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The city dweller population and the demand for urban housing are expanding at an alarming rate across India’s metropolitan areas. Moreover, the construction industry has not been capable of keeping up with these steadily rising demands despite their rapid increase.

The Indian government has officially started to endorse substantial affordable housing units as a solution to the shortage of housing in urban areas as a response to the unending demand for accommodation that they are experiencing. In this article, the Mivan construction technology will be explained- 

To satisfy the growing demand for housing within everyone’s price range, the government and the real estate sector are significantly focusing on utilizing innovative building techniques. Mivan Technology is another option that deserves consideration. The Mivan shuttering method of construction is an emerging technology displacing more traditional building practices. 

Currently, only a small number of real estate developers in the country are using this technology, as most still rely on traditional methodology. And suppose you wish to tackle the serious concerns of the construction sector, such as build quality, accessibility of expert workers, and timely ownership. In that case, you need to implement the Mivan construction technology.

mivan construction technology
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Understanding Mivan Construction Technology  

The framework of the Mivan is made of aluminum and stuffed with various materials such as cement and concrete. The innovative and cutting-edge building practices reflected in Casagrand Crescendo are made possible thanks to the incorporation of Mivan technology.

The use of the Mivan shuttering approach assists builders in completing a project much more quickly than would be possible using the typical and conventional methods of construction. In today’s world, where people grow up with busy, fast-paced lives, there is a strong emphasis placed on the efficiency of the building process. 

Mivan technology has been promoted because of its capacity to assist in mass housing construction; however, its use in India has not been extensive. This method, which allows for the construction of reasonably priced and technologically advanced households, has been adopted by only a select few premium builders.

However, the Indian government is also trying to encourage its use by incorporating it into a comprehensive housing plan for the year 2022. This will take place in the year 2022.

How Does Everything Work in Mivan Construction Technology?

After leaving the MIVAN factory, each panel receives a distinct label to make sure that it will be simple to recognize at the construction site and that it will be possible to smoothly fit it together using the formwork modulation drawings. The corner serves as the starting point for all the formwork, and work continues outward from there.

A straightforward pin-and-wedge system that operates through holes within the external rib of each panel serves to keep the discussions in their appropriate places. There is no need for additional bracing because the panels have a precise, straightforward, and secure fit.

A hammer is a single tool required to get the job done for unskilled laborers, so building construction can be done quickly and effortlessly. After the panels have already been numbered, there is no need to perform any further measurements. Tower cranes aren’t required for the erection process because it is done manually. Consequently, the floor-to-floor construction process usually takes between four and five days.

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An Efficient and Quick Approach to Housing Solutions

The one-of-a-kind V-shaped prop head seems to be among the primary technical features that empower this ape to be attained using a single set of formwork panels. This head enables the “quick strip” to take place while leaving the propping unaffected. It is one of the primary technical features that will allow this aped to be attained. As a result, the deck panels could be resumed immediately. 

With cutting-edge design software, the formwork is conceived only by employing the selection of panel sizes that provides the most significant possible savings in total cost. Together, the application of the software and the designers’ years of experience and expertise guarantee an effective construction method.

This is accomplished by incorporating the most effective assembly processes, cost-effective panel selection, and, eventually, the lowest possible operational and capital costs. The use of custom-built software in conjunction with the expertise of

Where exactly is it being used?

As a result of the growing population demand, it is most commonly utilized in Europe, countries in the Gulf, and Asia. Particularly for the construction of large-scale housing projects.

There has not been a significant application of this strategy in India. It is, however, being heavily promoted for just an ambitious government scheme known as “Housing for All by 2022.” This is because, with the Mivan methodology, a sizable number of housing units can be built for a large population within a brief time and at an affordable price.

3 Phases in Mivan Construction Technology

1. The Installation of Reinforcing Steel Along the Wall

Utilizing reinforcing steel enables the construction of a structure. This helps allow the concrete to harden to the point where it reaches fifty percent of its full strength. The steel mesh produced in a factory is instantly assembled on the construction site. Further, aluminum formwork is placed around it.

2. The Positioning Of The Aluminum Formwork

Along the length of the wall, reinforcing steel, prefabricated floor slabs, and room-sized walls are being erected. The aluminum alloy slabs are not only very simple to manipulate. But they are also manufactured to an exceptionally high standard of accuracy. These also come pre-integrated with areas for things like windows, doors, as well as ducts.

In addition, other characteristics like chajjas, staircases, as well as facade panels can be incorporated into them. The pin & wedge system is utilized to join these forms, and when the concrete structure is finished being poured. These forms can be easily disassembled.

3. The Activity of Pouring Concrete

After shapes have been cast, high-quality cement is poured into them. The concrete conforms to the form and design of the cast. After the construction of a hard-concrete structure endorsed by steel reinforcement inserted into the walls, the model is removed. Since these aluminum forms can be recycled almost 250 times, there is little waste generated from the construction site.

The MIVAN building technology is among the most advantageous forms of modern architectural technology recently introduced in India. With the help of this method, it is possible to construct multiple unit projects more rapidly, which increases operational efficiency.

In what capacity does it find widespread application in India?

Mivan Technology has become increasingly well-known in countries located in Europe, the Gulf, and a few Asian countries. It is still not widely used in India. Nevertheless, it has come to light that it will be to everyone’s advantage to utilize it for massive constructions.

It will be carried out as part of the ambitious program the Indian government has initiated. The initiative is known as the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana (PMAY). It also aims to provide housing for everyone by the year 2022.

Because of its ability to cut down on both the cost and the amount of time required for large-scale civil construction projects, it will make it possible to construct houses within the financial reach of the general population in India.

As a result, widespread implementation of this supposedly cutting-edge construction technology. Thus, which makes use of Mivan Shuttering, is required for India. In addition, given that it uses aluminum frameworks, it will ensure the durability and reliability of the civil structures.

The Advantages of Utilizing a Mivan Construction Technology

As mentioned previously, the Mivan technology not only helps to increase the rate. But it also frequently results in the construction of a higher quality. When the Mivan technology is utilized, the finishing is polished to a smooth finish. Compared to traditional building practices, this method cuts the time it takes to turn a project around by almost half.

  • Demands Less Labor – This technology reduces the requirement for skilled labor by eliminating some activities. They are like masonry and rendering, which require significant manual work. In addition, this technology removes the requirement for set procedures and checklists to be followed.
  • Strong foundation Resistant to Earthquakes and Long-Lasting These buildings have a higher resistance to earthquakes and a longer lifespan.
  • Reduced Need for MaintenanceSince this technology eliminates construction joints and calls for the use of free-flowing concrete, the possibility of seepage is greatly diminished. As a result, the need for maintenance is virtually nonexistent.


Aluminum formwork is pricey. As a result, this material isn’t always desirable when used on more minor scales due to its high price tag. Because of this, a Mivan construction method is only a viable option for large-scale endeavors that feature consistent floor plans.

In addition, the process calls for a skilled labor force capable of pouring concrete appropriately and at the proper time. This is the only reason it appears advantageous when only considering these aspects at first glance.

It uses concrete rather than bricks, which saves cost, and this substitution eliminates the need for bricks. Because it makes efficient use of space, has a pleasing appearance from an aesthetic standpoint, and requires less time to assemble.

Mivan has dramatically assisted the real estate industry in India by allowing for faster construction and more straightforward assembly. This has introduced a fresh perspective to the Indian real estate market.