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Constructing iron, steel, and wooden balconies is quite common among Indian households and architects. But in the contemporary world, building glass balconies has also carved its niche on the maps and the sites being created in recent years. However, one crucial factor to keep in mind is safety.

Glass Railings are quite modern and give a contemporary look to the house’s design with a sleek appearance. One can develop fantastic home glass railings with some planning and research. 

In this article, we will share the top modern glass railing designs for the balconies at your houses.

Top 9 Modern Glass Railing Designs

1. The Elegant Glass Railing 

elegant glass railing design
Source: jannoon028 / freepik

Are you somebody who likes the classic infrastructure and is searching for the glass railing for your house or office? Then going with the traditional glass railing can’t ever be the wrong option. This elegant option never lets the architects go wrong with their choice of glass railings.

2. Aluminum Covered Glass Railing 

Aluminum Covered Glass Railing
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While constructing the minimal yet modern house, the aluminium-covered glass railing is another fantastic option for architects. The sides of the glass are covered with aluminium, giving it a more structured look compared to simple glass railings.

3. Stainless Steel Glass Railings

Stainless Steel Glass Railing
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Stainless Steel Glass Railings are another excellent option for constructing a modern house. The stainless steel provides a more modern and sleek view while bringing safety and security to the railings, especially the apartments.

With the help of glass railings, it gives homeowners an unobstructed view and a sense of openness. 

4. Wrought Iron Railing With Stained Glass 

This is another type of glass railing increasingly used by Indian architects. With the world moving towards customization, and to suit the individual’s taste, architects are opting for wrought iron railings with stained glass.

With the Wrought Iron Handrails being carved in specific designs that suit the overall development of the house, the stained glass is used to give colour and tint to the balcony. 

These railings can be perfectly customized as per the personality of the homeowner.

5. Deck Glass Railing 

Deck Glass Railing
Source: anfehoe / pixabay

This is one of the most cost-effective options for glass railings. With nothing else being used, they create an illusion of openness. The deck glass railing is another modern and contemporary way to construct glass railings. Also, the glass used can be coated with various prints.

6. Tinted Glass Railings

As the house depicts the homeowner’s personality, one can use tinted glasses to cover their balconies. Owing to their majestic look and unique gaze, these tinted glasses are gaining popularity day by day.

7. Black Glass Railing 

Black Glass Railing
Source: U. J. Alexander / Shutterstock

Architects and home designers also look for various style statement segments and decorative items that create an impact on society. Black Glass Railing is one such thing for an elegant home look.

8. Ornamented Glass Railing Designs 

Many people decorate their homes with showpieces, crystals, rubies, emails, and whatnot. Embedding these into the balcony glasses is another way to create a style statement and position yourself as a Porsche and elite. This sure drops hints of you living an extensive leisure life.

People also express their obsession with gems and jewellery through this.

9. Wooden Railing With The Woven Panels 

Wooden Glass Railing
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Another great way to create a unique railing for your house is to use wooden fences with woven panels. This is an excellent option for farmhouses and resorts, where there is a need to create a warming and open feel.