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It is believed that having a temple in one’s home brings good fortune to the household and the individual who resides there. However, mandir designs for the home might be challenging to create. It is beautiful if you have a spacious bungalow and have sufficient space for a separate temple room, but what about the residences that do not have that option?

The temple area can also be accommodated in a different house room if that works better for you. The mandir design for a home does not have to be in a separate room.

mandir designs for home
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Our little dwellings force us to give up certain things because there isn’t enough room for them. A proper pooja room is one of the essential areas that is getting more difficult to incorporate because, unlike older apartments, new apartments do not have a dedicated space to create a worship space. This makes it one area that is getting more difficult to incorporate.

But you don’t need to be concerned even if your flat does not feature a pooja room. We provide several designs for wooden temples for the home that is not only gorgeous but also highly functional, and they only need one wall to fit in.

Suitable Wood for a Pooja Room

Using various materials as the preferred choice for pooja room designs may come and then go. Still, a wooden temple for home interiors has withstood the test of time and continued to be a favorite among desi people. Teak wood, Sheesham wood, and mango wood are the primary wood types used in constructing a wooden mandir.

According to the ancient Indian practice of Vastu shastra, the most suitable types of wood are Sheesham and rosewood. Learn about the best 17 mandir designs for home.

1. A Glass Cubicle Mandir Design for Home

glass cubicle mandir design for home
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This glass cubicle design for a mandir is practical, attractive, and divine, making it the ideal choice for a sacred space in a magnificent home. Construct this mandir in the foyer region of your home, and then allow it to glow with all of its splendor. It is an excellent choice for a mandir to be placed in the house.

Because even though the glass’s see-through quality imparts an air of friendliness to the setting, the wooden frame gives a feeling of seclusion to the area. To finish the look, decorate with a towering idol made of brass that will take center stage, add some lights, and add a traditional backdrop such as the one shown in the image to the right.

2. A Wall Mounted Wooden Mandir Design for Home

If you do not have a lot of space available for a pooja space, you can establish a place of worship in either your living room or your family room. In the circumstances like these, it is advisable to have a design for a wall-mounted mandir that can be installed in one’s home.

You have the option of constructing a wooden frame that will hold an idol as well as some lights, as demonstrated in the image that can be found above. You may give the cabinet a more traditional look by adding a jaali design to the door, and you can make the lower half of the cabinet into storage space for things like prayer books and incense.

3. A Granite Mandir Design for Home

granite mandir design for home
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Who claimed that the area surrounding your contemporary home’s mandir needed a different aesthetic? Choose a granite design similar to the one seen above if you want your home’s interior to have an overall avant-garde appeal. A straightforward grey mandir design for the home conveys a lot about one’s sense of style.

You should have classic details carved into the lengthy granite slabs, and you shouldn’t forget about the brass detailing that will fit a nude statue in the center of the structure. Have a shrine with storage made of stone with a more superficial tone and yellow focus lights to compliment the accent wall, and you will have a temple that is the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

4. POP Wall Sculpting Mandir Design for Home 

pop wall sculpting mandir design for home
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Choose a layout similar to the one shown in the image that can be found above if you construct a temple in your home and have access to a room of moderate size. Utilize one of the walls in your space as an accent wall, and have POP sculpting work done on it in a design of your choosing. The image has a Ganesh-Om, some feathers, and flowers.

Alternatively, you might hang a traditional Diya or a Radhe Shyam on the wall. Because the wall will include a holy symbol, you will have the option of decorating it with traditional diyas and miniature idols. This home mandir design should be finished with a small bell and some yellow LED lights emitting warm light. These lights should highlight the wall sculpture as well as the idols.

5. Wooden Mandir Design for Home with Lattice Work

wooden mandir design for home
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This jaali and wooden mandir design for the home is excellent for small areas that want an elevated appearance. It is a seamless blend of traditional and modern design elements. You can give the room a more classic feel by installing lattice interiors, as demonstrated in the image that is located above.

At the same time, the design of the shrine and the wooden panel both have a more contemporary feel. For this panel, you can select a pattern from available options or go for a fine-grained wooden board in teak, mahogany, or cherry wood and let the space speak for itself. The stepped shape of the marble shine makes it both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Vintage Mandir Design for Home

vintage mandir design for home
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This home mandir design in the antique style is an incredible option for people living in more conventional homes with enormous courtyards and plenty of space. With a home design for a mandir like the one shown in the image, you can make your home a beautiful and pleasant place where your family can concentrate their spiritual energies.

On the walls, choose colors with softer tones and have an accent side with a brighter tone; this space can be used for the central component of your temple. The other walls can have built-in shelves installed to display other idols. You may give the room a sense of flair by using eye-catching tiles on the floor that are consistent with the overall motif of the room.

The temple’s appearance is improved by adding ornamental decorations that serve a practical purpose. For example, a tiered Diya stand, a plate with flowers, and a bell all contribute to the appearance of the temple.

7. Marble Mandir Design for Home

marble mandir design for home
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Your current temple can be taken to a higher level by installing a marble mandir design that is both stylish and exquisite. Draw ideas from the picture above, then construct the entire mandir out of white marble. You are free to select a Calacatta white variety that corresponds to your preferences for the walls, and you may go with a Blanco Ibiza for the wall behind the shrine to break up the monotony.

Try to coordinate the color of the seats with the streaks on the marble, and add some wooden storage to the area to bring in some of the earth’s natural aspects. The intricacies of this mandir are further refined by the addition of hanging lamps and an urli with floating diyas.

8. Wooden Mandir Design for Home with Elevated Floor

Allow a wooden mandir design for your home to take your temple space to the next level (both literally and figuratively) by installing sophisticated elevated flooring like that shown in the image to the right. Use dark wood for the temple’s floor, and arrange it to look like a panel on the existing floor.

This will give the temple the respect it deserves, primarily if it is in a room it shares with another. When the shire and the other detailing are done in a shade of wood that is complementary to the primary color, you will have a temple that no one can stop talking about.

9. A Modern Mandir Design for Home

modern mandir design for home
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This layout is ideal for the situation where you will be constructing your mandir in a portion of one of your bedrooms because it requires very little room and gives the room a sense of drama. The image displayed above shows a contemporary design for a home mandir.

Some featured features include a black glass backdrop with a traditional print, a wooden shire with a marble top, and a silver idol. The color scheme consists of elegant black, white, and gold, and we are particularly enamored with the wooden divider with miniature bells hung from it.

10. Mandir Design for Home with Floral Background

mandir design for home with floral background
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You can go with a flowery backdrop behind the shrine to create a more contemporary look for your house mandir by modeling it after the example shown in the previous image. The ornamental pattern can either be embossed on glass or artistically carved in wood.

Depending on the work, you can pick the color of the walls and the flooring. Even though white walls look fantastic when paired with a glass background, you should probably go for a creamier tone if the framework is made of wood.

11. Mandir Design for Home with Backdrop Lights

You may take your basic mandir design for a home game to the next level by using this stunning and sophisticated design, which uses both traditional cutouts and LED lights. The very act of illuminating the shrine with light streaming in through the wall itself imparts a divine air to the location. Choose your cutouts carefully instead of an idol meant to take center stage.

Opt for an Om sign like the one shown in the image above. Alternatively, you could choose more intricate patterns like those of Radhe Krishna or the Goddess Lakshmi. The shrine itself need not be cluttered or disorganized; all that is required is a handful of miniature god statues or photos of various deities.

12. Marble and Wooden Mandir Design for Home

A well-designed area exudes elegance and sophistication, precisely what this marble and hardwood mandir design for the home that can be seen in the image above conveys and more. This home mandir design features an impeccable combination of white marble on the walls, teak wood on the floor and storage, and intricate latticework. All of these elements are flawlessly blended to create a seamless whole.

The space is given its privacy by a frosted window, which lets in some natural light; the precise arrangement of the soft yellow lighting only contributes to the overall tranquil mood. The two tiny brass bells that can be found in the room should not be overlooked because they not only assist in accommodating metal in the area but also contribute to the nuances.

13. Mandir Design for a Small Apartment

mandir design for small apartment
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It is time to start thinking creatively if you have a minimal amount of room but still want a home mandir design that is of a good size. Who said that you have to have horizontal space for a mandir? Why can’t you build your mandir vertically like the one shown above? This design makes use of shelves where you can place your idols while still keeping the space from appearing cluttered.

It is the ideal mandir layout for a small apartment or other living space with limited space. The primary shrine should contain a couple of drawers where people can put prayer books and incense to keep them organized. Utilizing wood for the shelving and having metallic idols is an easy way to get an elegant and minimalist look in your room.

14. Portable Mandir Design for Home

It is also recommended that those who live in rented dwellings acquire a home design that may function as a portable mandir. There is a wide selection of mobile mandir designs on the market, and you have the option of constructing yours out of the material of your choice.

Many options are available in wood, marble, metal, and other materials. Choose a model of a size somewhere in the middle, such as the one depicted in the image below, and arrange it tastefully in your house so that there is room for the Lord.

15. Elaborate Wooden Carvings in Pristine White

The murtis will sit on the wooden platform finished with white laminate. The wooden jaali, which features evocative traditional carvings, is the most prominent feature of this one-wall mandir. The bells and lamps in the manner of a temple made of brass are what do the trick to break up the monotony of the white.

16. A Simple Wooden Shelf Mounted on an Accent Wall

If you are not interested in a large and elaborate wooden mandir design for your home, this straightforward pooja nook can be suitable. It consists of nothing more than a wooden shelf, bells, and lamps and is built into a niche in the wall. The room comes alive with the addition of the green wallpaper with plant patterns, which also creates a sense of peace.


It is the location of worship and prayer, so it is considered a sacred space. Creating a mandir or pooja room design in your home can bring a sense of peace and tranquillity to your home. As a result, it is of the utmost significance that you treat this temple room with the reverence that it warrants and that you embellish it with the same level of zeal as you would any other room in the house. Which of the following designs for a home mandir appealed to you the most and why? Please share your thoughts with us in the section below!