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The front entrance or main door design of your house is essential to your home. This is the first thing guests see when they enter your establishment and the last thing they know before leaving while they depart.

A wide array of main door design options are available for homes nowadays. There are various front door ideas general, ranging from single-panelled, straightforward designs to more elaborate concepts with double doors. When deciding on a plan for the primary entrance to your building and the appearance of the outside façade, what is the overarching idea of the space is. All factors should be considered whether or not it complies with Vastu principles and so on.

We have compiled a list of 15 of the most popular main door designs for homes to make it easier for you to decide.

Main door design
Source: Image by Paolo Trabattoni from Pixabay

1. Construction of the Main Door from Solid Wood

A central door made of solid wood is the ideal choice for any home, whether it be an apartment, an independent house, or even a bungalow design. It always delivers, and it does so in spectacular fashion.

Because of its stability and resilience, solid wood is an excellent material for the construction of entrance doors. It is well recognized to survive the test of weather, such as storms and heavy rain, and it can withstand serious bashing. Back in the day, solid wood was considered a fantastic choice for the house’s front door because it could put up a tough fight against thieves. This made it a popular option for front doors.

Construction of the Main Door from Solid Wood
Source: ESB Professional / Shutterstock

Some of the most beautiful and durable wood used in constructing front doors for homes are red oak, mahogany, white pine, cedar, and cherry wood. As seen in the image to the right, these designs are simple and trendy, and the best thing is that the woods used in them have a propensity to remain in good condition for at least 20 to 60 years with just minor and relatively modest maintenance.

2. Custom House Front Door with Brass Accents

The design of a brass main door screams elegance and panache, and it is best suited for houses that are more in the style of villas or bungalows. What else would you anticipate from a hulking metal structure standing at the front door of your home!?

Brass is a metal considered excellent and durable for use in the design of main doors for homes. This is because brass is fireproof and resistant to rust, requiring very little maintenance.

Custom House Front Door with Brass Accents
Source: Photo by Austin Loveing on Unsplash

As the image demonstrates, brass doors can be fashioned into a wide variety of eye-catching patterns and complement imaginative and sophisticated interiors and exteriors. These doors stand out not just due to their one-of-a-kind appearance and distinctive design (or lack thereof) but also because they are utilized to depict riches and strength symbolically.

3. Decoration for a House with a Black Front Door

Decoration for a House with a Black Front Door
Source: Photo by Aubrey Odom-Mabey on Unsplash

Black is a color associated with power, and it is also a color associated with strength. A central door that is black is a sign of refinement as well as authority in a building. You may go with black for the color of the main entrance in your home and take some cues from the picture displayed above. This composition is understated yet elegant.

According to feng shui, having a black main door design for your home is advantageous because black is believed to collect positive energy and bring it inside a house. This is especially important to keep in mind for entrances that face the north. Black should be the color of choice for anyone who wants to exude dominance and authority in all aspects of life.

4. Front Door Inspired by Traditional Dutch Doors

Front Door Inspired by Traditional Dutch Doors
Source: Photo by isabel garger on Unsplash

If you are seeking a primary door design for your home that is useful and fashionable, you need not look any further; the practical and highly stylish dutch door is perfect for you. As seen in the image displayed above, the duct door comprises two separate sections, each of which has its lock.

These doors first appeared in England, where they quickly proved to be the optimal answer for locals who desired to let more light and fresh air into their houses. In addition to assisting with ventilation, they effectively prevented snakes, insects, and other unwanted guests from entering the building.

The fact that they were commonly found in Dutch Colonial dwellings in the countryside is where the term “Dutch Door” originates.

5. Entry Door with Glass Panels for Modern Home

Entry Door with Glass Panels for Modern Home
Source: Photo by Alex Perz on Unsplash

Consider the use of glass and the many different applications it might have. The glass or glass panelled main door is a super chic and expressive design that invites compliments. It is best suited for apartment homes or flats—the practical side to consider.

You should select frosted or reed glass for the primary entrance door. They permit the light from the exterior to penetrate the interior space while preserving the user’s privacy. In addition, there are many other styles available for you to pick from, such as a primary door design made of engineered wood that has a slim panel.

Or, you could draw inspiration from the picture displayed above and build a structure with asymmetrical reed glass that fits comfortably between interlocking oak wood overlays – it would be genuinely gorgeous!

6. Antique Rajasthani Main Door Design

Antique Rajasthani Main Door Design
Source: Photo by siddhita upare on Unsplash

There is something adorably charming about the traditional front door design in Rajasthani homes. It is one of a kind, not only in its complexity but also in the amount of thinking that went into it. The Indian state of Rajasthan is known as the “Land of Princes and Kings.” In days gone by, when war was a typical occurrence in the area, these doors were considered one of the most dependable defences for their respective proprietors.

You can see that a sturdy timber frame has metal spikes in panels from top to bottom in the photograph that was just shared with you. This was very helpful, as it was explicitly created to frighten away elephants on the loose and cause mayhem.

It’s pretty fascinating. Even if we might not require these doors for their ultimate defence in conflicts nowadays, the beauty of these doors still has the power to enchant them. They make ideal main doors for homes with an old feel to them.

7. Architectural Concepts for a Home’s Front Door in Green 

Architectural Concepts for a Home's Front Door in Green
Source: Photo by João Ferrão on Unsplash

If you want to attract prosperity and abundance into your life, consider replacing your present entrance with a primary door design that features a green colour. When you paint the front door of your home green, according to those who specialise in feng shui, you welcome love into your life, and encourage abundance for everyone in the house. Also, invite many possibilities to make money in your life.

Green is associated with various positive emotions, including wealth, success, and plenty. It is a hue that conveys the idea of fresh beginnings. There is a wide range of green tones available for your selection. If your sense of design is more understated, choose a sage green shade like the one above.

On the other hand, if you prefer to draw attention to yourself, we recommend going with a darker shade of green, such as an emerald or groovy green.

8. Main Door Design for Home with Ironwork

Main Door Design for Home with Ironwork
Source: Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

This front door design features a stunning combination of wood, iron, and glass and is typical of those found in country homes. You can see that a high-quality timber frame employs reflecting glass and an iron design that is welded together. This is to create an exquisite entry to your space by looking at the image that is located above. This look is attainable by working with several types of wood, such as mahogany, teak, or cherry wood, and you have the option of finishing it with either reed or reflecting glass.

The magnificent pattern created with the wrought iron originates from the Almera region in Spain sometime around 1600. Ever since that time, it has been utilised in a variety of designs, including designs for balcony railings and other structures.

9. Hand Carved Main Door Design

Hand Carved Main Door Design
Source: Photo by Samuel McGarrigle on Unsplash

The design of the main entrance constructed of solid wood already possesses a certain allure, but it may be made even more magnificent with the addition of hand carving. You can tell that the solid wood has been carved to absolute perfection because there are four panels and an impressive centre in the image displayed above. The studs and peacock motif seen in traditional Rajasthani design inspired the brass work complementing the design.

10. The Red Main Door Design

The Red Main Door Design
Source: Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

Regarding the front door design, the colour red is an impressive option. Red is a colour that commands attention in all nuances and tones, not just by itself. The presence of a red door, according to those trained in Feng Shui, is the most critical factor in determining whether or not a household will be blessed with wealth, happiness, and success (among other remedies).

Additionally, having a crimson pattern for your main door helps shield you from unfavourable energy—a requirement for residences that face south.

You can have a red door in various forms, such as a single wooden door with six panels. Add painted glass and an eye-catching light fixture to illuminate the entryway and round off the front’s aesthetic.

11. Decoration of House Front Door with Copper

Decoration of House Front Door with Copper
Source: Image by Kerttu from Pixabay

Like its brass counterpart, a copper main door design is a signifier of prosperity and plenty in the same way that brass is. These doors are excellent for upscale homes such as villas and mansions. The door that can be seen in the image that was just shown to you is the epitome of a gorgeous copper main door design. It has the most detailed pattern possible hand embossed into it and is a stardust design. The handling of the phrase contributes to the glitz and how!

Copper is an excellent metal to utilise for the design of a home’s primary entrance door. Since it is a dependable material that requires minimal maintenance throughout its lifetime. Compared to wood, it does not fracture or become misshapen due to exposure to the elements, making it an appealing option for people with significant pockets.

12. Main Door Style with Glass Panels in the Victorian Style

Main Door Style with Glass Panels in the Victorian Style
Source: Image by Stephanie Albert from Pixabay

The elaborate arrangement that gained favour in the 19th century, the Design of the Victorian glass main door with its intricate carvings and eye-catching architrave is challenging to overlook. This contemporary interpretation of a Victorian glass main door design features four panels with corresponding sidelights, as seen in the above image. Another characteristic derived from the Victorian glass-panelled Design is the utilisation of frosted glass.

It is stated that the owner was trying to show off their wealth by employing elaborate carvings on the architrave and making effective use of glass work (sometimes even painted glass in vivid colours).

13. Arched Main Door Design

Arched Main Door Design
Source: Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

An arched composition will help you acquire the style you want for your main door and many other benefits. If you want to make a statement with the Design of your main entrance. Take, for example, the method carved into the door’s wood in the image that is located above. It is an arched six-panel door made of solid dark wood; what a thing of beauty it is.

Choose a carving design that speaks to you and works within the architectural framework of the interior of your home. If you add some plants to the setting, you will have everything you need.

14. House with a Blue Front Door Design

House with a Blue Front Door
Source: Image by Addi Gibson from Pixabay

A blue door, a trend that will likely continue for some time, is a fantastic colour choice for the Design of the main entrance. Choose a shade of blue that appeals to your sense of style. All shades of blue, from cobalt to an admiral or berry blue, are breathtaking. Draw inspiration from the above image and position statement planters next to a blue-grey door. You will have something that everyone on the street will admire.

According to feng shui, a central door facing either the north or the west should have a blue colour scheme. The presence of a blue door facing either of these directions will usher in financial success.

15. Double Door major Design

Double Door major Design
Source: Image by Werner Weisser from Pixabay

The standard length for main gates based on the double door design, commonly known as double-leaf doors, is 46 inches. Homes with entrances designed with double doors exude an air of graciousness and elegance, giving off an impression of being hospitable.

Even though the form of the double door is most frequently found in front doors, these kinds of doors can also be employed in other types of larger rooms. The Design of twin doors can make a smaller room appear disproportionate and waste additional space if installed there.

Your home’s street attractiveness can be significantly improved by installing any appealing and stylish double-door style. Another advantage of twin doors is that they provide extra fantastic space. Which can be utilised to move vast pieces of furniture and other goods. Gates with a double door design let in more natural light and also have sidelights for this purpose.

Three Things to Think About Before Choosing a Front Door

1. Security: 

Do not let elaborate or eye-catching designs trick you. The method of your primary door should be able to fulfil its primary function: providing protection. There is always a “perfect main door design” for every home, and the first step to installing the main door starts with deciding on the perfect one. Which provides you and your family with the desired level of safety and protection. However, this is true regardless of the size of your home or the number of rooms it has.

2. Insulation and Energy Efficiency:

Insulation is an additional significant component that plays a role in deciding the door material you will choose in constructing your front door. Front doors constructed of steel or fibreglass give superior insulation against the elements to their wooden counterparts. This makes them a better choice for main gates. However, most heat is lost around the door rather than through it because of its draughty nature.

3. Curb Appeal:

A “great” front door design can set the home’s tone and enhance the property’s appeal.


This concludes our discussion on 15 of the most common entrance designs for homes, which was done to make the decision-making process simpler for you. Although the primary purpose of the door is to provide defence or protection from thieves and other dangers. Its appearance is also quite essential. 

We have provided you with some ideas regarding it here, and we expect that you will comprehend what we are trying to convey.