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Every day, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), also known as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), supplies 3,850 million litres of water to the city of Mumbai. The BMC is also known as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

The Hydraulic Engineer Department of the MCGM, which would comprise some of the MCGM’s early divisions, is in charge of managing the Mumbai water supply system, which would be consistently ranked as one of the world’s most extensive. Seven lakes & dam valleys supply the city with water.

Some of these lakes & dam basins include Tansa, Tulsi, Vihar, Modak Sagar, Bhatsa, Upper Vaitarna, & Middle Vaitarna. The entering water is not immediately given to the city’s citizens until it is processed at one of the four treatment facilities to fulfill the drinking water regulations defined in IS 10500:2012. Residents in Mumbai receive the MCGM water bill, and the amount they owe is determined by the water they use.

MCGM water bills

Formerly recognized as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) now goes by its current name (BMC). The authority makes significant efforts to provide the citizens of Mumbai with the highest possible quality of service. They are employed in fields such as the control of water supplies, the management of cleanliness, fire and catastrophe rescue missions, health services, educational institutions, and many more.

MCGM water bills Pricing

Whenever it concerns pricing water, there needs to be a compromise reached that strikes a balance between being affordable and offsetting the costs of providing the service. This is reflected in the varied customer rates BMC offers, with housing as the determining element in each case. Regarding official costs, residences are required to pay 5.94 rupees per kilolitre, but informal settlements are only required to pay 4.44 rupees per kilolitre.

When it comes to the city’s informal settlements, which account for 42% of the total area, everyday behaviours and bureaucratic hurdles are the ones who run the show. People not connected to the municipal water system, such as homeless people or who have illegally encroached on private property, are not provided water service.

Approximately 1.9 million persons in the United States lack access to water that complies with the law. They were left to fend for themselves, and as a result, they usually employ connections that are not legitimate or pay inflated costs to buy from private merchants.

Following the findings of a study conducted by Pani Haq Samiti, a group that focuses on water rights, the most impoverished people end up paying the highest price for the smallest amount of water, devoting as much as 8% of their modest income to the purchase of the fundamental necessity.

MCGM water bills details

The water pricing rule book maintained by the BMC is followed by the sophisticated billing software utilized by the MCGM. One of the benefits of having a water meter put on one’s property is that it makes it possible to monitor and record the amount of water used by each resident every month.

The MCGM water bill is issued either monthly or every three months; the frequency is determined by the kind of connection, which might be a commercial, household, or industrial. After that, the MCGM publishes the bills and has them delivered to the resident’s residents through the Indian postal service.

In Mumbai, the water cost for homes with registered connections but don’t have meters is calculated depending on the proportion of property tax that the homeowner pays. If the meter readings are inaccurate or incomplete, a meter inspector is dispatched, and once the assessment is complete, the BMC water bill is issued.

Abhay Yojana, MCGM’s water bill

You can get information about your water bill by visiting the website at People who fail to pay their MCGM water bill by the due date are subject to a monthly charge equal to 2% of the total amount still owed on their MCGM water bill.

On the other hand, the Abhay Yojana was established to collect past-due payments and provide some aid to clients. This was done in an attempt to help customers.

People in MCGM can take advantage of the Abhay Yojana till the end of the covid-19 pandemic. This program enables individuals to pay their water bills to MCGM without incurring interest charges. On the other hand, if you cannot settle the water bills still owed to MCGM, the water supply will be turned off immediately.

To fully use the Abhay Yojana program, one must be a lawful permanent citizen of Maharashtra. They have to first sign up for an account on the website for the MCGM water bill.

CCN Number on MCGM Water Bill A CCN number is just a ten-digit alphanumeric consumer number of MCGM issued to any user who has registered for water delivery in Mumbai. This number can be found on each subscriber’s water bill. The CCN number needs to be provided to pay the MCGM water bill, download the nose, or receive a payment receipt, among other things. Understanding the CCN number is vital because of this requirement.

A printed version of the water bill will have the number on the left-hand side of such a document, making it very simple to locate.

Complaints and suggestions regarding the MCGM water bill

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is exceptionally skilled in managing complaints from the general public. You can contact the BMC’s helpline by dialing 1916, which will put you in touch with an operator through a Voice Response Interactive system (IVR).

You can also visit the BMC website and navigate to the “complaints” section of the menu. Choose the language you want to use, then fill out an online complaint form by choosing one of the 26 complaint types from a drop-down option.

Additionally, you can download the MyBMC 24X7 app; however, doing so is not obligatory (it would not allow me to sign in). This assertion is supported by the app’s rating of 1.6 out of 5 stars and the 2,000 reviews overall, the vast majority of which are harmful. The app isn’t the only thing that makes submitting a complaint with BMC a breeze; it’s also relatively straightforward. The hardest part is finding a resolution to the issue that will be acceptable to all parties involved.

How Can I View My Mumbai Water Bill Online for Mumbai?

The following is a list of the procedures that need to be taken to view your Mumbai water bill online:

  • Visit
How Can I View My Mumbai Water Bill Online for Mumbai?
  • Select “Download bills/receipts” from the list of available options in the pull-down menu.
  • Type in your CCN here.
  • To move forward, select the “Proceed” option.
  • Simply select the “Duplicate Bill” option.
  • Simply click the plus sign (‘+’) button to bring up the most recent version of your Mumbai water bill. Information including MCGM bill details, the bill number, the current total, the bill sum, and the billing date is included in the statement.

Where can I find a link to get the MCGM payment receipt for my water bill?

The following is a step-by-step guide for downloading your payment receipt for your MCGM water bill:

  • Check out the Aqua portal on the MCGM website > From the menu that drops down select Download Bills & Receipts > Please enter your CCN or MCGM Consumer Number >. To continue, select the button labelled Proceed.
  • Choose Duplicate Receipt > To see the content, select the View button.
  • To see more details about the receipt, extend it by clicking the plus sign ().
  • Your MCGM water bill payment receipts are now available for viewing.

MCGM water bill Name change

Changing the name registered to your MCGM water account is relatively simple. Changing your name on your MCGM water bill is straightforward once you’ve finished the necessary steps. You will need to go to the MCGM office closest to you to obtain an application form for changing your name.

Complete the form, then send it in with photocopies of such necessary documents and the appropriate fee to complete the request.

Documents required- 

  • A PAN card, an Aadhaar card, and a valid driver’s license are all required.
  • Certificate of ownership of the property
  • The property’s deed of sale was presented.
  • NOC from the vertical dealing with property taxes
  • To guarantee that all arrears are paid, the very last MCGM water bill that was due was paid.
  • The final receipt for the tax that was delivered.

Additionally, please check with the relevant authority to see whether or not any other documents need to be provided. After everything is finished, a copy of the receipt will be handed to you. Just after authorities have updated the status within record management based on the findings of the on-site verification. The new name would be reflected in the MCGM water bill that is generated during the subsequent billing cycle.

What is the procedure for downloading a duplicate copy of the MCGM water bill?

  • You can get a duplicate copy of MCGM’s water bill by going online and completing the instructions that are listed below:
  • Navigate to the website where you can obtain duplicate copies of your MCGM water bill.
  • Select “Download Bills/Receipts” from the list of available options in the dropdown menu > Please enter your MCGM Customer Number > Proceed.
  • Select the “Duplicate Bill” option > To see the content, select View.
  • To see more of the bill’s details, click the plus sign ( > ). You can now view your most recent and previous MCGM water invoices as a list.
What is the procedure for downloading a duplicate copy of the MCGM water bill?

MCGM Water Bill Payment Offline

Visit the BMC office that is most convenient for you if you want to pay your Mumbai water bill in person, and bring over a hard copy of the MCGM water bill. At the office, you can pay with cash, a check, a demand draft, a digital wallet, a bank account, or a UPI.

If you are paying with a check, you must make sure that the statement is made to Brihanmumbai Mahanagarpalika. On the reverse of the bill, make sure to write your CCN number and your phone number.

Make the payment using the following information if you want to use NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer):

IFSC Code: SBIN0000300 Account Name: MCGM Water Charges Account Number: MCGMWCSX10360115 MCGMWCSX10360115

MCGM Water Bill Online with MyBMC24x7 App,

Payments for Mumbai water bills can be made through the MYBMC24-7 app. The following guidelines will walk you through the process of paying your water bill in Mumbai via the app:

  • Install the MyBMC24C app by going to the Google Play Store.
  • Entering your name, registered cellphone number, and OTP will enable you to create your user profile (One Time Password).
  • Please log in using the login ID and password that you created.
  • Tap the ‘Water Bill’ option in the section labeled ‘Make Payment.’
  • Please enter your Customer Number (CCN).
  • Simply validate the CCN by clicking on the link provided.
  • Click on ‘Register CCN.’
  • After completing the registration process, you can pay your water bill online.
  • Confirm all your information.
  • Pick the mode of online payment that you like to use to pay the water bill.


Is BMC the same thing as MCGM?

According to the BMC’s general administration office, the name Bombay was changed to Mumbai in 1996, and the word for Greater Bombay was changed to BrihanMumbai at a particular time. Because of this, everybody should refer to it as BMC rather than MCGM.

What exactly does MCGM do for a living?

To supply the people of Mumbai with essential goods, services, and conveniences. They require 2.3 A concise historical and organizational breakdown of the public authority or local self-government. It is the responsibility of the MCGM to deliver services to the people living in Mumbai City and its suburbs following the terms of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act of 1888.