they wilt or die, it is considered a bad sign