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A home gives us a feeling of safety and comfort! Nevertheless, given the growth in reported instances of theft and burglary, it is prudent to invest in robust Safety Doors. These doors prevent trespassers from entering our properties, keep our private lives private, and provide us with mental ease. 

Many different kinds of safety doors can be purchased nowadays, and your preferences and financial constraints will determine which one is best for you.

Not only do they serve the function of a physical barrier to the intruders, but some even improve the property’s aesthetic value. In this article, we will look at various designs of house safety doors so that you can ensure you get only the very finest!

Here at the top 13 main door grill designs 

1. Grill gate made of iron

Grill gate made of iron
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The installation of sturdy iron grill gates at the entrance door is still the most popular option for homeowners. Iron is the most durable material that can be fashioned into a grill to fit any style of home, whether it be contemporary, traditional, or eclectic. 

You can have your grill painted in black, blue, brown, green, white, yellow, or gold, and design options include geometric, curved, floral, and bird patterns, in addition to contemporary abstract designs. You may personalize the grill gate by adding mullions to add another level of ornate adornment. Include wood and a grill made of iron in the main entrance to provide the impression of more solitude.

2. Wood with two distinct layers

Wood with two distinct layers
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There has been a recent resurgence in the popularity of the traditional door grill. This door has two layers, the first of which is a steel grillwork and the second of which is wood. The entry is double-layered. This door manages to be both secure and aesthetically pleasing while also time.

3. Your name is inscribed on the gate of the grill.

Your name is inscribed on the gate of the grill
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Therefore, you have the option of engraving your name inside the grill. It’s a trendy name board that’s been mounted on the grill gate of a house with a rather distinctive appearance. You have the option of placing a name board on the entrance of the grill instead of putting your name on the wall.

Therefore, this is the method for developing an alluring front door.

4. The Grill with a Cover Made of Steel Plates

The Grill with a Cover Made of Steel Plates
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There is no way around the fact that the beautiful appearance that the front main gate design for the house will confer on the property. In addition to that, the creation of this main steel gate makes the area safer. Even if the burglar successfully breaks through the grill, the iron door will help prevent any potential dangers from entering the building.

 If you want your front door and grill to look appealing, you should paint them gray or white. You can also select a different hue to reflect your personality.

5. Sliding grill gate design

Sliding grill gate design
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When there is not enough room for swinging doors, sliding grill gates are an excellent alternative to consider installing. The design of sliding gates has become popular in contemporary architecture because they are simple to install, have an excellent appearance, and are simple to operate. 

The grill gate design is available in either iron, steel, or aluminum for construction. You can go with a sliding gate design that operates manually or an automated system that uses a motor and a transmitter. 

You can add a touch of grandeur to your entry by installing a visually beautiful grill gate that looks like a metallic basket weave, or you can go with a grill sliding gate that combines the functionality of a telescopic model. 

For added flair at the entrance, have a laser-cut gate specially designed to mimic birds congregating on a tree, a lotus flower in full bloom, or a pattern including peacock feathers.

6. Designer Safety Door

Designer Safety Door
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Choose one of these one-of-a-kind safety door designs for your home if you don’t want it to appear like a jail cell. The entrance door and the outer gate have been created to be identical to create a seamless unit. 

In this manner, you will need to make concessions about the level of security or the general appearance of your port of entry. You may even have one constructed to order by employing the same wooden paneling and locking mechanisms as the original.

7. The grill entrance is constructed of plywood.

The grill entrance is constructed of plywood
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Plywood is the material of choice when creating a stunning entrance while adhering to a limited spending plan. A trendy deco light sheet is draped over a plywood safety door to create an impressive entry. The privacy, as well as the comfort of the user, are ensured by a locking mechanism that is built into the handle.

8. Design of the Sunmica Security Door

Design of the Sunmica Security Door
Source: Photo by Lucija Ros on Unsplash

Because it requires very little upkeep, stainless steel is an excellent material for the front safety doors of a building. This substance can be stored for a long time without going wrong, and the price is very reasonable. Because of the powder coating, the surface is protected from the effects of the weather and is simple to clean.

Sunmica is one of the finest and most comprehensive laminate product lines. This makes it one of the most commonly used brands in the country. One example of this kind of wooden safety door design can be seen here; it has a mica sheet covering that is a dark brown color. 

The sturdy door also features a safety grill made of wood, allowing for quick and easy outdoor access. The purchase is well worth it due to the extra-large handles and the disguised locking system.

 9. Design of a round-topped, safety grill gate

Design of a round-topped, safety grill gate
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A house’s front or side facade can be enhanced by adding a stunning architectural detail by having either an arch main gate design or a round top gate that has been expertly constructed. When the top of the door arch is fully curved & rounded, this style of the arch is referred to as a round top arch, also often called a half-circle arch. 

Arched doorways impart the appearance of richness and sophistication. Brick, cement, or even metal could be used to construct the arch atop the main gate. For the sake of aesthetic appeal, primary gate arches are typically built with a grill as well as frosted glass these days. Even a straightforward and unadorned iron door design can elevate the front gate’s status to that of your property’s primary focus. 

Create an arch for the primary entrance of the gate that you want to have a round shape. Vintage wooden carvings would make your door look remarkable. In Spanish architecture, you’ll frequently encounter a circular grill gate of this type.

10. Organic Grills

Organic Grills
Source: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The term “organic grills” refers to the flowering plants that are currently fashionable for use in the design of the entrance gates of residential properties. These grills contribute to the overall cosmetic improvement of your primary gate. In addition to this, the aesthetically designed grills may also contribute to the enhancement of beauty. The plants that surround the grills will eventually grow on top of them.

11. Paneled doors design

This concept for a security door will make your entrance appear magnificent and ideal for use with a king-size door. The easiest way to safeguard your property is to install a metal grill in front of this traditional door. With wood panels and use both elements together. It is also feasible to air out the rooms without compromising the confidentiality of the occupants.

12. Mild Steel Safety Door Design

Doors made of mild steel, often known as MS safety doors, are resistant to corrosion and highly durable. They are challenging to penetrate and provide the best possible protection against vandals. For protection against unintended flames, the surface has been powder-coated. These doors are also simple to maintain and may be constructed in various sizes and designs to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

13. Safety grill doors with spikes

Safety grill doors with spikes
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Adding spikes to the top of the grill gate usually provides additional protection. Anti-climb spikes are a form of intrusion prevention that is highly efficient. Wall spikes are available in various coatings and finishes, and installation is a breeze. The spikes, whether an arrow, spear, or ornamental, contribute both heights to the gate and aesthetic value to the design. 

Choose a pattern for the grill gate’s spikes that is complementary to the design on the gate. You can select pointed pickets above the top rail and bend forward. This will make climbing nearly tricky.


Keeping the area around the front door tidy is essential to welcome pleasant energy into the house. According to Vastu, it is necessary to have bright lights all around the main gate to attract good luck and wealth. Installing ornamental lamps and sufficient lighting at the main entrance would make it safer and improve its aesthetic appeal.