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The Maharashtra government has created a website portal to digitize tasks about land. All Information on the state of Maharashtra has been posted online on this website. Therefore, we will educate you about this now in this post.  In this section, we shall discover how to validate the bhulekh Maharashtra. Online extraction of land records 7/12 & 8A from the state’s land records database is now possible thanks to the Maharashtra Revenue Department; land data for Bhumilekh Maharashtra was previously accessible.

The location of this online gateway has lately changed. According to the most recent data, 7/12 Utara is made accessible on the Related to the following Mahabhumi website. 

Due to a lack of knowledge on how to do so, many individuals in our state of Maharashtra are not able to obtain land records. You will be able to order mahabhumi bhulekh web on 7/12 in as little as 5 min after reading this post, though. Detailed instructions on how to erase the new web portal’s 7/12 and 8A records connected to Bhulekh Maharashtra Mahabhoomi may be found on the following page. You should carefully read each step to ensure you comprehend the entire process.   

Mahabhulekh – Maharashtra Land Records 

Mahabhulekh – Maharashtra Land Records 
Source: Official Website

The word “Mahabhulekh” comes from the Maharashtra Land Record. Maha is the most common abbreviation for Maharashtra; on the other hand, Bhulekh is the Hindi/Marathi term for a land register. 

An online land records database for the Indian state of Maharashtra is called “Mahabhulekh.” The Land Records & Settlement Commission of the Maharashtra Government launched and maintained the website. To better serve the public, the website retains the state of Maharashtra’s land records. 

The Mahabhulekh website allows land purchasers and owners to view land records anytime. The official Maharashtra government website for land records is located at

The website is now in Marathi because that language is widely used in the state. The state of the Maharashtra map is on the website’s home page. All of Maharashtra’s districts are depicted on the map. 

In Maharashtra, six zones separate each district. 

  • Amravati, Akola, Buldhana, Washim and Yavatmal comprise the Amravati Zone. 
  • Osmanabad, Aurangabad, Jalna, Parbhani, Nanded, Hingoli, Beed and Latur make up the Aurangabad Zone. 
  • Thane, Mumbai Suburb, Palghar, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri and Raigad are all in the Konkan Zone. 
  • Gadchiroli, Gondia, Chandrapur, Nagpur, Bhandara, and Wardha are all in the Nagpur Zone. 
  • Ahmednagar, Jalgaon, Dhule, Nandurbar, and Nashik make up the Nashik Zone. 
  • Kolhapur Zone: Pune, Sangli Zone: Satara Zone, Solapur Zone. 
  • The website offers access to the 7/12 Utara, 8A, and property card (malmatta Patrik). 

Mahabulekh 7/12 Utara meaning

The 7/12 online/Utara Maharashtra, also known as Sabara Utara, is an excerpt from a land registry kept by each district of Maharashtra and provides comprehensive Information on a specific property. On Mahabhulekh, 7/12 is available online. The term 7/12 extract comes from the two village forms that make it up: Form VII and Form XII. The 7 12 Utara offers essential Information regarding land in any area of Maharashtra that was taken from the Maharashtra land records registration. The Bombay Land Revenue Record of Rights & Registers (Preparation & Maintenance), Rules 1971 retain the 7/12 Utara as a ROR (record-of-right).

7/12 online: Information included

Information on the land’s rights, occupiers, owners, tenants, income obligations of the holders, and other facts are contained in Form VII of the Mahabhulekh 7/12 utara, which is available online on 7/12. Information on crops, their type, and the area they cover is included in Forms XII in 7/12 online.

It should be noted that 712 Utara extraction on the Mahabhulekh is merely a record to determine income due and not a definitive document to show ownership. Based on a 7/12 extract, the property’s title cannot be transferred.

Following are the details provided in 712 Utara.

  1. Survey number of ownership information (Changes included)
  2. Details of mutation
  3. Credit information (pending loans) for purchasing seeds, herbicides, and fertilizers.
  4. Amount of land that may be used for agriculture
  5. Agricultural or non-agricultural land type
  6. Rain-fed or irrigated irrigation methods for land
  7. Crop type is grown in the most recent season Information on lawsuits and their status (if any)
  8. Tax information (paid and pending to be delivered).

What is Mahabhulekh 7/12? 

Many states in our nation have distinct names for land records. Consequently, Mahabhulekh 7/12 is the name given to the land records in Maharashtra. 

The land’s owner, cultivator’s name, kind of cultivation, acreage, and other details are all provided by the survey registration of the property under 7/12. You may also learn which crop was most recently grown in the field. 

Mahabhulekh 7/12 compiles all the paperwork about land ownership. It is employed to determine who owns the property and in what capacity. 

Additionally, 7/12 is utilised to obtain bank loans. In court, even during a trial, any citizen may need it. 

Benefits / Advantages Of Mahabhumi Online Portal 

One of Maharashtra’s most widely used internet venues is the Mahabhulekh site. For the residents of Maharashtra, it provides a wide range of services, such as retail shopping, banking, & government services. The Mahabhumi web portal offers a variety of advantages and perks, including: 

  1.  Convenience: It is pretty easy to utilize the Mahabhumi website. It is accessible round-the-clock and accessible anywhere in the world. 
  1.  Variety: A wide range of services, including banking, retail, and government, are available through the Mahabhumi web platform. On this site, you may find nearly everything. 
  1. Security: The internet gateway for Mahabhumi is relatively safe. On our platform, all of your financial and personal Information is protected. 
  1. Customer support: Mahabhumi’s internet portal offers excellent customer support. You may contact customer care if you need assistance with any issues, and they will assist you in fixing them. 
  1. User-friendliness: The Mahabhumi internet site is exceptionally user-friendly. On this site, you may find nearly everything. 
  1. Discounts: Mahabhumi’s online store provides various goods and services savings. The use of this platform might save you a significant amount of money. 
  1. Reward: The Mahabhumi internet site incentivizes using its services. You may accumulate points to get deals on goods and services. 
  1.  Affiliate program: There is an affiliate program for the Mahabhumi internet site. You will receive a commission on each purchase if you introduce someone to this site. 
  1. Free shipment: A variety of goods and services are eligible for free shipping through the Mahabhumi online portal. Using this service can help save a lot of money. 

Primary Purpose Of Mahabhulekh Online Portal 

A significant government program called the Mahabhulekh online portal was launched to streamline India’s administration of land records. The platform makes it simple for citizens to obtain land data and promotes system openness.   

In this blog article, we will explore the main objective of Mahabhulekh and how it helps to enhance land records administration in India. 

To streamline the country’s land records management, the Indian government created the Mahabhulekh site in 2016. The platform makes it simple for citizens to obtain land data and promotes system openness. 

Mahabhulekh’s primary goal is to assist people in obtaining correct Information about their property so they can make wise decisions about how to use and develop it. 

The state government’s land records may be accessed using the portal’s single window interface. Each parcel is described in depth, including its location, ownership information, survey number, & cadastral maps. Additionally, the portal offers online complaint submissions for residents to bring up land-related issues. 

The Mahabhulekh site has made it simpler for residents to get correct Information about their property, which has improved the administration of land records in India. Additionally, it has made it simpler for people to register complaints relating to property disputes and has helped assure system openness.

India is becoming a better environment to work and live in, which is also a significant step in streamlining the nation’s management of land records. 

Checking and downloading Bhulekh Maharashtra 2021 7/12 Utara 

1. Go to the Mahabhulekh Home 

You must first go to the Bhulekh Mahabhumi web page, which can be accessed here, to get the Utada records for 7/12—owing to the relocation of the Mahabhulekh Maharashtra web page. 

mahabhulekh home page
Source: Official Website

You may reach the new Bhulekh Mahabhoomi’s internet page by browsing for on Google. 

2. Select a section using the drop-down menu. 

An option to choose a portion will be shown on the right side of the screen, to the left of the search bar, as soon as the Related to the following Mahabhumi website is visible. Select your section in this area before clicking the “Go” button. 

Select a section using the drop-down menu
Source: Official Website

3. From the drop-down menu, pick the 7/12 record. 

The 7/12 & 8A record alternatives will be presented on the screen once you have chosen the segment. Pick the 7/12 option from the fall menu. Decide on your village, taluka, and district as a result. 

4. Choose the Group Number or Survey Number. 

After that, users will be given a selection of search options for 7–12 records. You can get the recording whenever you choose with any of these techniques. Let’s select the drop-down menu’s Survey Number / Groups Number option. Next, choose the research option and input the survey number or group number related to your property. 

5. Choose 7/12 Paha as your choice. 

Please enter your ten-digit phone number first. Then, from the drop-down menu, choose the 7/12 Paha option. 

6. Checking the Captcha Code 

The subsequent step is to validate the captcha code. Use the code displayed on the screen to fill in the gaps on the net. Then, on the following screen, select the option to Confirm Captcha to View 7/12. 

7. Take a look at village sample number seven. 

Check out village example number seven, 7/12 record, which appears on the screen once you enter the captcha code to verify your identity. When you open this, you’ll first see the data of village sampling seven, also known as “Gaon Namuna Saat.” You may examine it to discover what Information is written within. 

8. Scroll down to the village of Namuna Bara to continue. 

Additionally, a restricted number of Pair ( STP sample recordings, such as the Gaon Namuna Bara, will be made available. You can examine the offered records in this part as well. You will receive thorough Information on the proper land tax records of Maharashtra. 

9. Get the Land Records. 

The 7-12 Utara data for your property are also available for download and printing on this website. To do this, choose the Print button from the browser’s menu. You may then choose to save or print it after that. It would allow residents of all regions in Maharashtra to access 7/12 details of their land online. 

How To Withdraw 7/12 Online? 

We will go through how to deposit 7/12 online in this part. First-time users might find this procedure a little complex, but don’t worry; we’ll guide you thru it step-by-step. A fantastic option to collect your money fast and conveniently without having to deal with the headache of going to a physical bank office is to withdraw 7/12 online. Let’s get going! You must have an account with a partnered bank to withdraw 7/12 online. This service is provided by 7-Eleven locations in collaboration with BDO, BPI, Metrobank, & PNB. 

Ask a shop employee or look at the list of institutions on the 7-Eleven website to see if your bank is a collaborating partner. You can start withdrawing your money after you have confirmed that the bank is a partner. 

The first step is to log into your online banking account and find the 7-Eleven branch finder. Enter your location to get the store that is closest to you. Once you’ve located a store, select “Withdraw Money” from the menu. 

Your desired withdrawal amount must be entered when requested. Click the “Withdraw” button after you have input the appropriate amount. 

The monies will then be sent to your account in 1-2 business days after your bank has processed the transaction. I’m done now! It is quick and straightforward to receive cash when you need it by withdrawing 7/12 online. 

Mahabulekh Digital Signed 7/12 Download 

Mahabulekh is a website run by the Indian government that offers data on land records. According to their recent Information, the 7/12 extract and other land documents are now accessible on their website. It is fantastic news for Indian people who require access to these records.   

You may now view land records if you’re an Indian citizen by going to the Mahabulekh website. The 7/12 extract and other land data are now accessible for download on the website, according to a recent announcement by the Indian government. 

The procedures below can be used to get the 7/12 extract as well as another land registry from the Mahabulekh website: 

  1.  Choose your state from the drop-down option on the Mahabulekh website. 
  1. Fill out the fields with your district, taluka, or village information. 
  1. Press the “Submit” key. 
  1. A list of all the land registries that are accessible for download may be found on the following page. Click the “Download” button after choosing the one you want. 
  1. Print off the PDF file on your computer and save it for later use. 

What is Bhumi Abhilekh? 

All land documents are included in land records. It comprises all the Information on the building or piece of land, such as land rights, registration, a registry of crop inspections, Information on the property’s owner, etc. 

In several Indian states, land records also are known by other names. Similar to Suspension or expulsion, Khatauni, Bhulekh, Bhulekhlekh, Hor, Mahabhulekh 7/12, Patta Chitta, and ROR (Records of Rights), sometimes known as TRC. 

In plain English, a land register is a formal document that comprises documents for the registration of land, a record of rights, a log for crop inspections, tenancy, a record for contested cases, a register for mutations, etc. It includes all the data about the property and land. 

Features of Maha Bhulekh: 

You may obtain comprehensive Information on any specific land online from this site. This means you can quickly purchase land using this site and get all relevant information while sitting at home with just one click. In the sections below, let us go through each feature in detail. 

  • You may view the land’s ownership information on this portal. 
  • To prevent unauthorized land occupancy, this gateway has been kept open. 
  • You will learn about mortgages, leases, stay orders, and other topics. 
  • It is utilized to understand a piece of land before purchasing it entirely. 
  • You will learn more about the land region using this. 

What is the URL for the brand-new Mahabhulekh Maharashtra website? 

Land records were previously accessible via However, this has now changed. The location of this online gateway has lately altered. As of right now, you may view land titles on the new website 

How can I get the online versions of Maharashtra Land Records 7/12 & 8A? 

You may access your land’s 7/12 and 8A records online and other Information on the new Bhulekh Mahabhumi web interface. You may access the land records by choosing your district, taluka, & village under the Land Records section. 

Maharashtra Bhulekh 8A Check Online 

The procedures listed below will make it simple to view your Mahabhulekh 8a online if you wish to check 8a online using this site. 

  • Visit the organization’s official website first. Next, choose Nivda as your department from the list on the right, and then click “Go.” 

Then you need to choose “8a” or 8a in this box. Next, select your District, Taluka, & Village from the list below. 

  • The alternatives continue to be many below. You may locate your Bhulekh, for instance, by survey number, initial name, last name, and complete name. 

How To Verify 8A? 

Small company owners understand how crucial it is to become 8A certified. Government contracts and other chances that might expand your firm require verification. 

We will guide you through the procedure of obtaining a verified on 8A in this part. To ensure that everything goes as well as possible, we’ll offer advice regarding what to do and not to do. Let’s get going! 

Making a profile on the 8A website is the first stage in becoming verified on the service. After creating an account, you must enter basic details about your company, like your business, address, and contact details. 

Additionally, you will be required to attach records that attest to the size of your company, like your most current tax form or payroll statement. A representative of the 8A team will check this Information after you’ve submitted it. 

You will receive a login and password if your application is accepted, which you may use to access the 8A website. Next, you may access the online registration system and start working on your application from there. 

You must provide correct and genuine answers to all of the questions on the online application system, which will guide you through each stage of the procedure. 

The business plan is among the most crucial components of the application process. Your business plan should describe your company’s goals, objectives, and winning tactics. 

Your target demographic, marketing plan, and financial predictions should be included. The 8A team will use your business plan to determine whether or not your firm is prepared to participate in the 8A program. 

A team of specialists will examine your application after you’ve submitted it. You will be informed and given guidance on how to continue if your application is granted. 

How To Remove 8A Online? 8A form online

The 8A Removal Tool is a program that will be used as the first technique we’ll talk about. The purpose of this software is to delete 8A online from your computer. It will search your computer for every file and registry entry connected to 8A online before deleting them. The most efficient way to get rid of 8A online is this. However, it can take some time. 

You may attempt manually deleting 8A online if you don’t want to employ a removal program. You may do this by choosing “Add or Remove Programs” from the “Control Panel” after navigating there. 

Utilizing a tool called “SpyHunter” is the final strategy we’ll cover. Using the application SpyHunter, you may find and delete all of the files & registry entries connected to 8A online from your computer. The most efficient way to get rid of 8A online is this. However, it can take some time.   

You may delete 8A from websites using one of these three techniques. Try one of the following techniques if you’re having problems deleting 8A online. Remember that using a removal program is the best approach to remove 8A from the internet. 

However, you can attempt the other two techniques if you don’t want to utilise a removal tool. Whichever approach you use, carefully follow the directions to avoid unintentionally erasing any crucial computer information. 

Mahabhulekh 7/12 Mutation Entry Procedure 

If you wish to change the layout of your land, you may do it right now using an internet platform very quickly. Before, you had to spend many hours in the government office to complete this; now, you can do it quickly and effortlessly from home. 

  • To do this, you must visit the Public Data Input for Property Registration & Mutation official website. 
  • You will then arrive at the homepage. Scroll down and select the “Proceed to Login” button below. 
  • The login screen will then appear ahead of you. You must log in to this by providing a captcha code, your username, and your password. You must first register if you aren’t already registered. 
  • The next step is to select the Mahabhulekh 7/12 mutation option. 
  • You must now choose your role. 
  • You may make any entry you wish to make in the land record after choosing the roll. 
  • Once you’ve filled out all the fields, click the submit button. You cannot change anything to the form after submitting it, so keep that in mind. 

What Is Property Card Verification? 

Verifying a property card’s existence for a specific address is called property card verification. This is significant since a property card serves as the legal proof of purchase of a particular property. Establishing a property owner without a property card may be challenging. 

How Do You Verify A Property Card? 

You may check a property card in several different ways. The local land register office can be contacted most systematically. If a property card is available for the requested address, they will be able to let you know. 

Searching for the address on the national land registration website is another approach to confirm the Information on a property card. All of the country’s registered property cards are available on this website. 

Finally, you can speak with a conveyancer or solicitor who focuses on property law. They’ll be able to check the land registration on your behalf & determine whether or not the address has a property card. 

Why Is It Important To Verify A Property Card? 

Verifying a property card is crucial for several reasons. First, as we already discussed, a property card serves as legal evidence of property ownership. This implies that it may be challenging to demonstrate the property’s right without a property card. 

Second, if you want to receive a mortgage to buy a house, you must have a property card. When a buyer does not have a title card for the home they are purchasing, lenders will not give them money. 

Finally, if you are selling your home, it is crucial to confirm a property card. This is so that they can verify that you are the land owner before they submit an offer. They can be hesitant to acquire the property if you can’t give them a property card. 

How Can Property Card Verification Help You? 

You may benefit from Property Card Verification in a variety of ways. First, as we already indicated, we can assist you in determining whether a property card is present for a specific location. This is crucial if you’re attempting to secure a mortgage or verify your ownership of a piece of property. 

Secondly, if a property card is available for the address, we may assist you in getting a copy. This might be helpful if you’re selling a home and need to show prospective purchasers evidence of ownership. 

How To Check Payment Status? 

You may access Indian property land records on Mahabhulekh, an internet platform. For landowners & real estate experts, it is a beneficial tool. This post will go through all the available methods for checking the payment on Mahabhulekh. Remain tuned! 

The first step is to log in to the application and visit the “My Account” tab on Mahabhulekh to verify the status of your payments. The “Payment Status” feature may be found on this page. 

All of the contributions that you have paid to Mahabhulekh are listed here for your convenience. It is an excellent method to monitor your payments and ensures they are all current. 

The “Payment History” page is the second place on Mahabhulekh where you may check the progress of your payments. You may view a list of all the charges you’ve made to Mahabhulekh on this page. 

If you have any payments that you haven’t yet received, you can check this page. You can ask Mahabhulekh customer care about any prices you see and think you should have received. 

Making a phone call to the customer support line is the third approach to verify your payment status on Mahabhulekh. This number is accessible every day of the week, round-the-clock. You may talk with a customer care agent who can assist you in finding out the progress of your payment when you dial this number. 

Users can see several methods for determining the payment status of Mahabhulekh. They can utilize any of these techniques to ensure your current payments. 

Users may always contact Mahabhulekh customer care if they have any queries regarding the payment procedure or need assistance verifying their payment status. They will be delighted to help you. 

Mahabhulekh Mobile App 

On the app store, you may discover a variety of programs that make the pretension to be the bulk app. Many people have downloaded some of these apps. It indicates that people are still searching for property records using these applications. In reality, though, these applications are not legitimate ones. This suggests that the government did not create them.

Therefore, everyone should avoid using these deceptive phony programs. Because using such applications can seriously jeopardize your privacy. Most of the time, the government just posts a link to its official app on its website. However, as the website does not have such a link, you should avoid it. To prevent any enemies, you should always utilise the government’s official website for any official. 


Mahabhulekh is a very excellent platform for regular folks. Because they allow users to access Information from any internet-connected device, these portals boost the availability of services to individuals. We tried to provide all relevant and valuable Information about this portal on this page. If you enjoy the helpful content we create for this website, please tell your friends about it because it keeps us inspired to offer more insightful posts like this.