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Jali doors are trendy these days as they provide an aesthetic look to the home. They look elegant and modernist and are available in many designs and patterns. These doors provide very tight security and are very durable. So here is the well-researched list of 17 jali design doors.

modern jali design gates
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1. Walnut – Modern Jali Design Gates

Walnut jali gate can change the entire appearance of the house. It enhances the interior and exterior of the home by its texture and color. It is available in so many patterns and designs. Walnut jali doors are a perfect choice for a sleek and fabulous look.

2. Dark Black Gate Jali Design

Dark Black Gate Jali Design
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The dark black jali door is perfect for safety and security and is durable and long-lasting. It is a popular and most used door because it provides an elegant evergreen look that never goes out of fashion.

3. Half Wooden Jali Gate Design

Half Wooden Jali Gate Design
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As the name says, half of the gate is made up of wood, and the other half is made up of Jali. It gives a unique and splendid look to the entrance of the home. Half wooden jali gate is a fantastic choice which you can choose according to the Vastu of your house.

4. Honeycomb Wire Jali Door Design

Honeycomb jali gate is considered a perfect home entrance door if it is chosen for security purposes. It is available in so many patterns, designs, and colors. The honeycomb wire jail door design adds grace to the house’s entrance.

5. Quintessential – Modern Jali Design Gates

As the name suggests, the Quintessential door is a top-quality door that gives an exquisite touch to the house. It is a combination of style and safety, which improves the entryway of the home.

6. Moroccan Gate Jali Design

Moroccan Gate Jali Design
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Moroccan gates are a combination of simplicity and magnificence. It gives a decent touch to the home’s appearance and provides a significant entrance look.

7. Metal Door – Modern Jali Design Gates

Metal jali door is mainly used for security purposes. The metal used in this ensures safety, and jali adds a decent touch to the house’s entrance.

8. Walnut Black Jali Gate Design

Walnut black jali door helps in enhancing the appearance of the home, and it is different from other jali gates and provides a unique and remarkable look to the house. 

9. Modern Custom – Modern Jali Design Gates

Modern custom jali door is trendy these days as it gives a striking and remarkable look to the main entrance and enhances the home’s appearance. It comes in various stylish designs and patterns.

10. Jali Gate With A Semi-Modern Touch

Jali gate, with a semi-modern touch, is the perfect option for the ones who want a simple yet impressive look at the main gate. It is becoming increasingly popular as people prefer a sophisticated entrance look. 

jali gate with a semi modern touch
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11. Contemporary Forged Jali Door Design

A contemporary forged jali door is the best option for a perfect home as it gives a fascinating and beautiful touch to the interior and exterior of the home. It can be used in old and modern houses because of its enticing design.

12. Sliding Forged Door Jali Design

Sliding Forged Door Jali Design
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Sliding forged doors are termed the modern and sleek jali gates. They give a distinctive and stunning look to the entrance of the house. Sliding forged doors are available in different sizes and various colors.

13. Art Style – Modern Jali Design Gates

Art style jali gate shows how innovative and creative you are. It is a stable home entrance jali door that expresses your personality.

14. Modern Entry Jali Door Design

Modern Entry Jali Door Design
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The modern entry jali door is one of the best jali doors for the entrance of the house and is also one of the jali doors used very often. It looks stylish and stunning and gives an excellent look to the home.

15. Custom Craftsman Solid Wood Jali Gate Design

Custom craftsman solid wood jali gate design is the most popular jali gate design, and it is an excellent choice in terms of the safety and security of the home. It adds grace and intricacy to the main entrance of the home.

custom craftsman solid wood jali gate design
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16. Frank Lumber – Modern Jali Design Gates

Frank lumber jali door provides a unique and special appearance to the home. It is available in distinct designs and contours. It can be used in both modern and classical homes. Frank lumber provides a majestic touch to the entrance of the house.

17. Artistic Garden Jali Gate Design

 Artistic garden jali door makes the home look extensively aesthetic and significantly beautiful. You can use Artistic garden jali doors to give a creative touch to your main entrance. 


The main door of the house is the central point of attraction. A door can change the entire appearance of the home, and the exterior and the interior both depend on the main entrance. Many designs are available in the market, which confuses you, and you will not be able to select a suitable door for your home.

So this was the list of 17 best modern jali design gates, which will surely help you to find the right one. You can choose any one of them and can make your entrance remarkable.