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One of the most loved and preferred materials to be used in homes, marble is something that interior designers incorporate somewhere in the house that they design the interiors for. A very long-lasting and easy-to-maintain natural stone, marble is also preferred as it does not just add to the beauty of your place but is also scratch resistant. 

Using marble for flooring as well as for staircases is always recommended but it is advised that you should not opt for polished marble as it can lead to accidents. Polished marble tends to get slippery especially when wet. Since marble stairs tend to make your home look gorgeous, we are here with amazing marble stairs design ideas. 

1. Black Calacatta Marble

black calacatta
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Coming from the bold black family, this marble type is readily available almost everywhere and you can add some sophistication to your house by getting your stairs done out of the Black Calacatta marble. It has a typically grey base and you will love the black veins running all over it.

2. Saint Laurent Marble

For the perfect touch of sophistication, Saint Laurent Marble is the best choice. With a black base, this marble looks great when you pair it with white marble or use it solo. The gold and green veins look soft and the marble gives a delicate look.

3. Rosa Zarci Marble

rosa zarci
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Belonging to the pink marble family, this one has a soft dusty pink tone and looks gorgeously earthy. You can also spot hints of white and cream and a little bit of yellow thus making this marble type an absolute beauty. 

4. Light Emperador Marble

light emperador
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Brown is the kind of colour that looks good everywhere in the house and when it comes to marble staircases, opting for Light Emperador is a smart choice. The brown hue is perfect for all home types and you don’t need to think about your existing interior design. It blends well with everything.

5. Sequoia Brown Marble

sequoia brown
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If you are a lover of the brown colour tone and you want something similar to the wooden shade, this marble type is the thing you have been looking for. The dark brown veins will win your heart and the staircase in your house is sure to look all kinds of royal. You can team this with white marble for a gorgeous vintage look. 

6. White Calacatta Marble

white calacatta
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The kind of beauty and charm that white exudes cannot be found when using any other colour. Yes, white staircases do demand a lot of maintenance as keeping them spotless is a task but you will love how grand your staircase would look. Hailing from Carrera, Italy, the White Calacatta marble is a commonly used white marble stone.

7. Calacatta Gold Marble

marble stairs design ideas calacatta gold
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Having the ability to give your stairs a clean look, the Calacatta Gold marble has a gorgeous white base. You will love the beautiful gold streaks and also hints of grey on the white. The blend of white, grey and gold will revamp the sophistication factor and give your stairs a marvellous look.

8. Macael White Marble

Macael White
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Coming primarily from the Spanish town Macael, this marble is considered white but it is a blend of white and grey. The grey glaze adds different magic to the marble. This marble type makes the staircases look very sober and calm.

9. Nero Marquina Marble

marble stairs design ideas
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For the ultimate black lovers, the Nero Marquina is a lovely option to go for. An all-black staircase design looks classy, chic and oh-so-gorgeous. The jet black tone of this marble type makes it one of the most used options for staircases in Indian homes.

10. Spanish Gold Marble

spanish gold
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One of the best marble stairs design ideas, the Spanish Gold marble is amazing because it has a natural earthy tone and it complements all home decor types. The light yellow hue makes this marble a natural beauty. 

11. Marble Granite Blend

A comparatively cheaper alternative to marble, granite is also widely used for staircases, kitchens etc. You can have a customised staircase design by combining both marble and granite. It looks fancier and all the more beautiful.

Time to add some grandeur to your house in the form of staircases, these marble stairs design ideas are sure to add the perfect touch of elegance to your space. You can go for any of the above marble types and the magic is sure to happen. Marble can also be easily teamed with something else like wooden railings, glass, granite combinations etc for a quirkier look. Settle with a particular marble type first and then see what other element goes well with it.


Is marble a preferred choice for staircases in homes?

Yes, it is recommended to opt for marble staircases as this stone is tough and can withstand rough use. You do not need high maintenance to keep marble good going for years.

What is the average cost estimate of marble staircases in India?

In India, if you opt for the basic white marble staircases, the price can range anywhere from INR150 per square foot to INR500 per square foot. The cost for the designer ones can go up to INR2500 per square foot.

Is marble a safe choice for staircases?

Yes, marble is safe to be used for staircases but it is suggested to go for unpolished marble as polished ones tend to get slippery and can cause accidents.