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If you are an Indian, you might have gone through things like placing things as per Vastu. And in these things, the mirror plays an excellent role in maintaining it. On the webpage, you will find how crucial is the mirror placement as per Vastu in your home.

Hence, After reading this post, you will learn about Vastu and keeping a mirror can be more effective for living a happy and safe life.

Importance of Vastu

Vastu plays a significant role in one’s life. But many could believe it, and some could avoid it because of today’s modernity and busy schedule. Hence to keep life healthier, safe going, and better, Vastu holds a significant role in all these. It also plays an essential role in science as maintaining the Vastu of home balances the natural science of panch tattva in one’s life. 

Vastu keeps things in balance, so these five tattvas can give us positive vibes and help bring up one’s destiny. It makes a fortune going healthier. 

How Mirror Plays a Crucial role in Vastu.

Keeping mirrors in some recommended directions of the house spreads excellent and effective positive vibes. Also, if it gets placed incorrectly, it might spread negative and less effective vibes over the house. We can see the entire us in the mirror, and it gives an exact reflection of one’s. Like our reflection, the mirror can reflect good and bad vibes around us and multiply their presence. 

According to Vastu, if the mirror is placed in a suitable corner of the house, it can multiply the positive vibes around people. And if it is placed in the wrong order, it can even convert positive vibes into negative ones and adversely affect health and career.

Dealing with the placement of the mirror as per Vastu

1. Mirror must be fixed in the right direction

Mirror must be fixed in the right direction
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The place of the mirror must not change many times a month or year. It must have a fixed setup. Most people who have masters in Vastu suggest keeping the mirror in the East direction and its alternatives to the house. According to the Vastu, the sun rising in the east direction is the most effective direction. Hence, keeping the mirror in the east corner of the house multiplies the positive and effective vibes smoothly and brings the best fortune to the people.

2. The Shape of the mirror also matters in Vastu.

The Shape of the mirror also matters in Vastu
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According to Vastu, the mirror must have a perfect finite and defined shape. It must not be an irregular and erratic shape. Vastu finds it spreading negative vibes when it has a rough outline. So people should prefer to keep a good and finite shaped mirror to bring a healthier life for their family. 

3. Avoid keeping Broken Mirror in the House.

Avoid keeping Broken Mirror in the House
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One must avoid keeping the broken mirror in their house. It brings unlimited negativity to the home. Also, these adverse energies can prove to be harmful to the family. As soon as the mirror gets broken, it should be replaced for the family members’ well-being.

4. A mirror must be present at the Entrance of the place.

A mirror must be present at the Entrance of the place
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Keeping a mirror at the place’s entrance proved to be practical and elegant for the fortune by bringing extraordinary positive energy into the home. If a person enters the house with some negative energy, the mirror placed at the entrance will absorb their negative vibes, resulting in a turn into positive, balanced, lively vibes.

5. Avoid keeping multiple mirrors in the same place.

Avoid keeping multiple mirrors in the same place
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The collection of multiple mirrors in the same place is a signature of modernity, but the Vastu does not recommend it. Keeping a group will mix up all positive and negative vibes, which can adversely affect one’s destiny. According to Vastu, it can have a profound adverse impact on the career. Like facing fluctuations in the market or lessening the savings and bad health is the result of it.

6. The mirror should keep beside the bed in the bedroom.

The mirror should keep beside the bed in the bedroom
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The mirror should not face the bed, according to the Vastu. While keeping so, it adversely affects the personal life and health of the ones. When Keeping it beside the bed, the mirror absorbs positive vibes and reflects the extraordinary and generous dash of the person.

Conclusion to the subject 

At the end of this piece of work, you have learned how crucially a mirror plays a role in one’s life. The mirror has two primary functions in everyone’s life in terms of Vastu: 

  • If it is placed in the right direction, it can absorb the entire worldly positivity and brings you the best fortune.
  • If not placed in the right corner and has an irregular shape, it can adversely affect one’s fortune. In this case, the mirror only absorbs the lively negativity around people and can multiply it around them.

One must consult a Vastu reader for themselves or themselves knows of it. The knowledge of the principles, guidelines and positive vibes by the Vastu can fill a lot of upbringing and the best fortune for the family.