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When you are working on your home, one of the core aspects you need to pay heed to has to be the main door. The main door assumes gargantuan importance and one has to be sure that it is placed well and even decorated in the right manner. Your inability to do so can lead to a significant number of problems.

This is why here we are going to discuss the key details with regards to the main door Vastu, the right areas where to place them, the apt colour design, and more. We will be sharing plenty of details here which will acquaint you with the specifics of the main door Vastu.

The Overview

It is believed that Vastu regulates the direction and placement of the different things in the home. If you ensure that all placement is as per Vastu, it will infer that things will be well aligned and it will lead to a positive flow of energy in your home.

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The ideal direction to place the main door in your house will always be north, northeast, west, and east direction. It is believed that these are the directions which are likely to be a harbinger of good energy and positive vibrations in our home. This, in turn, will kickstart the right fortune growth as well.

The Importance Of Main Door

Of all the different elements that are a part of your home, it pays to know that the main door is one of the most important elements. The main door is the key transition area from where the outside energy enters the premises of your home. So, you need to make sure that you allow good luck and positivity to enter your home and ward off the presence of negative energy. When you are able to do so, half the negativity of your home will dissipate on its own.

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This is why all interior designers will pay a great deal of importance to the concept and design of the main door. This is one element where there is absolutely no scope whatsoever for any compromise at all.

Vastu Main Door: The Direction

Now let us see some of the direction tips as per Vastu main door guidelines. It is very important that you follow the specifics well to ensure that you surround your home with the right energy vibration.

As we said earlier, the main door should always be present in either of the four directions.

  • North
  • North-East
  • East
  • West

These directions are considered to be truly auspicious and they will bring happiness and good fortune to your home.

When it comes to the directions you need to avoid when making the main door, here are the directions that are considered to be bad.

  • South
  • South-west
  • South-east
  • North-west

However, sometimes it is not possible to always follow the directions and norms and, in such cases, we end up using Vastu correction remedies. For explain, if you end up having a south-facing main door, you can choose to have a lead pyramid or a lead Helix and this will rectify the defects and remedy them.

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Similarly, if you have the main door in a north-west facing direction, you can fix it by using a brass pyramid and a brass helix.

Those who choose to have their main door in the southeast and are now looking for a Vastu remedy can use a copper helix as they will remedy the Vastu defect.

So, these are some of the key Vastu main door direction tips that you need to bear in mind for the sake of bringing positive energy to your home.

Direction Tips

Here are some more directions and tips that you can follow for the sake of making your home a happy place.

  • The northeast is considered to be by far the best direction for having your main door. It is known to bring in the right energy and vitality to all the family members as it receives the highest positive energy and vibration from the morning sun.
  • The north is another great direction as it is known to bring in both wealth and good luck. This direction enjoys the right favourable position as per Vastu
  • The east is another direction. It isn’t the best direction but it is known to boost the strength of the people. This is why it is sometimes preferred in the main door selection.

What To Place In Front Of The Main Door?

Now apart from settling the direction of the main door, you also need to worry about the things you need to place in front of the main door.  Here, we will guide you a little on this aspect and thereby enlighten you about the key stuff.

  • Make sure that the area around the entrance is very well-lit because one needs to have the right lights fitted at the entrance
  • Make sure to plant a Tulsi or money plant near the main door of the house
  • Make sure to decorate the main door with some of the best auspicious symbols like Om, Swastik or even Cross based on your preferences.
  • You can place rangoli on the floor as this tends to bring in good fortune
  • It is also advised to have a nameplate on the front door. A wooden name plate is recommended on the very front of the entrance. On the other hand, if you choose to have a metal nameplate, it should be kept in the northwest direction
  • It is always recommended to have idols of Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi. This is sure to bring luck and wealth to the family
  • Keep a footstool outside the house for the sake of placing the shoes when wearing them. This is important as this will prevent negative energy from seeping into your home
  • Some people also choose to hang a black horseshoe at the very entrance. This helps in keeping off bad energy from entering the home.

So, these are some of the key tips you have to bear in mind. These are the main door Vastu tips that can trigger good luck. 

The Things To Avoid

Here are some of the things that you need to avoid right in front of the main door. These things tend to bring in negativity and so you should avoid the use if you want your home to be a happy abode.

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  • Make sure not to place any broken things inside the house, especially near the main entrance. This will bring in a lot of negativities and tend to disrupt the positive flow in the home
  • Never ever have a mirror right in front of the main door. This is a major Vastu defect as it tends to reflect the energy and push it outside the home. This will make your home lifeless and bring in negative energies.
  • Make sure not to use red coloured lights in front of the main door. It is not considered auspicious for the front door.
  • Make sure not to have artwork in black colour in the entrance. This will bring in more negativity than positive energy.
  • Make sure that the main door is well-done and decorated. Any peeled-off paint or ajar handle or faded polish should be fixed at the earliest or else it will hinder the flow of positive energy and happiness.

The Dos And Don’ts

Now we will share a list of key dos and don’ts for the sake of designing the main door Vastu. It is important to stick to these specifics in order to bring the right results to your home.

The light

It is important to have the main door so designed that when you open it in the morning, it allows a lot of unfiltered sunlight to grace your home. Sunlight is known to keep germs away and has a lot of power and positivity. So, this is a great way to bring in the right energy vibration to your household.

In case, the design and placement of the home are such that the main door will not bring sunlight, you can choose to have yellow light in the area close to the main door. This is representative of the sunlight.

Don’t keep the entrance dark at any time. Even during the evening, always have a light in the alley close to the main entrance and keep the lights on in the evening. Do not use red coloured lights close to the entrance as they ward off the energy and make them stop from entering inside.

The Decoration Aspect

If the space permits, make sure to decorate the main door with green-coloured plants. The more greenery, the better the energy. You can also choose to incorporate beautiful hanging bells at the entrance and make sure to ring them every day. The ringing of bells in the morning is known to bring positivity inside.

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You can also choose to have rangoli designs outside the home. These tend to bring in positive energy inside. You can choose to design the rangoli with flowers, colours, turmeric powder, or even limestone powder.

We will ask you to avoid big and towering statues of animals, fountains, and other figures as this can mask the positive energy.

You should also avoid keeping plants that don’t bear flowers as this is not considered auspicious.

Nameplate And Doorbell

You can choose to have name plates outside the main door as it evokes the best decoration ideas. We will recommend you opt for metal nameplates especially if your main door is located either on the north or the west side.

You can also use a wooden nameplate but do so if the main door is present in the south or the east direction. Also, it is always advised to have the nameplate on the left side of the main door.

If you want to improve the type of positive energy entering inside, you can choose to carve some auspicious symbols or even images of gods and goddesses on the nameplate.

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When it comes to doorbells, it is recommended to place them at a height of at least five feet or above. Always choose a soothing sound for the bell. You can also have a hymn as the doorbell sound as this tends to circulate a suitable vibe in your home.

Do not choose any other material for the nameplate as it is not considered to be very auspicious.

Do not choose doorbells with loud or jarring sounds or any spooky tone. This is disruptive to the energy flow in your home.

Wood Quality For The Main Door

Make sure to always stick to the best quality of wood when you are making the front door. The best and superior quality of wood will ensure that the door will stay intact for a long and you won’t have to entail any repair expenses. Also, you must make sure that the height of the main door should be greater than all other doors in your home.

Don’t ever compromise with quality when it comes to the quality of the wood being used for the door.

The Vastu Main Door Colour Chart

Of course, the type of colour you want for the door also needs to be governed by the principles of Vastu. You have to be sure that you are choosing the right main door colour palette.

  • Vastu states that soft pastel colours like beige and light yellow are the recommended choice for main doors.
  • Don’t use too dark shades like black or brown as these are not recommended by Vastu norms.
  • Don’t use too bright colours like red or orange or violet as these are also not preferred when it comes to main door colours.
  • When the door is aligned in the west direction, the preferred door colours are white and blue
  • If the main door is placed in the south and south-east direction, the preferred colours are white, silver, and orange
  • If the door is placed in the southwest direction, the preferred colour tone would be yellow.
  • Those who have doors in the north are more suited to the green colour of the door.
  • Northeast main doors should be done in shades like yellow and cream
  • Northwest doors should be done in shades like white and cream
  • If your door is placed in the east, choose tones like white, light blue, and even wooden tones
  • Under no circumstance should you paint the door black as this is not considered auspicious!

Visibility Of Main Door

As per the norms of Vastu shastra, the main door should be prominent and identifiable. If you are living in a complex and there are several apartments, it is always advised to add your house number and name.

Those who have a very dramatic door should keep the nameplate simple. On the contrary, if the main door isn’t very dramatic, you can choose to have an ornate nameplate with engravings.

Make sure that the main door has been designed in a way that it is of good height and width. It is advised to have the main door at least seven feet tall provided your structure permits and the width should be close to three feet.

Short doors are known to restrict the amount of energy entering the house. Big doors tend to force more positive vibes and energy inside. Also, make sure that you don’t use the back door as the entrance as this tends to bring in more negativity in your home.

The Door Material

Vastu also has a say when it comes to the materials to be used for the main door. Here are some of the details that you need to bear in mind.

  • When it comes to the material to be chosen, wood is always the most preferred choice.
  • But if you have your door placed on the south side, we will recommend you have the door made with a mix of wood and metal.
  • If the door is placed towards the west, make sure to have some kind of externally visible metalwork on top of it.
  • A door present in the north direction needs to have a silver touch
  • The door that is placed in the east should have a wood dominance and try to steer from the use of any kind of metal accessories

The Doors With Wooden Engravings

Choose a wooden main door that comes with the right carvings. Make sure to incorporate the right elements on your door including rangoli, symbols like om, swastika and more.

You can also choose to have wooden arched doors as well. Make it a point to have it cluttered free and the area should be clean as well.  You can also keep flower pots and statues at the very entrance as this tends to bring in positive energy.

Some More Vastu Tips

Here are some other Vastu tips that you can use for the sake of keeping your home well-lit and decorated at all times.

  • Make it a point to keep the home décor well lit because the right light tends to bring in positive energy
  • You can choose to have auspicious symbols like om, swastika, and even cross on the main door. These tend to bring in good fortune as well
  • You can also keep a buddha statue at the very entrance of the home. This tends to bring happiness and prosperity
  • You can also choose to hang different kinds of auspicious paintings in the living room area. Make sure to have the right designs like flowers or a waterfall or even a sunrise. Don’t have paintings of war and sunset.
  • Make sure to have wind chimes in your home as this tends to bring good luck to your home.
  • You can also choose to keep Urli or a bowl of water with flower petals. This is sure to bring in the right energy vibes.
  • You can also choose to hang toran that should be made using mango leaves and marigold flowers. This tends to attract wealth as well. Always make sure to change the toran if the leaves and flowers turn dry.
  • The toran leaves are also made of the Ashoka plant as it tends to ward off evil energy. You can also choose sea shells for torans. This tends to drive away bad energy and bring in good luck.


Which colour of the front door is considered to be lucky?

The right colour should be chosen as per the design and direction of the house.  The direction sense should govern the colour tone.

Is south facing home considered a Vastu defect?

Yes, south-facing homes are a major Vastu defect but you can choose to integrate Vastu pyramids. Using different types of remedies can rectify such Vastu defects.

Can you place a mirror in front of the main door?

No, you should avoid placing any mirror right in front of the main door as this tends to reflect the positive energy and push it away.

Is it recommended to keep a doormat near the main door?

Yes, it is always recommended to have a doormat as it tends to keep the dust and dirt of the outside areas away and doesn’t allow it to enter the home.

Also, make sure to use doormats and natural fabric and always dust them regularly. You need to ensure that the doormat is clean at all times.