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The bedroom is one of the few places and times in our lives where we feel as calm, comfortable, and safe as when we get into bed at night after a long, hard day. You can learn about your bedroom’s top 8 modern headboard designs in this article.

It’s the one place where you can quickly get away from what’s going on in the rest of the world while also surrounding yourself with the decor and furniture you like best. Beds, no matter how big they are, are often thought to be the essential thing in a bedroom. So, the design of the headboard on your bed is a necessary part of making your room the perfect place for you to relax.

Even though headboards of today aren’t as fancy as they used to be, that doesn’t make them any less attractive. There are so many styles and ideas to choose from that you won’t have trouble finding the perfect headboard for your unique bedroom.

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Top 8 Modern Headboard Designs

#1 Wooden Headboard 

Wood has been one of the most common headboard materials for a long time. When it comes to making and designing headboards, wood may be the material that has been around the longest. The headboard of this bed has intricate plant designs that make it look a bit ethnic and maybe even boho chic. 

On the other hand, if you want a modern headboard design, use white walls and furniture and add just a few pops of color here and there with things like pastel yellow throw pillows, patterned curtains, and cyan bedsheets. Wood is the most common material for headboards. It is durable and robust, and because it is made of natural materials, it gives the place it lives an air of coziness and authenticity.

wooden headboard
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#2 Floating Headboard Design

Choose simple beds and nightstands built into the wall instead of big furniture for a floating look. Both of these pieces of furniture should be low to the ground. Unlike what most people do, you shouldn’t use headboards that are attached to the bed. 

As the name suggests, floating boards float a few inches above the ground and can also be used as wall decorations. The wood paneling on three sides makes the room feel darker, but the neutral color is a striking contrast to that. It will not only make the room look less cluttered, but it will also be a big help if your bedroom is on the smaller side.

#3 Upholstered Headboard

Adding a beautiful art deco-style headboard to your bed will give your walls a sense of refined elegance. Then, make your bedroom look like it came out of a dream by decorating it with beautiful Prussian blue velvet furniture, a wall painted a darker shade of blue, and white sheer drapes that reach the floor.

You can lean on it to watch TV or read your favorite book, and the slight padding gives you a soft place to sit. Art is not needed on these smooth, upholstered walls because they speak for themselves. The purple frenzy color is used excitingly for the upholstery in this spot. The velvet tufts are set up in a diamond pattern, giving the otherwise strangely designed room a cozy touch.

upholstered headboard
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#4 Panel – Modern Headboard Designs 

Paneled headboards can be a great addition to your bedroom because they mix semi-modern and semi-upholstered styles. These headboards are sold in sets; each set comes with a different panel and brackets to hang on the wall. You can hire as few or as many people as you want.

It is finished with smooth hardwood paneling, which also adds to the value and usefulness of the space. There is a mirror on one side, but this doesn’t change how the long headboard looks.

#5 Storage – Modern Headboard Designs

Adding more storage space is a blessing for people who live in homes that aren’t very big. If your headboard already has shelves, you could make it the perfect place to keep your book collection. If you choose this type of headboard, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be the same height as the bed.

Headboards with storage space that don’t take up space in the bed let you get the most out of your storage space. The all-white headboard and the bedside table have adjustable spotlights and lights built into them. Since the bedside table is on the narrow side, they made sure it had enough drawer space for extra storage even though it fits perfectly in the small corner that was made just for it.

storage - modern headboard designs
Source – 7Days Design

#6 Modern Headboard Design with POP

This POP bed headboard is carved with a detailed flower pattern and hangs from the ceiling. It gives the room where it is placed a romantic feel. Aside from that, it’s paired with things that aren’t as loud, like taupe walls, lamps, and bedding. Add more charm to the room by putting hot pink on the throw pillows.

You could get a similar effect by sticking to a strict two-color scheme. For example, you could paint the ceiling flat white and the walls with high-gloss paint that stands out. You might want to use a traditional damask pattern or one with flowers or shapes. You can give a wingback shape, characterized by vertical lines that are a little higher and edges that close in.

#7 Light-Fitted Headboards

The bed’s footboard flows into a flexible headboard with cutouts all over the design to let light in. So, you can bend and twist its edges to change the angle of the lights to your liking, making an already dramatic design even more so.

If you light a high-quality candle with a scent you like, you’ll feel much more at ease and ready to go to sleep. If you light a high-quality candle with a scent you want, you’ll feel much more at ease and prepared to go to sleep. You might consider putting an LED panel wall on your bed’s backrest. You can use these LED strips to add general lighting to your room, making a big difference in how you feel.

light fitted - modern headboard designs
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#8 Artistic Headboard

Whether you think of yourself as an artist or like to look at art, using one of your favorite pieces as a headboard could be a great way to show it off. If you want a headboard that everyone in the room will notice, you should choose a pattern with a complicated design. So, you can be sure that your bedroom will look and work the way you want it to.

We are not suggesting that you hang a valuable original on the wall behind your head while you toss and turn in bed, and what we are saying is that the wall behind your head is like a blank canvas and can be used to show whatever you want.