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Pooja rooms are the most sacred and important rooms in our households. The morning routines, meditations, and the Pooja to the deities are an irreplaceable part of our lives. And that is why pooja room interior is a significant research topic.

Everything must be perfect, from the wall colours to the idol’s directions to the pooja rooms’ interior design. You might also want it approved according to Vastu, personal choices, and the overall house ambience. 

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Without a doubt, the pooja rooms are the heart of our homes. Thus the design must emit an aura of positivity, peace, and prosperity. They must provide a spiritual feeling and harmony that welcomes solitude, divinity, and elegance. 

While working on the aura, luxury, architecture, and interior of your house with architects, you must do your research on the Modern Pooja Room Design as well.

Thus, here are the 9 most modern pooja room design for Indian households.

The Best 9 Modern Pooja Room Design

1. The Wood Haven 

wooden pooja room design
Source: Sitthipong Pengjan / Shutterstock

The wooden carvings exude an instant dose of elegance and peace and are the go-to decorative item for Pooja Rooms Designs.

With the help of the carved wood wall, the backdrop looks very stylish yet modern. The lights installed behind the wood nets give enough space to enjoy the divinity of the supreme power. The wooden screening creates an impression of a separate room while providing an idea of what is behind the door. 

2. Clutter Less Pooja Rooms 

Clutter Less Pooja Room design
Source: Japan_room / Shutterstock

Most Pooja Rooms focus on the serene ambience, and a clutterless pooja room is a quintessential design.

This modern pooja room design feels as if there is nothing else rather than God and the religious vibes in the room. To minimize distraction, you should refrain from adding too many decorative items, images, or paintings to the walls. 

3. Soothing Marble Textures Room 

marble pooja room design
Source: Dandapani U. Maharana / Shutterstock

Marbles give a timeless look to the Pooja rooms. They are one of the best elements you can opt for.

Creation of the backdrop with the help of white marble and keeping the gold or any coloured god idol creates a luxurious look. This results in using the marble as a timeless structure, infusing sophistication into the pooja room. 

4. Pooja Rooms with Playful Prints 

While creating a modern pooja room design, developing and infusing traditions into the ambience is always a good idea.

Lay focus on creating modern architecture with minimal designs, using contemporary wooden slabs and hand-printed wallpapers and paintings can create an interesting design. This adds to the overall creativity of the house, and at the same time, it helps display the wall in a much better manner with an added sense of divinity.

5. Modern Pooja Room Design With Glass 

Most of the time, the pooja rooms are present in the corner of the rooms. Thus, it becomes necessary to match the style of the room with the overall interior of the living room. In such a case, the best and safest option would be to go with the glass interior.

You can use different glasses on the doors of the pooja rooms and even on the shelves to create an illusion of the bigger space. Additionally, glass can be used for the room’s background panels, behind which the lights can be installed. 

6. CNC Modern Room Pooja Design

CNC is a cutting technique that often results in the creation of Jali Designs. It adds a touch of spirituality and tradition and thus is often used during the construction of the pooja rooms.

Homeowners often cover the entire room or make a partition with these wooden jalis. CNC is not only beautiful but a timelessly elegant design.

7. Compact Pooja Rooms Cabinet 

Compact Pooja Rooms Cabinet
Source: praveenkumar bashaboina / Shutterstock

Most houses do not have a dedicated space or room for Pooja. In such cases, the corners of the living rooms are transformed into Pooja Cabinets, where the idols are kept along with the pooja materials.

The cabinets are designed to look like a room from the outside but take up very little space in the living room. 

8. Monochromatic Pooja Rooms 

The monochrome theme in the pooja rooms builds a positive vibe and aura. The shelves and the backdrop for the cabinet on which the idols are kept are of one colour. Mostly, these are of a wooden theme, and the entire wall and the decorative items are of one colour.

Monochromatic pooja rooms provide a classy and clean interior to the space.

9. Pooja Rooms with Vibrant Backdrops 

While talking about the monochromatic pooja rooms, let’s not forget about pooja rooms with vibrant backdrops.

These designs form an ideal blend of modern and traditional. The rich environment of pooja rooms redefines the space with a cheerful aura. Add to it various decorative items of choice such as antique hanging tea lights and other decorative items to imbibe rich spiritual vibes.