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The government of Andhra Pradesh (AP) is in charge of figuring out how much the state’s lands are worth. The market value of land in Andhra Pradesh hit its peak because the real estate business was doing so well. In March 2022, the government of Andhra Pradesh said that their money from stamps and registrations had increased by 35% from the previous year.

The fees for registering a car are based on what the car is worth or what it is worth on the market. The Inspector General of Revenue and Stamps charges and collects these fees (IGRS). Over the last few years, real estate investors have become increasingly interested in the state of Andhra Pradesh (AP), which has one of the most advanced metro areas in the country. 

It is thought that the AP real estate department registers more than 6,000 new properties daily, about 18 lakh new homes yearly. Even though the Andhra Pradesh Property and Land Registration department decided to raise taxes on real estate investments, the market value of the real estate in AP has reached its peak.

Andhra Pradesh’s Stamp Duty and Registration Fees

If you want to buy land, a flat, or a building in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, you are required by law to pay stamp duty and register the transaction with the Andhra Pradesh Property and Land Registration department. It is the highest level of government in the state, and this is true whether the property in question is a building or a piece of land.

Andhra Pradesh's stamp duty and registration fees
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The stamp duty and registration fees are based on the current market value of land in Andhra Pradesh, so it is essential to know what that value is. When selling a piece of real estate, it must be paid on a document like a sale deed, gift deed, or another similar instrument. To make the process easier, the government of Andhra Pradesh has set up a website.

The costs of registering property are 1%, the prices of transferring it are 1.5%, and the costs of stamping it are 5%. There are separate payments for the registration fees and the transfer fees. This state agency is in charge of registering more than 6,000 different properties every day. This means that about 18 lakh properties are reported every year because of this.

The circle rate or the property’s market value, which is lower, is used to determine the stamp duty and property registration fees. This is done so that the fees are as low as possible.

How to find out what land is worth on IGRS AP online?

If you do business in Andhra Pradesh, selling or buying property, you will need a property value certificate. To get a certification, you have to do several things that you have to do. You will need to show a picture of yourself to get your appraisal.

Before you rush to find out if the current Andhra Pradesh market values are reasonable, you must first go to the state offices and get the IGRS AP market value from the IGRS website. After that, you should try to figure out if the current market values in Andhra Pradesh are good or not. Knowing the land’s exact value for properties not used for farming is much more critical.

Find out how much market value of land in Andhra Pradesh is worth on the market:

Step-1- You first need to go to the official website for IGRS Andhra Pradesh.

Step 2- On the main page, look for the “Ease of Doing Business” section on the left side of the screen and click on the “Market Value Assistance” option. You’re about to go to a different page, and please hold on.

You could use either the Agricultural Land Market Value or the Non-Agricultural Land Market Value.

Step-3- Next, choose either “market value of agricultural land” or “market value of non-agricultural land,” depending on what kind of land value you want.

Step-4-Enter Other Details- like the village, the Mandal, and the district.

Step-5- Send the form in. Make sure you hit the button that says “submit.” After you finish this step, you can look up the current market value of land in AP.

Step-6- The homepage will show the current market value of land in the particular district, Mandal, and village. Find the right place, and then look into how much land costs in that area.

You can also find out how much land is worth on the market in your area by going to this website and following the directions there.

How Does AP Market Value Change When Market Value of Land in Andhra Pradesh Goes Up?

Because of choices made by the administration, the prices of homes in the communities near the new district headquarters have increased significantly. 

For example, the price of land in villages near Bapatla has increased to between INR 10 and 14 K per square yard, which is much more than the average price of INR 3 to 4 K per square yard. 

At the current rate of people trying to register their property, the amount of work that has to be done in land registration offices has increased by more than four times.

What makes buyers in AP willing to pay a specific price for the land?

  • Putting the land into groups (agricultural, non-agricultural, residential, commercial, among others).
  • What kind of home is it (residential, commercial, complex, gated community, standalone, plots, and others)?
  • The project is now in the phase called “locality.”

Who decides how much land on the market in AP is worth?

The IGRS AP is responsible for ensuring that the market value of properties in a particular area stays closer to the local currency’s rates.

These rates are changed so that the best possible registration fees can be charged on a real estate transaction to get the most money. This action stops people from lowering prices for no reason, which they would do otherwise to avoid paying registration fees.

What are the Determinants of the market value of Land in Andhra Pradesh?

After any change to the guideline value is made, a property’s value will change immediately and directly. This is one of the best ways for the government of the state of AP to make money.

But this doesn’t mean that the value of AP will keep going up forever. If the guideline value is higher, the property’s market value in AP will increase. The property’s market value will decrease if the recommendation value is lower.

The guidelines’ numbers are not picked randomly or based only on the market’s needs. They are built on a research foundation and carefully consider a wide range of criteria, such as how an area has changed over time.

How Much Does a Piece of Land Cost Per Unit?

Andhra Pradesh’s government figures out the Fair Value or Unit rate of agricultural land and then tells the public about it. The rate is based on how important the plot is, what kind of road it is, how easy it is to get to, and what kind of property it is. 

You can look up the current unit rate of land in Andhra Pradesh on the website of the Andhra Pradesh Government Registration & Stamp Department.

How to find out who owned a piece of land before me in AP when offline?

How to find out who owned a piece of land before me in AP when offline?

Go to, which is the Meebhoomi website. You will have to choose information about land conversion from the menu. Then, select the district, the zone, the name of the village, and the survey number. To finish, just click “Submit.” This will give you information about who owns the land in question.

How to be sure about the details of the plot in AP?

You will need to go to the Meebhoomi website to learn more about a plot in Andhra Pradesh. Choose the village you live in from the drop-down menu on the website. After that, you’ll need to give some information, like your name, Aadhaar number, survey number, and maybe more, to move forward.

What does “Guidance Value” mean regarding the Market Value of Land in Andhra Pradesh?

The market value, which comes from research done by the state government and is based on science, shows the lowest price at which real estate in a particular place should be sold. 

The Guidance Value is the least amount of money a piece of property can be registered for in a particular area. Because of this, the property won’t be sold for less than what it is worth on the market. This ensures that the seller will make at least a certain amount when their item sells.

Agriculture Land Value Certificate

After the request is processed and approved by the Tahasildar. The franchisee will send the Agriculture Land Value Certificate to the applicant’s address by courier, whether the delivery type is Speed Post local or non-local.

If the delivery method is by hand, the applicant can pick up the Agriculture Land Value Certificate from the MeeSeva franchisee where they first applied for the Certificate.

Why does the market value of Land in Andhra Pradesh fluctuate?

Guidance Values can be used for a wide range of characteristics in a particular area. Real estate comes in many forms, such as farmland, an apartment in a complex, a villa on its own, a planned development project, and so on.

This guiding value can also be used differently related to the place being talked about. Since this is the case, the guide value of a property is based on its development stage, which in turn affects its market value in AP. For example, a home in an area where people have lived for a long time would have a higher guidance value.

A seller has complete control over the price at which he sells his real estate property. The state government sets the market value of land in AP based on research and other factors, but the seller has complete control over the price at which he sells the property. A buyer can’t force a seller to sell their property at the Guidance Worth. The market value of AP land or property is decided by the government.


It is common knowledge that buying property in India can be challenging, and the state of Andhra Pradesh is no different, even though the market value is good there. People participating in the process often face several problems, and many say they have trouble getting past them.

Buying property in India could be tricky if you don’t stay up-to-date on the latest news about the many parts of real estate. In this way, the features we’ve discussed so far have given you important information about the market value in AP that may help you start buying a home.