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Civilization had a great impact on every country in the world. Imagine if there was no development to the thing people are using in the world today, the whole world would have looked like a zoo, and that’s the reason why designers have come up with the idea of modern methods in support of historical ages as the element of grace and delicate art by replying the local contexts such as the hot climate.

Art greatly impacts every engineering product, including the building materials used to build houses, where Jali panels are a great example of this successful process. These jali designs are simple, elegant, and unique solutions that can be used in different areas to serve other purposes.

The term Jali is derived from the word “Jali,” which the meaning is “net” or lattice.”

Jali is a perforated stone or lattice screen with a decorative calligraphy pattern and natural Motifs. Modern Jali designs are presently popular in the town right now. These jalis are normally used in India as people find the design more attractive than any other interior design. Due to the improved technology experienced, various materials are available for a Jali partition.

Where to Use Jali 

Jali designs were used for doors and  windows in some places some years ago, but these modern days below are where you can use Jali:

Partitions: As of today, Jali’s partitions don’t occupy too much space in any apartment it’s installed in.

Doors: Installing Jali on a wooden door to your home will add a touch and a beautiful interior. It’s perfectly okay for anyone that doesn’t have kids at home. You can install it when your kids are grown up.

Pooja Rooms: Pooja room is the best place that suits this Jali design. It can be used to separate sacred spaces from beautifying your worship room.

Top 5 Modern jali designs materials to decorate your house

1. Go traditional with wooden Jali

Go traditional with wooden Jali
Source: Image by Nina Garman from Pixabay

Even after having a different material options, wooden Jali designs stand out for their ethic and sleek design to give a raw finish. Another option is wood-plastic composite for the durable and wood-like finish in the decor. It’s affordable and a last-longer material. These jalis are a good candidate to segregate the sacred room while keeping it aesthetically. You can not get the wooden Jali and still be uncomfortable.

2. Modern Jali designs with MDF Jali

Modern Jali design with MDF Jali
Source: Photo by Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash

Installing an MDF Jali is the most amazing Jali design that will add a good look to your house as it seems to be a cool material. This design is engineered hardwood made from wood residuals, wax, fiber, and a resin mix. With the look of things, the price of this design is not costly in the market today. It’s a design that both low-class and middle-class can afford. It looks good while you install the design in modular kitchens, cabinets, wardrobes, and bathroom vanities.

3. Go light with PVC Jali

Go light with PVC Jali
Source: Image by Nina Garman from Pixabay

PVC Jali’s design is such an awesome design. It’s made from a soft material that makes it shine out and turn the heads of outsiders. Latticework or geometric cutting is perfectly okay for PVC sheet partitions because of the fineness of the finish. As a result of their elegance, PVC jalis are mainly for distinctive designs and themes. This PVC jali can be used as a ceiling design which will be your best option to choose in the market.

4. Modern Jali designs with steel

Stainless steel modern jali design partitions give a shiny look and sophistication style due to their thickness that cannot be compared with any other material. Expert designers can use these materials for balcony railings, windows, and terrace parapets on the buildings’ interior and exterior. Stainless steel is available in different grades and does not rust, making it durable and long-lasting.

5. Add a vernacular touch with terracotta jali design

Add a vernacular touch with terracotta jali design
Source: Photo by Shruti Singh on Unsplash

Terracotta looks may provide a wonderful and elegant look to your house as the design seems to be among the best Jali designs currently trending in the market today. This material offers a traditional touch and gives a perennial feel with low maintenance costs. Terracotta doesn’t occupy too much space and fits into different compact apartments.

It’s best to know what’s good for your home. Jali is perfect for any room and provides a sense of elegance.