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The costs of purchasing a home are typically a barrier for potential homeowners, even though everyone dreams of one day being a homeowner. Within the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna, the government has initiated several initiatives to address this problem. 

This effort, which aims to offer affordable housing facilities to economically disadvantaged areas of the state, includes the MHADA lottery program as one of its components. Here you can learn about all important factors of the MHADA lottery, such as online application, eligibility, results, draw date, and winner list.

What Does It Mean to Participate in the MHADA Lottery Scheme?

The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority, also called MHADA, is an organization that does not seek to generate profits for its members and is founded in 1948. Through the MHADA lottery program, this organization helps to make affordable housing available to members of society who are more economically disadvantaged.

This program is designed to assist people in a range of income brackets, including those in the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), Middle Income Group (MIG), Low Income Group (LIG), and High Income Group (HIG) (HIG).

With the help of this program, consumers can purchase homes in some of the most highly desirable neighborhoods of Pune and Mumbai at prices that are within their financial reach. The prices of the flats available through the MHADA lottery 2021 are significantly lower than those of private builders.

However, interested persons should closely watch the developments surrounding the MHADA lottery to simplify the application process.

Under the MHADA Lottery 2022, Online Registration Began on April 1, 2019.

A housing lottery draw will be held very soon by the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) for the tenants currently dwelling in the Bombay Development Directorate (BDD) Chawls at NM Joshi Marg. 

Initially, the lottery was scheduled to take place in March of 2022. However, it was postponed because a statewide lockdown was ordered in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

The MHADA plan lottery draw is scheduled to take place soon now that the state government has authorized certain operations. Residents who have agreed to reconstruct their neighborhood and are currently residing in transitional housing will be eligible to participate in the lottery. 

According to the records kept by MHADA, there have only been a total of 269 tenants who have moved into transit houses.

 In the first phase of the redevelopment project, there will be seven skyscrapers on the site, and each tower will have 22 stories. Together, these towers will house 1,200 apartments.

The MHADA Mill Worker lottery Draw’s primary objective is to provide low-income families with access to affordable housing programs. According to the reports, the information on the MHADA 2022 draw will be provided by Mr. Jitendra Awhad. Who serves as the housing minister for the state of Maharashtra.


Based on the reports, the Minister of Housing divulged that more than 95% of the apartments have already been assigned to individuals who qualify for Mhada benefits. 

Consequently, the people who have benefited from the program are part of the economically disadvantaged segment, also known as the Lower income Group or EWS (LIG). 

As a consequence of this, some residents are unable to purchase a home. As a result, the Maharashtra State Government will be able to provide each winner with their very own house thanks to the MHADA 2022 Lottery Draw program.

The MHADA Lottery Was Carried Out To Fund The BDD Redevelopment

A lottery is held by the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) to distribute apartments to eligible tenants currently living in older structures in lower Parel. The rebuilding of Bombay development directorate Chawls that people have been waiting for the most eagerly. 

The building’s foundation has not been laid, so the construction has not yet begun. For 272 occupants, this relocation effort will be the most extensive resettlement operation ever attempted in the nation. 

The lottery is being held for the BDD Chawl plot that is five hectares in size and is located on NM Joshi Marg in Lower Parel. A temporary living arrangement will be provided for them to use until their structures can be repaired. 

This area has a total of 32 chawls that are home to the approximately 2560 people who call this place their home. Up to this point, about 607 out of 800 tenants residing in ten chawls have been recognized as qualified recipients for resettlement.

S. Nandgaonkar and Kesarkar were the first people to win the lotto. Congratulations to them! Bandra, the location of the Housing Board’s headquarters, is where the draw takes place (East).

Statement by Chief minister

According to the statements made by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, the construction work will be of excellent quality and will be finished within the allotted time. The Bhumi Pujan of the new community would take place within the next 15–20 days.

This lottery was initially scheduled to take place in March of 2020, but it was put on hold because of the widespread coronavirus epidemic. The draw will also be available online on the MHADA website, the organization’s central communication hub. 

Senior MHADA officers such as Aditya Thakre and Aslam Shaikh, Mayor Kishori Pednekar, and State Housing Minister Jitendra award were present during the draw.

Eligibility Criteria for Participation in the MHADA Lottery Housing Program

●       The applicant must be at least 18 years old to be considered.

●       All applicants need to demonstrate that they have a stable residence in the state of Maharashtra. To do this, they will require a Domicile Certificate. It will attest that they have resided in Maharashtra for 15 years without interruption.

●       Documentation attesting to the amount of money earned during the accounting period. (average monthly income, excluding reimbursements like transport, medical, laundry allowance, etc.).

●       Applicants who fall under the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category. They have a monthly income of fewer than 25,000 rupees and are eligible to apply.

●       Applicants whose annual income falls between Rs. 25,001 and Rs. 50,000 are eligible to submit their applications under the Lower Income Group category (LIG).

●       Candidates whose annual income is between Rs. 501,001 and Rs. 75,000 are eligible to apply to the Middle Income Group (MIG).

●       Applicants with an annual income of Rs 75,001 or more are eligible to apply to the High-income Group (HIG) category.

●       The applicant is required to present their Permanent Account Number (PAN) card.

Mill Worker Aurangabad Lottery Winner List & Wait List 2022

After an eternity, MHADA finally released the Aurangabad Mill Worker Lottery Scheme notification in April 2022. The MHADA Housing Draw program 2022 received an overwhelming number of submissions of applications. It appeared as though the draw would take place very shortly. 

In addition, we want to extend our best wishes to the candidates who successfully won their property, despite having less than ideal odds in the draw or a hot chance.

What is the policy for returning your money if you lose at the MHADA lottery?

If the names of the applying candidates do not show on the list of people who won the lottery. Then there is no need for you to be concerned about this circumstance.

●       The candidate’s payment will be refunded by the authority concerned about the situation.

●       This payment will be reimbursed to you within seven (7) working days from the request received.

●       In the case of the Pune Board Scheme, MHADA will, up until the end of November. Reimburse the application fee for unsuccessful candidates receiving the position they had applied for.

Checking the Status of Your MHADA Lottery Refund According to These Procedures

●       To begin, you must go to the “Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority” website, which is the official site. After you have completed this step, the homepage will load up in its place in front of you.

Checking the Status of Your MHADA Lottery Refund According to These Procedures

● You will need to input your username, application number, and the year of the lottery event on the website’s homepage. Before clicking the “submit” button.

Checking the Status of Your MHADA Lottery Refund According to These Procedures

● Following this step, a new page will load in front of you. On this screen, you will see a heading that reads “Refund Status.” To do this, you need to click on the link displayed on the screen. Then check the status of your refund.

Purchasing MHADA Flats on the Resale Market Through the MHADA Lottery

Because the MHADA flats are being sold to ensure that economically disadvantaged members of society have access to housing. The state government has placed some restrictions on the resale of these housing units. 

These restrictions are intended to protect the interests of those economically disadvantaged members of society. Only after five years have passed since the original purchase. Then only the owner of an MHADA flat be permitted to sell the property. 

If you intend to acquire the apartment through a third party, consider the following information:

●       The following are the documents that the home’s seller is required to provide:

●       A certificate from the society stating that there are no outstanding dues.

●       A letter confirming the allotment, a transfer certificate, and any additional original documentation.

●       Both the seller and the buyer are responsible for paying an equal portion of the society membership transfer fee.

●       You need to request MHADA for the transfer certificate after you have purchased the resale flat.

●       In addition, you need to make sure that a power of attorney is transferred to your name.