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The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority, also referred to as ( MHADA), has schemes that give residents of Maharashtra full access to affordable residential properties. As the population of India is increasing every day, people in this country want to live a comfortable life and also want to live in well-structured houses.

Everyone has a plan to buy his own home, but for multiple reasons, only some can fulfil it. Still, most of the population in the country is middle class or upper class, which cannot meet up with the plan of buying their dream houses with the Money they earn every month.

The MHADA Lottery Mumbai offers over 1,300 low-cost homes through a lottery ticket, and people will apply for this are segregated based on their income. Under this scheme, good flats will be distributed to the citizens of Maharashtra state belonging to the economically backward category.

The cost of these houses ranges from RS. 14.6 lakh to Rs. 5.8 crores and the outcome of this distribution depends on the income group. This is a redevelopment project under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana which prioritizes giving permanent houses to thousands of middle-class citizens of the country.

Latest News

In the latest news in the town, MHADA is set to offer cheap housing to residents of Maharashtra. In an online MHADA, a record had been made that 4744 houses will be given in Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad, Solapur, and Kolhapur. The government has made it clear that 4744 homes, out of which 2092 are still active under the 20% comprehensive scheme and 2685 remain, are meant for all other groups. And here, MHADA Lottery Mumbai 2022 plays a great role.

Depending on your average monthly salary, you can apply for this MHADA Lottery by paying a nominal MHADA Mumbai lottery registration fee. Now that you have a basic understanding of this lottery, In this article, information about applications under MHADA Lottery Mumbai, available flats, who can apply for apartments, eligibility criteria, documents required, price of flats, and so on will be analyzed.

What is the MHADA Lottery?

MHADA Lottery Mumbai 2022: MHADA, or Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority, is a nodal agency developed by Maharashtra under the government’s ambitious housing scheme, known as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, to give good and affordable homes to 7500 Indian households in a year. Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority lottery is a popular way of offering low-cost houses across Maharashtra.

The first MHADA Lottery scheme, which came into action, was established in 2012 with the proper agenda of providing over 2600 residents in Mumbai through a lottery system. Nitin Mahajan, Chief of Konkan Board, mentioned in his statement that the lottery will be drawn in May, and the winner will be able to get the house of their choice.

To reduce the rate of poor people in the country, the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) aims to provide affordable housing opportunities to homeless people in the state through different lottery schemes. This particular offer is available in multiple states, including Maharashtra.

Under the MHADA Lottery Maharashtra government planned to build 30 million well-structured houses for middle-class people in the country, which were created by state government authorities. Therefore, the MHADA Lottery scheme is the best for helping citizens to achieve the house they have dreamed of.

How Does MHADA Lottery Works and Benefits People?

MHADA Lottery is owned by a government portal and not a private agency. Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority scheme is a non-profit organization (NGO). No one can represent this great organization as they have created hope for poor people in the country. This organization has focused on providing home facilities at affordable prices for people who want a good home they have been dreaming about for a long time. 

People are losing their Money because they are too eager to buy the property, and they get scammed by fake property dealers. This organization is well structured and smartly designed. So, citizens of Maharashtra can get the house they dream of in the following popular cities: Pune, Mumbai, and Aurangabad. There are a lot of benefits for citizens of Maharashtra under the MHADA.

Following are a few benefits of MHADA Mumbai Lottery 2022:

  • Affordable rate: Citizens of Maharashtra can buy their dream houses at very low and reasonable prices. You can get a flat in Maharashtra today at an affordable rate.
  • Transparency lottery system: The flats are allocated using the lucky draw strategy, which means it is not easy to win. It’s very hard to win the lottery. It is a transparent system that allows people to get their Money back if they did not appear on the lottery winning list. It’s absolutely good for everyone.
  • Home for the weaker section: Under Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority lottery scheme, more vulnerable sections of the society can also get affordable houses, including EWS, LIG, MIG, and HIG.
  • Excellent location: Under Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority lottery scheme, flats are being constructed in well-developed areas. People living in Maharashtra can buy houses in different Maharashtra locations such as Mumbai, Pune, Amravati, Nagpur, Aurangabad, etc.
  • The lottery program is fixed yearly, and many people get benefits.
  • The homes offered under the MHADA Mumbai lottery will be of the latest design and technology.

Types of Lottery Under MHADA Lottery 

  • Mumbai Board MHADA Lottery 2022
  • Pune Board MHADA Lottery 2022
  • Nashik Board MHADA Housing Scheme Draw 
  • MHADA Housing Scheme Konkan Board
  • MHADA Housing Scheme Draw For Aurangabad Board
  • Nagpur Board MHADA Housing Scheme Draw
  • Amravati Board MHADA Housing Scheme Draw
  • Kolhapur MHADA Lottery scheme 

MHADA Lottery Housing Scheme 2022 Overview 

Name of Scheme MHADA Lottery 2022 List 
Launched byMaharashtra Government 
Name of Department Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA)
Main Objective To provide affordable housing for the economically weaker section of society.
BeneficialPeople of Maharashtra who are a group of EWS, LIG, and MIG Categories
Benefits Housing at affordable rates
Late Date of Application Announced Soon 
Official web portal
Post Category State Housing Scheme

MHADA Lottery 2021 Mumbai Area List 

Below is the MHADA lottery 2021 Mumbai area list that will give you full details, including the area name, scheme code, and scheme name:

Area Scheme Code Scheme Name 
Thane290Parsik Nagar 
Thane291Parsik Nagar 
Thane298Bhayandar Pada

Projects Under MHADA Lottery Mumbai 2022

Below is the list of names of places where housing projects are located:

  • Mumbai 
  • Shankar Nagar Chembur
  • Chandivali
  • Palghar
  • Ashokvan
  • Shastri Nagar
  • Nashik 
  • Powai

MHADA Latest Updates and News 

The MHADA lottery is back after a 4 years long break. In the news release some months back, Housing Minister ( Jitendra Awhad) has announced the MHADA Lottery program. He stated that over 3,015 apartments in the pahadi area of Goregaon will be available for lottery starting from 2023. The last lottery Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority held in Mumbai was in 2018. You can stay active on all news platforms so that you will be able to get full details of this organization.

Price of Houses under MHADA Housing Scheme 

Category Flats Price of house 
NEWS63Under RS 20 lakh
LIG126RS 20 lakhs – 30 lakhs 
MIG201RS 35 lakhs – 60 lakhs 
HIG194Rs 60 lakhs – RS 5.8 crore

MHADA Lottery Mumbai Location and No. Of Units 

Location of houses – Vartak Nagar, ThaneNo. Of Units – 67 houses
Location of houses – Thane City – Various housesNo. Of Units, 821 houses
Location of houses – Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai No. Of Units, 40 houses
Location of houses – Gotheghar – Thane RuralNo. Of Units – 1185 houses
Location of houses – Waliv – VasaiNo. Of Units – 2016 houses
Location of houses – Bhandarli, Thane – Rural No. Of Units – 1771 houses
Location of houses – Khoni – Kalyan Rural No. Of Units – 2016 houses

As mentioned by Chief Nitin Mahajan, these figures will only increase in the coming years. A new house agreement is also prepared to be signed with the tenants in a new MHADA project in Mumbai.

Eligibility Criteria:- MHADA Lottery Mumbai 2022

Below are some criteria that applicants for this lottery must meet before any move:

  • The MHADA lottery 2022 only accepts applicants from 18 years old upward.
  • The MHADA lottery 2022 applicants must have a domicile certificate that will showcase that the applicant has lived in Maharashtra for a good 15 continuous years.
  • The MHADA lottery 2022 applicants must be permanent Maharashtra residents.
  • The MHADA lottery 2022 applicants with an income of Rs 25,001 to Rs 50,000 can apply under the low-class income group category. 50,001 to Rs 75,000 can apply under the middle-income group category, and RS 75,000 and above can apply for flats under the High-income group category. This group is specifically meant for those that are earning a better salary.
  • It is a must for any applicants for the MHADA lottery 2022 to have a PAN card. There’s no excuse for any missing PAN card.
  • The MHADA lottery applicants should not have any flat allotted by any government development authority.

Document Needed For MHADA Lottery Mumbai 2022

Applying for the MHADA Lottery program is like using it for work in an office because you will need some documents to be verified. Certain Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority lottery documents must be kept in case you plan to apply for this lottery system.

It’s very important to have all the necessary documents with you because without the document mentioned below in this article, you will not be eligible for any houses under this scheme, even if you have registered early. Try and get the below documents for the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority office in Mumbai so that your application will not be rejected. 

To participate in the MHADA lottery Mumbai 2022, you need the following:

  • Aadhar Card of the applicant 
  • PAN Card: This PAN card must be a valid one that can be verified online easily.
  • Voter ID Card
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Domicile certificate (which shows you have been living in Maharashtra for at least 15 years.
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Birth certificate of the applicant 
  • School leaving certificate
  • Bank account details
  • Email ID
  • Income certificate.
  • Applicant’s contact details.

MHADA Lottery Mumbai Dates

There will be trending news for the MHADA lottery in Mumbai Goregaon very soon. As this will be announced publicly to the world. The application for the lottery will commence starting in August 2022. The advertisement will carry all necessary information based on the MHADA Mumbai lottery 2022 Mumbai area list, how Goregaon MHADA lottery 2022 can be procured, and the MHADA Mumbai lottery 2022 registration date, among others.

Based on the analysis made by PWD and Housing Minister Jitendra Awhad, the expected housing units to be built this year will reach 3015. Out of 2015 units, it has been planned that 1947 units will be preserved for an economically backward section of people who do not have any houses without getting shelter. The remaining units will be distributed between LIG, MIG, and HIG groups.

The eligible participants can make registration of flats through an online or offline process. This lottery will be held for those residents who agreed to redevelopment and currently staying in transit homes.

Procedure to make Application for MHADA Lottery Mumbai 2022

Follow the below steps to register for the MHADA lottery without any mistakes:

First Stage Registration

  • First, visit the official website of Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority, Government of Maharashtra.
Procedure to make Application for MHADA Lottery Mumbai 2022
  • Firstly create your account by clicking on the register option.
Procedure to make Application for MHADA Lottery Mumbai 2022
  • Next, you must insert basic information on the MHADA form 2022, such as the mobile number and generated OTP. Click on the submit button.
  • Verify your phone number for registration confirmation.
  • After the confirmation of the phone number, your registration will complete automatically.

Second Step Lottery Application Form

  • After completing the registration, you are now on your way to filling out the lottery Application Form.
  • For the application, you have to insert 8 types of details under the application form. Below is the information to fill:
  1. Name of the applicant (Username)
  2. Monthly income
  3. PAN card details
  4. Applicants details
  5. Applicant Address with pin code
  6. Contact Details
  7. Bank Account Details
  8. Confirmation Code
  • After all the listed information, you can upload all the necessary documents in a particular section in JPEG format.
  • Lastly, click on the submit button after uploading all the required information.

Third Step Payment

  • Now, After filling out the application form, the next thing to do is to make payment for the application form fee.
  • Pay the required application fee as per your convenience payment method like Net Banking, UPI, etc.
  • Lastly, after following all the steps, go to Cafe and take a printout of this application form and ensure the document is saved for future purposes.

Below are tabulated registration fees, also referred to as EMD ( Earnest Money Deposit), for the MHADA lottery system on income groups:

NEWSRs 5,560
LIGRs 10,560
MIGRs 15,560
HIGRs 20,560

Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) Lottery 2022 Refund Policy

The MHADA lottery is a famous scheme and program that many people in India find interesting. Naturally, owing to the limited number of housing units, many applicants lose their interest in the lottery, while some fail to get the house of their dream. However, MHADA ensures they return all unsuccessful registered applicants’ Money to them. You can also check the analysis on their official website at

For some reason, if the applicant does not make it to winning the MHADA lottery Mumbai 2022 lottery draw, the MHADA lottery 2022 authority will then refund the amount spent by the applicant within 7 working days. 

How to Check the Refund Status 

If you have not received your refund of application money or  you don’t know how to check the refund status, then you can follow the steps below:

How to Check the Refund Status 
  • Enter your username/application number and year of lottery and click on submit button.
  • After entering the correct details, you will be redirected to a webpage where you can check the MHADA lottery 2022 refund status.
  • Click on the link provided to check it.

Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority lottery 2022 Helpline Number 

  • 022-26598923/24
  • 022-26592692/93

In conclusion, the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority lottery has played an important role in providing affordable housing units to people in the apartment of Maharashtra. This MHADA lottery is a dream come true for many people, especially those not earning much Money. Apart from the flats offered by MHADA, participants can also take a home loan from a bank or financing company. MHADA Lottery Mumbai 2022 will be a great chance for the poor people in the country to get the house they dream of in Mumbai city.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is MHADA a government organization or a private organization?

Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority ( MHADA) is a statutory housing authority and a nodal agency owned by Maharashtra’s government. This organization is structured by the Indian government to provide affordable housing to different people in the state. 7.50 lakhs houses have been provided by MHADA across the state, of which 2.5 lakhs are in Mumbai.

2. How can I apply for MHADA Lottery 2022? 

You can apply for this lottery immediately; the date has been announced by Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority, and you will be able to use it online.