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When they say “first impression leaves a forever mark,” you know the entrance to a house will make the magic happen.

The front door, the very first point of contact between your interiors and the outside world, is a great place to start your design process when setting the atmosphere and character of a villa. There are many aspects to selecting the correct main door design ideas for your beautiful house.

It can define the theme of your interior and give a peek into your aesthetic taste. And when your home uniquely stands out, you know you’ve done the job. Here are some great ideas to kickstart the main door hunt for your personal space.

Also, get inspired by the best teak wooden main door design ideas!

20 Main Door Design Ideas 2023

1. Custom Frost Glass Doors

Custom Frost Glass Doors
Source: Vicky Varotariya / Shutterstock

One of the best main door design ideas, these glass doors come with frost designs that can be customized to your taste. Combine frames with frames that match the theme of your house.

The frosted glass takes care of the privacy while letting the right amount of sunlight in, filling the house with fresh and lively energy. The best option for apartments and office owners.

2. Multi-Panel Wooden Doors

multi-panel main door design
Source: Mitchell Luo / Pexels

Panel doors have been popular in the market for quite some time because of their simple yet robust appearance. Adding the panel’s placements in materials like glass with ease has contributed to their popularity.

Outdoor plants and other accessories around multi-panel wooden doors can create the right impression.

3. 3d Wooden Block Art Doors

3D Wooden Block Art Doors
Source: Henry & Co / Pexels

The front door is where you start to give a house a natural feel. Art is everywhere; you can showcase it perfectly with these 3d wooden block doors.

Carved in a simple square shape, every 3d wooden door looks artistic and unique. The big metal handle fits and adds to the grandeur of the door.  These doors can be expensive, but the 3D isolated brick door design will give your house a distinctive look.

4. Antique Indian Style Wooden Doors

Antique Indian Style Wooden Doors
Source: Paper Street Design / Shutterstock

Ethnicity and culture add warmth to any design. Main doors are no exception.

These beautiful antique Indian-style doors will take you back to our rich ancestral history while maintaining elegance for your Villa or Bungalow. Complimenting the wooden colour pallet, those little metal bids in gold and bronze add coherence to the entire design.

For years, the world has loved intricate Indian design ideas. Your visitors will be impressed by the main entrance’s elaborate antique.

5. Old Greek Doors

Old Greek main door design
Source: S.Borisov / Shutterstock

Greek doors were originally blue because of the cleaning agent called ”loulaki,”. It was readily available in each household and was the one that created the blue colour. It later became the identity for Greek doors.

Beautifully arranged with white colour and an elegant grill design, this door proves to be a work of art. The pop of blue colour will make your entrance stand out from any other house!

6. Metal Grill Work Doors

metal grill main door design
Source: Esranur Kalay / Pexels

If you want to give your home a royal look, there is nothing better than having a beautiful grillwork entrance. It is indeed one of the best main door design ideas.

A grand grillwork door will make your house look like a personal palace! These grill work doors come in multiple colour options. Hundreds of designs are available, each offering a unique design. You have the liberty to get them customized and create the one that fits your vibe perfectly. 

7. Herringbone Pattern Door Design

heringbone main door design
Source: Waldemar Brandt / Pexels

An arrangement of rectangles used for floor tilings and road paving is called a herringbone pattern because it is thought to resemble the bones of a herring.

For city vacation houses, a herringbone door pattern is a popular main door design ideas option. This specific pattern creates a minimal yet rich look that catches many eyes. Add the herringbone pattern to a floating wooden door on the front door to give your house a more opulent appearance.

8. Moroccan Style Main Door Designs

Moroccan style door design
Source: Piotr Arnoldes / Pexels

A recent development in interior design, the Moroccan style originates in both Moroccan and Moorish architecture.

Moroccan doors often include geometrical Jewish and Moorish motifs that reflect centuries of history.

Your home will undoubtedly have a romantic feel with this door. Moroccan doors are a photographer’s paradise since you should be prepared for visitors and bystanders to stop and take pictures outside of this piece of art that serves as your front door.

9. Double Panelled Modern Main Door

Two wooden panels make up these doors, and a centre rail or stile divides the frame into two sections. You have the opportunity to choose the theme and appearance of double doors, thanks to the diversity of designs and material choices available.

These doors provide a spacious entry and are a simple way to add magnificence to your home.

10. Carved Wooden Door Designs

Carved Wooden Door design
Source: JOAT / Shutterstock

Entrance doors with carvings are elegant, striking, attractive, and sophisticated. They frequently make the perfect balancing act for your villa’s architectural elements. It’s enough of a reason not to settle for standard or uninspiring doors when your front entrance may instead make you rejoice.

A skilled artist or door constructor is usually needed for intricately carved wooden doors.

Standing by any one specialist might help you realize your unique idea for a home’s main door design and bring it to life.

11. Stained Glass Door Designs

Stained Glass Door Design
Source: JSvideos / Shutterstock

Stained glass artwork is a simple way to bring life to a wooden door. In the arts, stained glass is coloured glass used to create ornamental windows and other light-through objects.

It guarantees privacy while allowing the lovely coloured light to run through them, illuminating the area. These main door design ideas are extremely popular among people who enjoy art and aristocracy, demonstrating how to bring significant value to any interior decoration.

12. A Living Main Entrance Design

Having a living door is an innovative idea that will make your front entrance stand out and establish you as a trendsetter. This makes it possible for you to have a green area wherever you look in the city. The presence of plants and other greenery throughout the house gives it a lively, airy feel.

A living door is the same as a living wall, except it is a door rather than a wall. You have undoubtedly seen live walls with trees growing out of pots. Anytime visitors arrive, they will undoubtedly receive a warm greeting thanks to this entrancing style!

13. Wooden Sliding Door Designs

Wooden Sliding Door Design
Source: denisik11 / Shutterstock

Sliding doors must be used in any area that needs a sizable entrance, such as a closet or a back patio. These doors are a great choice as they are functional and aesthetically welcoming. If you aim to appear minimalist and clean-lined, you should consider this.  

Sliding doors offer more than only compact and light; durable & long-lasting. They are also waterproof, a great feature that generally lengthens their lifespan.

As you slide through these doors, you will feel like you are in a movie.

14. Metal Front Door Designs

Having a metal door is a recent trend that has been observed in the market. These offer lovely ideas and designs that make your entryway feel opulent and electrifying. When it comes to these, there are a few metal choices that guarantee the doors won’t be challenging to operate.

Because it is simple to make attractive designs with brass and because metal has a warm, opulent appearance, brass is often used. Antique brass’s dark tones make for a beautiful contrast that is pleasing to the eye.

If you enjoy art, having this entryway would be a terrific opportunity to show off your exquisite taste.

15. Modern Colourful Front Door Designs

Colourful Front Door Design
Source: Imran Khan’s Photography / Shutterstock

Having the main entrance door with a splash of vibrant colour is a crazy way to make your home stand out. This front door style draws a lot of attention because it is the centre of attention!

These are available in a variety of patterns and colours. With this kind of door, you may let your creativity go wild and create anything from the minimal to the contemporary, pop art-inspired, or something with modern art.

16. Warli Art-Inspired Door Designs

In all honesty, this is the Indian main door design that homeowners prefer the most! What’s lovely is how this striking metal grillwork with a Warli-themed design can give a plain, wooden door a personality boost.

This front door design for Indian homes is fantastic since it aims to balance contemporary and traditional main door styles. As the light passes through the metal warli design, it casts a lovely shadow of the same ground-level artwork, lending the entire area a sense of magic.

17. French Door Designs

French Main Door Design
Source: Elena Elisseeva / Pexels

French doors are a cheap way to enhance the aesthetical appearance of your entrance. Moreover, they will enhance the space with abundant natural warmth.

These double doors will draw attention because of their striking appearance. The home’s main entrance doors are therefore hinged and offer openings from both sides, offering miles-long views and ample natural light.

The extra touch of glass added to this door style helps prevents cool air from moving out of your home through the entrance during the warmer months. Placing various glazing layers on the windows is also feasible to reduce energy costs.

18. Old Classic Door Designs With A Modern Twist

classic main door design
Source: AaDil / Pexels

Such a timeless style will always be in fashion. But what’s the twist? I assume you’re asking.

This type of metal door is intended to be heavy. However, it is no more. This door was created using liquid metal coatings, making it extremely lightweight and cost-effective.

You can play around with different designs for these doors. And because of their liquid metal finish, some metal choices are also available. This accentuates the cultural and royal vibe with its lovely gold lustre.

19. Multi-Panel Wooden Door Designs

Large expanses of glass divided into multiple panels allow natural warm light to stream into space. It creates a solid connection to the outer weather, which could reduce stress and improve health.

During pleasant weather surroundings, it’s apparent how seamlessly patios, decks, and garden rooms flow into internal living spaces. This expanded usable space raises a property’s value and, in some cases, may prove its worth.

This entryway will undoubtedly make your room open, tranquil, or lively.

20. Sidelight Wooden Door Designs

Sidelight wooden Door design
Source: Jason Finn / Shutterstock

Sidelights are vertical windows placed on each side of a front door. Any door option can be fitted with a single colossal window that spans the entire surface or a collection of attached small windows. The property is advantaged by having sidelights both architecturally and operationally.

They visually enhance the usual doors. By letting in natural warm light from outside, these home entrance door designs can minimize your reliance on electrical lighting in the hall. They can also be utilized to quickly check for visitors.

If you are worried about privacy, sidelights can be installed with frosted, textured or stained glass rather than clear glass.