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Have you ever heard of technologies that make the work easier, faster, and smoother at a vast level in Real Estate Market? Building a property is more accessible than finding skilled workers for the construction work on the site. To reduce the efforts of searching for skilled workers and building in less time and effort, Mivan Shuttering Technology was introduced in India. 

mivan shuttering latest technology
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Understanding Mivan Suttering Latest Technology

India is a well-developed country, but it is still behind some of the latest technologies in other countries. These countries like Europe, Malaysia, the US, Australia, etc., have developed many technologies that reduce manual and worker efforts for constructing buildings and doing jobs on the sites—talking about Mivan Technology, the latest technology adopted from foreign countries.

It is the one that works on the Aluminum formwork. Using this technology, a real estate person, broker, and house owner can build the site accurately in just a few days after gathering all the required tools and budget for Mivan. The company named Mivan Technology Ltd has been known since 1990 in Malaysia. This method gets widespread worldwide in a small amount of time. 

Mivan Shuttering Technology eliminates the traditional methods for building houses. It saves the broker from investing money in low-skilled workers, old costly tools, and machines. Also, the work has been done in low time using fewer efforts; it offers pacifying and smooth delivery of the site.

About Mivan Working Techniques 

There are four major components on which Mivan Shuttering Technology is used to work on.

1. The Deck Components are:

  • Deck panels
  • Deck length 
  • Soffit Length
  • Deck Prop

2. Beam Components are:

  • Beam side panel
  • Soft beam Panel
  • Prop head

3. The Wall components are:

  • Kickers
  • Stub Pin
  • Beam side panel
  • Rocker

4. Other useful components

The other components internally exclude the beam, wall, and deck parts. And the rest are used for external purposes for external edges and inner edges with soffit corners for the panels of the wall.

Steps in the Mivan Shuttering Latest Technology

  • Assembling the Wall Reinforcing Steels – This step is used to structure the buildings. The assembly of reinforcing steel walls provides more than 50% of the site’s strength. Before starting working on the area, the aluminum formwork is the first step. 
  • The Arrangement of Aluminum Formwork – This step is the one that helps in structuring the floor slabs and makes the walls of the room have accurate size. The entire aluminum metal work is easy to handle and gives strength and proper size to work. 
  • The Pouring of Concrete/Cement paste – The pouring of concrete or cement paste is done to structure and harden the wall. Later removed, the cast when observed the wall strengthening steel. The same aluminum metal can be used nearly 250 times on the construction site, which is cost-effective.
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Advantages of Mivan Technology 

  • It reduces manual efforts.
  • This technique saves the investment in low-skilled or many numbers of workers.
  • The construction of 1 floor is done in 7 days. Whereas around 21 days is the preferable number of days without Mivan Technology.
  • It gives the best fine edges and finishing surface 
  • Mivan technology follows Cast-in-situ construction which offers a very low wastage of the products than the other traditional techniques. 
  • The assembling of tools and shuttering parts are easy to assemble. 
  • The work done for plastering on the floor and walls is not required. This is when brokers follow Mivan Techniques.

Why is it helpful in India?

Mivan’s Latest Technology is beneficial in India for many reasons. As India is on its way to following modern and latest technologies. And they are trying to discover more from scratch for worldwide use. Therefore, India adopts this technology from other foreign countries to modernize its way. It also makes the laborers literate as they learn about the new machines and tools.

Limitations of Mivan Technology

We have seen numerous advantages and the best quality work that Mivan offers, but we can not avoid looking at its limitations too. They are as follows:

  • It can not be affordable on a medium budget or low-budget construction work.
  • The testing of machines and services is costly.
  • Skilled engineers and workers with good knowledge of Mivan technology are required. This is quite hard to find.
  • The blueprint of the site must be uniform and destructive during monsoon season.


The webpage gives you the knowledge of Mivan Shuttering Technology. You can explore the techniques of the technology. However, it provides uniform features to the building or house. Real estate and brokers or dealers must implement this technique in their work, which saves time, cost, and manual effort on a medium budget.