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Just like having a house to live in is important similarly the safety of your house is equally important. Main doors should always be given a preference while you are getting the interiors of your home done. Make sure the main door of your house is such that your family’s security is never at risk. Adding a door grill is an amazing idea when you are looking for additional security.

There are several main door grill designs wherein you can choose from and give your house a stylish makeover. The entrance if gorgeous tends to impress the guests as it is the first thing in your house that comes to anybody’s notice. Watch out for these beautiful designs.

1. The Heritage Grill

Even if your entire house is modern and chic, adding the touch of vintage to your main door design is sure to look good. A heritage-style grill door is a lovely idea for any house.

2. The Motif Grill

Source: kenary820 / shutterstock

Opting for grill designs that have beautiful motifs like leaves or flowers is as good as beautifying the entrance with decor pieces. This grill is perfect for people who love decorating their houses with art and decor pieces.

3. Add Greens

Adding greens in the house is trending these days and people can display pots anywhere in the house. Grill door designs having space to attach pots is common and you can get one for your place. 

4. The Wood Grill Combo

When you blend a grill door with a wooden one, it gives you the perfect taste of sophistication as the ancient feel of the grill door and the stylish wooden door complement each other very well.

5. The Wrought Iron Grill

wrought iron
Source: amorn_me / shutterstock

Wrought iron looks a different kind of beautiful and when you have a grill door design carved out of wrought iron it adds beauty to your door. It is also very strong and durable thus a great choice for the entrance.

6. The Geometric Grill

Source: vita pakhai / shutterstock

Grill door designs in geometric patterns like squares, diamond-shaped, triangles etc will add a futuristic vibe to your main entrance. You can either have the entire door made out of a grill or incorporate a little grill window in a wooden door.

7. The Sliding Grill

main door grill designs
Source: Benchaporn Maiwat / shutterstock

When your purpose of using the grill door is for safety but not at all times in the day then a sliding grill is preferable. You can use it when required and keep it folded when not in use. This grill design comes in handy when you want extra security during the night or when you are not at home and want to leave the house securely locked.

8. The Black Beauty

black grill
Source: Muhammad_Safuan / shutterstock

Anything black always looks classy and sophisticated. A black grill design is the best thing you can have if you are looking to add a sense of style along with security to your main entrance.

9. The Royal Grill

Ever noticed grill doors in palaces and other ancient tourist spots? Getting a grill door with hints of royalty will add a beautiful charm to your entrance. You can opt for the ones having premium door knockers like lion shaped.

10. Grill And Glass

A door having a grill and glass combination is sure to look magnificent as it will be a blend of contemporary and modern design. You can opt for tinted, frosted or even plain glass type whatever suits your entrance.

11. Laser Cut Traditional Motif Grill

Having traditional motif designs like Lord Ganesha, Swastik, Lotus, chants and prayers in the grill door is a beautiful idea for people who prefer having a traditional feel at the entrance of their house. The laser cut technology makes designing the motifs possible and it also has a nice finishing. 

12. The Wooden Frame

Again a wood and grill combo, this grill design has a wooden border and a gorgeous grill design in the middle. It not only looks great but is an amazing choice for security.

Well, you can see there are varied options for main door grill designs and you can upgrade yours now. Settle for a grill door design that you love and make sure to add a lock to it so that you will always be tension free and not worried about your house’s security.

Grill doors help by providing tight security as it is always tougher to deal with grills and entering forcefully in the house is next to impossible if you have a grill door entrance.

Tips To Choose A Grill Door Design For Your House

Before settling for a particular design, you can take a look at these tips that will help you take a firm decision.

  • Make sure that the grill design is complementing the overall design of the entrance.
  • Any hardware used must be of the best quality. Go for stylish handles, knobs and locks.
  • Since grill doors are primarily for safety purposes, ensure that you get the best quality of iron, steel, aluminium or whatever base material you are using for the grill.
  • Keep in mind that you must have the perfect balance between quality and looks.
  • While selecting the colour for the grill door, ensure that it blends well with the aesthetics of the surrounding.


Is it difficult to maintain a grill door?

No, it is not difficult to maintain a grill door but it demands regular cleaning. You should try dusting the grill at least twice or thrice a week. Also, if the grill design is delicate or very clustered, you can use a soft brush to clean the dust. 

How often should you get your iron grill painted?

An iron grill door must be painted once a year or maximum by 1 and a half years and not more than that.

Does lubrication of iron grill doors help?

Yes, the hinges of iron grill doors tend to get hard and difficult to move after a certain period. You should lubricate the hinges from time to time for better performance.

What are the different material grill doors are made up of?

Grill doors are typically made of iron, steel and aluminium. For fancier looks, nowadays people use a combination of these materials with wood, glass etc.

Can traditional motif lovers incorporate anything special in grill doors?

Yes, if you love traditional motif ideas you can get your grill door designed with motifs of Sun, lotus, Lord Ganesh and even a Swastik.