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Dulquer Salman, with the stage name “Mammootty,” is arguably one of the most famous actors in the Indian movie industry. The actor has worked hard to gain popularity in Mollywood and the Hindi movie industry. He had his breakthrough in Bollywood via the movie karwaan in 2018, and since then, he has become a popular face in the industry.

Moreover, with his phenomenal acting career and lifestyle, the family is always curious about Dulquer Salmaan’s expensive house and investments. Fortunately, this article is here to end your curiosity as we will sneak peek into Dulquer Salmaan and Mammootty’s new house,  where the actor has recently moved in with his father and other family members. 

However, you ought to know something before proceeding- dulquer salmaan home Kochi and Shahrukh khan house share similar characteristics, i.e., their house is both designed by their wives. Yes, you’ll be amazed to know that all interior decors of the house were done by dulquer salmaan’s wife “Amal sufiya,” a reputable and professional architect. 

mammootty dulquer salmaan home kochi
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General View of Mammootty-Dulquer Salmaan Home Kochi

Dulquer Salman’s house is situated at the lakeside, surrounded by various collections of attractive cars and bikes parked in front of the main gate. The house,  however,  is an epitome of Natural beauty,  with the balcony beautified by solar panels and the lush green view, which make dulquer salmaan and Mammootty’s new house more elegant. 

The Sit-Out Balcony of the House

No doubt, this is the favourite spot of the actor where he normally enjoys his morning and evening tea. Moreso, dulquer salmaan is a lover of photography and loves taking pictures- he’s fond of sitting on the balcony to click pictures, and he loves to direct guests to the same point so they can feel the vibes.

From the balcony,  you can easily witness the garden space of the house. The garden is properly cared for and complemented by attractive plants and trees. The garden also has a perfect sitting area where they can feel natural vibes.

The Living Room 

The design of the dulquer salmaan house consists of organized colors. Turning on with an L-shaped beige couch that is super perfect for the vibes of the room. The walls are painted white, which ideally complements the art and decorations across the room. Blended with the beige sofa with a pink couch, which adds a bright contrast to the room. 

Moreso, the color of the curtains are same as the color of the wall, making Mammootty’s new house look more elegant. No wonder he loves to spend quality time with his daughter in the living room. 

The Kitchen at Mammootty Dulquer Salmaan Home Kochi

The actor is indeed multi-talented. Besides his spectacular acting prowess, he’s also an amazing chef with superb cooking skills. The kitchen is designed to express his love for cooking dishes. The interior is simple, with marble work all around the space. 

The Gym Room 

the gym room
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Dulquer Salman also gets himself involved in physical exercise. Hence, there’s an indoor gym area within the house. He’s so serious about it that no matter how tight his schedule is, the actor makes it a point to routinely exercise. The gym is a modest one, consisting of every necessary equipment that helps him with his workout. 

The Mini Library at Mammootty Dulquer Salmaan Home Kochi

As per the saying, “readers are leaders,” i.e., if you see anyone progressing in his career, he/she must be a good reader. The same thing applies to the actor. There’s an interesting bookshelf at one corner of the house, which serves as a mini library for the actor. 

Being a bibliomaniac, dulquer salmaan loves to spend time in relief through reading. He painted the bookshelf black with several shelves that embedded the actor’s favourite books. Also, a lover of fancy car collections, he keeps some miniature car models on the shelf. 

Interesting Facts About Dulquer Salmaan 

interesting facts about dulquer salmaan
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As an actor with millions of followers on many social media platforms, many of his fans have been curious to know more about him. For this reason, we’ve compiled some interesting facts about the super talented actor that people might not be aware of. 

  • Dulquer salmaan is the director of the motherhood hospital in Bangalore. 
  • He was the only actor ranked on India’s list of most desirable men. He ranked 7th in Chennai’s list of most desirable men. 
  • Dulquer Salman has completed his degree in business administration from a university in the United States of America, Purdue. 
  • Before he joined the movie industry,  he was a well-known business mogul that dealt with cars,  for he also had a website. 
  • The actor is the son of the Mollywood legend actor “Mammootty”. 

In brief, the house appears basic yet elegant. His wife has chosen a modest, futuristic vibe to perfect the house’s look. The interior is a divergence from traditional Kerala architecture. Dulquer and his father, “Mammootty,” prefer a more modern, minimalistic setting.