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Nowadays, having one’s own house seems less like a luxury and more like a must for everyday life. However, only a select few people can make this dream a reality. The Maharashtra Government introduced a lottery program known as the “MHADA Konkan lottery” under the auspices of the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) to make housing more accessible for the general population.

The MHADA Konkan Lottery is the name given to this program that consists of a lottery in which housing units are distributed based on the lottery results. However, a charge is associated with using these different units. The Board’s divisional headquarters are located in Mumbai, and the regions of Thane, Raigad, Ratnagiri, & Sindhudurg under the Sindhudurg Division fall within the Board’s jurisdictional authority.

The Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority, which has its headquarters in Mumbai, is the organization in charge of that and is responsible for overseeing the Board’s business.

In October of the previous year, the Konkan board held a lottery draw for 8,984 available dwellings. There were 2.46 million people who applied and showed interest. According to MHADA, the lottery winners of properties secured from property developers through a 20 percent quota have already been started, and these houses were purchased from private developers.

MHADA Konkan Lottery 2022 

Approximately 2,46,650 registrations, including advance payment deposits (EMDs) for MHADA Lottery 2022, were accepted by the MHADA Konkan board. The submission deadline for submissions via the MHADA online form is September 30, 2022. On the very first day of enrollment for the MHADA lottery 2022 in Mumbai, upwards of 19,000 prospective buyers of homes expressed some interest in entering the lottery.

This lottery was billed as one of the largest lotteries for property draws and was widely considered among the most significant such lotteries. To apply for one of these lottery homes, individuals were required to visit the site for the Mumbai location, complete the MHADA online form 2022, and register for the MHADA lottery 2022.

Every year, the MHADA conducts a lottery that distributes more than 3000 housing units to applicants. However, the MHADA lottery 2022 would most likely expand the number of available housing in its subsequent lottery. This article will teach you everything you need to know about the MHADA lottery 2022 and the MHADA lottery result date for 2022.

Goals of MHADA Lottery

Uplifting society is the primary focus of the MHADA program, and this is accomplished primarily through providing high-quality housing amenities. The need for reasonably priced housing has skyrocketed in recent years as a direct result of the relentless march of the industrial revolution. People who might have moved to rural areas in search of better educational opportunities, employment opportunities, and an overall higher standard of living are the target demographic for the MHADA lottery.

The allotment of homes, as well as the ongoing maintenance of these housing colonies, were the primary responsibilities of the housing board that was involved. The Government of Maharashtra planned to provide a constant supply of water, drainage, street lighting, and public toilets to keep up with the fast urbanization and increase in population that it was experiencing.

The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) initiated the slum development program. It took different policies for the broad sense of uplifting living standards throughout seven other locations in Maharashtra. This was done as a part of a more comprehensive approach to addressing the possible problems.

MHADA Lottery Conducted For BDD Redevelopment

A lottery is held by the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) to allocate apartments to eligible tenants currently living in older buildings in lower Parel. The rebuilding of Bombay development directorate Chawls that people have been waiting for the most eagerly. The building’s foundation has not been laid; hence the construction has not yet begun.

As many as 272 occupants will be relocated as part of this effort, making it the most extensive relocation initiative ever attempted in the country. The lottery is being held for the BDD Chawl plot that is five hectares in size and is located on NM Joshi Marg in Lower Parel. A temporary living arrangement will be provided for them to use until their structures can be repaired.

This area has a total of 32 shawls that are home to the approximately 2560 people who call this place their home. Up to this point, about 607 out of 800 tenants living in ten shawls have been recognized as qualified recipients for resettlement.

Transgender Housing Initiative in Maharashtra

A first-of-its-kind housing initiative exclusively geared toward the transgender community is currently in the planning stages. It won’t be long till it’s officially sanctioned, and we’ll get started on the project very shortly. The idea calls for transgender people living in Nagpur to be given access to 150 residences of 450 square feet each.

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, there is a transgender community large enough to warrant the development of a housing scheme for this demographic. A program that gives transgender individuals access to affordable housing is just one of the efforts suggested by the Social Welfare Department of the government of Maharashtra.

This is one of the projects proposed by the Maharashtra government. Because our culture has not adequately accepted transgender people up to this point, the purpose of such an endeavor is to assist transgender people with the hope of improving their lives.

It may be challenging for transgender people to buy or rent a house in a beautiful neighborhood due to the stigma related to transgender people and their gender identity.

MHADA Konkan Lottery 2022 Prices of Units 

MHADA has established a standard cost for residential units under each income bracket. The following is a list of the pricing for apartments:

  • The candidates who fall under the EWS category will pay less than Rs. 20 lakh for their unit.
  • The pricing strategy for residential housing available to LIG candidates will be between 20 and 30 lakh rupees.
  • Units for MIG applicants would cost between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 60,000, depending on the unit size.
  • The prices of homes reserved for HIG applicants will range anywhere from 60 thousand rupees to 5.8 million rupees.

You can get a house loan from the bank to purchase residential property through the MHADA lottery program if it is something you are going to do. Home loans for large amounts up to 10 crore rupees can be obtained through Navi at interest rates that are among the most competitive available, beginning at 7.39 percent per year. In addition, borrowers can select a repayment term that is anywhere from 5 to 30 years long.

Steps to Register for MHADA Lottery

Candidates interested in applying can finish their MHADA registration by following these steps.

  • Please check out the MHADA’s official website. You may either establish a new account or login into an existing one.
Steps to Register for MHADA Lottery
Steps to Register for MHADA Lottery
  • Please enter all required details, including your mobile number, and validate the OTP.
  • On the next page, provide your personal and professional information and upload your documents using the JPEG file type.
  • Make a payment via the online system to complete this application.
  • Following the conclusion of the process in its entirety, you will be given an acknowledgment slip.

Eligibility for MHADA Pune Lottery

The following is a list of the eligibility criteria that the MHADA authority has established for those who wish to apply again for the lottery scheme:

  • The applicant must be over the age of 18 to be considered.
  • The applicant must demonstrate that they are legally allowed to live and work in Maharashtra by presenting a domicile certificate.
  • They need to possess a PAN card.
  • It is expected that the candidate will be a salaried professional.
  • Applicants must verify their income.

Lottery Refund Policy

If the applicants are unsuccessful in winning the lottery, the authority will provide those citizens a return for the money they spent on entering. This sum will be repaid to you during the following week. According to the Pune Board, any individual who does not win will have their whole bet refunded. The process of issuing refunds will begin in November and continue throughout the entire month of November until it is completed.

Lottery Online Registration Begins

As you are all aware, the Maharashtra Housing as well as Area Development Authority (MHADA) offers homes at prices that are reasonable to residents who fall into the middle-income category as well as those who fall into the low-income group. A lottery is used as the method of allocation for this process.

All candidates whose names are listed in this lottery are obligated to present the relevant authorities with all the necessary paperwork at the appointed time. This year there are a total of 5,579 available apartments, in addition to 68 plots of land. Beginning at 2:30 p.m. on the 10th of December 2022, participants can begin the registration procedure for the MHADA lottery.

After completing the registration process, there will be a drawing for a lucky prize. On January 22, the names of all those individuals whose names were selected will be disclosed.

The official document for the MHADA konkan lottery may be found on the organization’s website. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit to complete the necessary steps to submit their information.


The MHADA graphic is only helpful in the regions that have been specifically identified. Suppose an individual meets the requirements that the MHADA has outlined for qualification. In that case, individuals can apply for the lottery scheme by enrolling online and completing three straightforward tasks. We hope that this post was able to give you information that will help you better understand MHADA Konkan.