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Nothing creates a more favorable first impression of your house than a lovely, impressive front entrance. So that you may make the perfect entrance, use our selection of the top 15 Exceptional main entrance door designs for Indian households.

The front door plays a significant role in creating the initial impression of a house. It serves as the transitional area of the façade and gives an idea of what your home’s interior will look like. It also determines the general attractiveness of your property, incidentally. The main door must be solid and resilient to endure the weather, just like any other external material.

At the same time, it must artistically match your home’s décor. Three primary materials—wood, steel, and fiberglass composite—predominate among the various materials used for the front door. To acquire ideas for the materials and combinations that would look well in your house, browse through these entry door designs that the interior designers and decorators at homify have proposed. 

Top 10 Indian main door designs  

1. Geometrical Designs 

Geometrical Designs
Source: PavelShynkarou / Shutterstock

Does this design for an entry door not scream luxury? Yes, in our opinion! 

Whether you look at it from the perspective of the sun’s brilliance rising or the circles’ alluring vitality, this design is highly striking. 

The inlay work’s gold gloss and linear textures add richness to this door. 

2. Warli Art-Inspired Grill Work

Warli Art-Inspired Grill Work
Source: Pierre-Yves Babelon / Shutterstock

What’s lovely is how this fantastic metal grill works with a Warli-themed design and has given a plain, uncomplicated wooden door a personality boost. 

This entrance door design is fantastic for Indian homes that aim to mix modern and traditional features. 

3. Statement-Making Door Handle 

Sometimes a distinctive door handle is all it needs to make an excellent first impression! 

For instance, this straightforward Indian door style is given a sophisticated makeover by a highly unique handle. Your visitors will surely ask you wherever you got it because it’s a terrific discussion starter! 

4. Traditional Motifs

 Your home should be visible from your main door. It only makes sense for the entryway to match the interior design of the building if it was inspired by traditional architecture. 

Nothing captures this vibe as an Indian image etched in gold. Also, flower designs have that welcoming and peaceful quality ideal for front doors. 

5. Wall-to-Ceiling Back Panel 

Wall-to-Ceiling Back Panel
Source: Photo by Adam Kring on Unsplash

What about this layout grabs your attention? 

The best headshot goes to the wood back panel with the stunning carvings on top and the glorious light hanging from it, which rises to the ceiling. 

If you want to heighten the elegance, choose a standout latch like the one shown here and balance it with similar but understated door decorations. 

The door handle, back panel, lamp, and carving equals a stunning Indian main door design. 

6. Traditional South main entrance door designs

 This main door design in the south Indian style looks fantastic, gracing the entryway of independent houses and villas. It was inspired by the thick wood and intricate woodwork of South India. 

 Where do you find these gorgeous, well-carved doors? 

Purchase them directly from the artisans; several shops sell them in places like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Kochi. Have your carpenters install them after you have them for an aged appearance. 

7. Patterned wood entrance doors 

Source: Photo by rishi on Unsplash

Patterned components raise the bar for a typical wooden door. A lighter hue of wood makes intricate designs or mathematical patterns stand out the most when carved into the door. The entry is finished with the proper door handle or knob! When selecting a plan, keeping Vaastu principles for the front entrance is essential. 

8. Pre-finished wood entrance doors 

Pre-finished wood doors provide a striking appearance. The best options are long-lasting stains & high-gloss finishes since they preserve the wood and improve the house’s appearance. It is crucial to remember that the door’s finish should go all the way around the edge to stop moisture from seeping in. 

9. Glass and wood main entrance door design for Indian households 

 Glass and wood main entrance door design for Indian households 
Source: Photo by Will Palmer on Unsplash

This unique main entry door extends a warm welcome to visitors, family, and friends. The entryway adopts a dualistic appearance—one of material and one of color. The gate creates quite an impression with the dynamic combination of glass and wood. This door certainly stands out when it is finished with the contrast between grey and white and the complementary flora. 

10. Iron modern main entrance door design

If one wants to learn, there is always a possibility to find various designs. This type of main door design is one of the few situations when the entire structure is built on safety rather than being focused on trendsetting designs, defying the notion that doors must always be made of wood or alloy steel. It never appears as a physical chunk of metal. Though. Instead, it seems shaky, which puts it behind every other tactic.

11. Sliding wooden modern entrance door 

Sliding wooden modern entrance door 
Source: / Shutterstock

Specific designs occasionally become so well-liked that they break new ground in the décor industry. One such illustration is the door in this photo. It is one of the guiding principles in the field of main door ornamentation. Despite having a variety of colors, the brownish tone is the most appropriate for any home. Only its weight poses a challenge. It does not, however, play a substantial part in its use. 

12. The modern wooden main entrance door was designed for Indian households. 

 Indian architecture is known for its elaborate features. And as can be observed in the majority of building entrance designs in India, including those for flat entrances, Indian home entry decorations, and other structures, this attention to detail has infiltrated modern architecture throughout time.

The door in question is not particularly impressive, but if the user desires it, they may give it a touch of luxury. Any strategy may be applied, such as combining the entryway with a decorative wall or using a lovely color palette. This will improve the rustic appearance of the door.

13. Wooden Bars & Lotus Motifs  

Wooden Bars & Lotus Motifs
Source: Photo by an_vision on Unsplash

With a home door design like this, you can provide your property with a robust yet beautiful entry. 

The entrance door includes horizontal wooden bars & metal inlays with lotus-shaped carvings, while the door is a solid, paneled piece that provides security. A wood side panel completes this appearance with upper-half fixed shutters. 

14. Designer main entrance door design for Indian households 

 We sometimes require a unique design with a few distinguishing elements that should match the interior. Such main door designs could be the best option if these two factors were considered. The house’s interior is made even more beautiful by its rich patterns, and the design is notable due to its patterned construction. Combining this design’s hazel-hued doors and bright yellow walls will provide an effect that will stand out among other combinations. 

15. Stylish modern main entrance door 

Stylish modern main entrance door
Source: Photo by Samuel McGarrigle on Unsplash

This main entrance style is considered sophisticated and makes a beautiful first impression. It changes the entry by giving it a more abundant appearance and is a respectable substitute for any other typical door. The outside area must have enough room, which is the primary consideration for installing this door. The surroundings will become more spacious because of this merging.


The main entrance door design of your home is the first and last thing visitors see when they arrive, so it’s essential to pick a door that would be both lovely and friendly. Today’s market provides an extensive range of designs and options, making it simple to get the style and look you like. Even a minor improvement to your property, like a new door, may revitalize your house. Finally, we hope this article has helped you decide on the entrance to your home. Pick any of the entries above to make a memorable impact on the neighborhood.