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People below the poverty line are granted ration cards as necessary documents that give them a monthly ration. Low-income residents in the state are given access to it. The service enables consumers to apply for and view the Maha food ration card list. Learn everything about Mahafood Ration card Maharashtra.

The Maharashtra Department of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Protection is accepting applications again for Maharashtra Smart Ration Card 2022. People can then apply for smart rations to use the state government’s many online (digital) services. As a result, interested applicants may submit an online application for a Fresh Ration Card in Maharashtra via the website mahafood.gov.in. 

The modern Digital ration card includes the full name, address, and head of the family’s picture. Additionally, this ration card retains other relatives’ information and consists of a bar code. Through the official website, people may verify their name on the Maharashtra Ration List 2022 and monitor the progress of their application. 

Things you need to know about Ration Card Maharashtra 

Are you a citizen of the state of Maharashtra looking to buy necessities at discounted prices? If you are a citizen of Maharashtra wishing to do so, you must understand everything concerning Ration Card Maharashtra. Getting a ration card entails completing a process and meeting specific eligibility requirements. So, we’ve listed all the vital information concerning Maharashtra’s ration card program that you should be aware of. Here are several examples: 

Ration Card Maharashtra List Check – Maha Food 

The state government created the web platform RCMS Maharashtra as part of the maha food initiative. You may verify your RC information online after applying for a ration card in Maharashtra by following the steps provided on the Omaha food gov page. You may carry out several things online using the ration card number. This article has described verifying the Maharashtra ration card lists using the most current 2022 database. 

To access the list of holders of a Maha food ration card, perform these steps: 

Visit the state’s department of food, civil supplies, and consumer protection website (www.mahafood.gov.in

  1. On the home page, look for the internet service area.   
Ration Card Maharashtra List Check – Maha Food 
Source: www.mahafood.gov.in 
  1. To get to the online FPS screen, click the “Online Fair Price Shops” link on the homepage. 
  2. The candidate is sent to the website for the Aadhaar-enabled public distribution system by clicking AePDS- All Districts. 
Ration Card Maharashtra List Check – Maha Food 
Source: www.mahafood.gov.in 
  1.   Select the RC Details link on the left side of the page. 
  2.   See the Maharashtra ration card list by entering the ration card number & clicking “Submit.” 

Maharashtra ration card: Eligibility 

  • Physicians, attorneys, architects, and chartered accountants are not permitted to be family members. 
  • Family members are not permitted to be GST, income, professionals, or other taxpaying entities.
  • The family should not own a home phone and a four-wheeled vehicle. 
  • The family shall not possess more than two hectares of land supplied by rainfall, one hectare of partially irrigated land, or half a hectare of irrigated property. 
  • All Vidi employees and Pardhi and Kolhati members will temporarily receive BPL Ration Cards from the government. 

What are the different types of ration cards in Maharashtra? 

 The Controller of Rationing and the Director of Civil Supplies of the Maharashtra government offer eight types of ration cards. Following are the several Ration Card Maharashtra types: 

Yellow ration cards: 

These are intended for households with yearly incomes of slightly more than Rs 15,000. None of the family members must be a doctor, lawyer, tax accountant, or architect to qualify for this ration card. Additionally, a household shouldn’t own a four-wheeler or a residential phone. Further, family members must not be income or professional. Additionally, family members must not be income-tax officers or professionals. 

Saffron Ration Card: 

Only a household with a yearly income of between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 1 lakh is qualified to own a saffron ration card. Each member of the family shouldn’t drive a four-wheeled car. Additionally, the household must have at least four hectares of irrigated land. 

White Ration Card: 

Families with a yearly income of Rs. 1 lakh, a four-wheeler, or four hectares or more of irrigated land are eligible for the White Ration Card. 

Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY):

 The Antyodaya Anna Yojana, often known as the AAY ration card, provides food grains to the state’s poorest residents. The ration card is provided to 9316 individuals under this program. 

Extended First Extension of Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY): 

The Government of India expanded the AAY to include beneficiaries in the state who earn more than Rs 5.011 lakhs annually. Individuals who are 60 years or older and terminally sick are essentially qualified. To give the primitive tribal housing significant consideration, the AAY was established. The Mumbai Rationing Zone has provided 3960 ration cards to participants in this scheme. 

 A second extension of the Antyodaya Anna Yojana:

This is offered to families with an annual income of Rs. 4.81 lakhs by the Government of India. They include slum dwellers, marginal farmers, landless agricultural labourers, weavers, tanners, carpenters, blacksmiths, and artisans. The participants of the AAY program, which has been extended a second time, have received 3694 ration cards from the Mumbai Rationing Area by the guideline above. 

 The third extension of the Antyodaya Anna Yojana:

It is being implemented by the Indian government to raise the number of beneficiaries in Maharashtra to 52150. But more crucially, those with leprosy or HIV/AIDS are granted preferential distribution of this AAY ration card. 

Annapurna Scheme:

This wholly-funded program provides around 10 kg of food grains to needy seniors 65 and over each month. To be eligible for this program, the individual must be a beneficiary of the National Old Age and State Pension Scheme. 

Eligibility criteria for New Ration Card in Maharashtra 

Here are the requirements that households must fulfil to be eligible to register for and get a ration card from the Maharashtra government. 

  • An applicant for this card must be a native of Maharashtra. 
  • Applicants should not have another ration card, identical cards, or participation in state government programs. 
  • To be eligible to register for this card, applicants must fulfil the requirements for APL, BPL, or AAY. 

An essential document for Maharastra Document  

You must present these mandatory documents to apply for a Maharashtra government-issued ration card. 

  1. Pan card, Aadhar card 
  2. gasoline supply 
  3. mobile phone 
  4. bank’s income certificate passbook 

Food Department Maharashtra – New Ration Card Apply Form 

The applicant must take the following actions to qualify for a ration card: 

  1. Visit the Maharashtra Department of Food, Civil Supplies, & Consumer Protection’s official website (www.mahafood.gov.in).
Food Department Maharashtra – New Ration Card Apply Form 
Source: www.mahafood.gov.i
  • On the left side of the page, select the download link. 
  • To access and download the form, click on the link for the “Application for New Ration Card.” 
Food Department Maharashtra – New Ration Card Apply Form 
Source: www.mahafood.gov.in 
  • Candidates must obtain the application and complete it by accurately inputting the necessary information.  
  • Candidates must include the supporting documentation while submitting their application for processing the ration card request. When submitting the form, you must attach an Rs. 2 court stamp. 
  • The completed form must be sent to the relevant department. 

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  • The offline application that is carried out for the ration card must be submitted. Although there is a link to submit an online ration card application, it is b. 
  • Only the official portal’s application form may be downloaded and printed by applicants who qualify for the card. 
  • Only Maharashtrian citizens may apply for this card. 
  • The petition must be completed and promptly sent to the appropriate department personnel and all necessary supporting documentation for processing. 
  • Incomplete paperwork or application forms will be rejected. 
  • Only the office closest to the applicant’s town or jurisdiction may receive the application form. 
  • The candidate will receive an acknowledgement receipt after submitting the form to the appropriate official, which they must safeguard until the ration card is provided so they can verify their name is listed on mahafood.gov.in. 

Can we download ration cards online in Maharashtra? 

Yes, you may get your Maharashtra Ration Card online. The Maharashtra government has created the official website mahafood.gov.in for this purpose. You must click the link to access the page https://rcms.mahafood.gov.in/ within this website. 

You must do the following actions if you want to download a Ration Card: 

  • To fill out and submit the ratio card form, go to the Maharashtra Food, Civil Supplies, & Consumer Protection government website. 
Can we download ration cards online in Maharashtra? 
Source: mahafood.gov.in
  • You can click the download button on the left-hand side to continue downloading Form No. 14. 
  • The form must then be printed and filled out correctly. 
Can we download ration cards online in Maharashtra? 
Source: mahafood.gov.in
  • Send it to the department, please. 

Ration Card Maharashtra Check Benefits 

  • By the National Food Security Act, the Maharashtra government provides food commodities, such as rice, sugar, wheat, soap, coarse grains, kerosene, and others, at a subsidized rate. Ration cards will serve as an identity cards for state residents. 
  • The state’s citizens may be nourished with wholesome food by purchasing the ration at an affordable price. 
  • Ration card applicants can get the new ration card from the official website, which is listed according to their name and district. 
  • People who have APL or BPL cards may obtain rations for a reasonable price and live contentedly. Additionally, it lessens the financial strain that is placed on them. 
  • The government doesn’t charge anyone a fee to apply for a ration card. 

What is the APL Card? 

During the lockdown brought on by the epidemic in 2020, the Maharashtra government introduced the APL or Above the Poverty Line Card for families living above the poverty line. The family’s yearly income for those with saffron cards must be between Rs. 10,000 and Rs20000. The rules established by Ration Card Maharashtra Food, Civil Supplies, & Consumer Protection Department also receive 20 kg of wheat for Rs 2 per kg and 15 kg at Rs 3 per kg. 

How can I get an intelligent ration card in Maharashtra? 

In Maharashtra, there is a process you must go through to obtain an intelligent ration card. The process entails the following three steps: 

  • Visit the Maharashtra Government Food, Public Supplies, & Consumer Protection Department’s official website by clicking the link: http://mahafood.gov.in/website/marathi/home.aspx
  • The next step is for the applicant to press the download link on the website’s home page. 
  • Finally, after clicking the link, a form will appear that you must fill out and submit. 

How can I check my ration card online? 

You need to perform the following to check the status of your Maharashtra Ration Card online. These are what they are: 

  1. As your initial action, you must go to the official website, mahafood.gov.in. 
  2. On the webpage, you may locate a link to check the status of your ration card. 
  3. To check the status, select that option. 
  4. You will get all the details you want on the status of your ration card upon clicking. 
  5. The option to download and save your status card is available. If you would like, you may also take a printout of the status of your ration card. 

How can I add my child’s name to the ration card online? 

You must complete specific steps to add your child’s name to the Ration Card Maharashtra online database. These are what they are: 

  1. Visit the website at http://mahafood.gov.in/website/marathi/home.aspx to get started. And choose it. 
  2. Second, if you don’t already have one, make one for yourself. 
  3. You may add the name of any family member, including your child, using the option on the website. 
  4. Fill out the website’s form with the requested information. Giving inaccurate information might result in your application being rejected.

Maharashtra ration card: How to verify 

All residents of Maharashtra must adhere to the following steps to validate the information on their ration cards: 

  • You must first visit the official website of the Maharashtra Food & Civil Supplies Department. The home page will load after that. 
  • Choose the Internet Fair Price Shops option from the Online Services box on the website’s front page. 
Maharashtra ration card: How to verify 
Source: mahafood.gov.in
  • A new page will then display; you must choose AePDS – All Details on this page. Your browser will now open a new page. 
  • Next, choose RC Details; a new page will display in front of you. 
  • You will notice a box on this website where you must input and submit the number from your ration card. 

The Maharashtra rations card online information page will show up as soon as you click. 

How can I update my ration card to an Aadhar card? 

You may indeed link your offline and online ration card information for Maharashtra to your Aadhar card. There are, however, a few procedures you must adhere to. These are what they are: 


Step 1: Visit a PDS centre or ration store as the  

Step 2: Bring photocopies of each member of your family’s Aadhar card and ration card. Carry a picture of the family’s patriarch as well. 

Step 3: You must also provide your bank passbook if your bank account is not connected to your Aadhar card. 

Now Step 4: Present all these papers with a copy of the Aadhar Card at the PDS office or ration store. 

Step 5: For the first time, the ration store or PDS centre employee may request your fingerprints for Aadhar authentication. 


Step 1: Go to the Maharashtra PDS portal’s official website first. 

How can I update my ration card to an Aadhar card? 
Source: www.india.gov.in

Step 2: Double-check the ration card number you entered. 

Now Step 3: Enter your Aadhar number in  

Step 4: Fill in your registered mobile number in  

Step 5: To continue, press the continue/to submit button. 

6th Step: Your registered mobile will receive an OTP. 

Step 7: Enter the OTP to request the Aadhar link for the ration card. 

Know Your Ration Entitlement 

  • First, go to the ration card’s official website. 
  • This will take you to the website’s home page.  
  • You must click the link to the online RC management system on this page. 
  • You will reach a new page after doing so. 
  • After that, you must select the Allotment option and click the Get Your Ration Entitlement button. 
  • After doing so, input the captcha code on the screen and select the “verify” option. 
  • Fill out the application form with further information. 
  • Then select the search option. 
  • The report will appear on the screen of your smartphone. 

Submit Grievance 

  • First, go to the ration card’s official website. 
  • This will take you to the website’s home page. 
  • You must click the link to the online RC management system on this page. 
  • You will reach a new page after doing so. 
  • The next step is to choose the Online Grievance option. 
  • You will get a new page after doing so. 
  • On the screen, a registration form will appear. 
  • Enter the information that has to be filled out on the application. 
  • Click the submit button now. 
  • This makes it simple for you to file a complaint online. 

Maharashtra ration card: Advantages 

  • Maharashtra accepts the Maharashtra ration card as a form of identity. 
  • The Maharashtra ration card is a means by which members of the Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes can acquire reservations. 
  • The APL & BPL list in Maharashtra for the Maharashtra ration card program enables the state’s residents to purchase food items at low prices. 
  • All Maharashtra ration card members are eligible for free or heavily discounted access to food items, including rice, wheat, sugar, kerosene, sesame, and other basic staples. 
  • Candidates for Maharashtra ration cards may now view the revised Maharashtra ration card list and district name-based ration card listings by visiting the official website. 


To encourage the state’s digitization, the Maharashtra government has developed mahafood.gov.in. In 2020, all ration cards for state citizens will be converted to digital versions. Additionally, the Maharashtra government has set up a separate website to make it easier for people to switch from traditional ration cards to digital ones. Additionally, ration cards have several advantages, and there are other types as well.