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“Plaster of Paris”, alternatively known as ‘POP’, has been used for ages to create mesmerising designs. And it makes fantastic false ceilings, wall trims, and accent decor. POP is a staple at commercial venues and a necessity at residences for creating those eye-catching effects.

And all this is because POP is a versatile, weather-resistant, low-maintenance product that provides insulation from heat and cold. 

The latest fad is the modern POP plus minus design courtesy of the aesthetics they exude that will enhance your home. The modern POP plus minus design means to enhance some decorative elements kept in the background, while others are made to attract attention. The many surreal designs can transform a room into one you will never want to leave. 

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Plus Minus POP Designs For Your Home

The modern POP plus minus design can enhance any part of your home. Depending on the room, the choices of theme and style are many. And they range from ornate and intricate that speak of luxury or sleek and subtle for the minimalist in you.   

Adorning the home with POP Plus Minus Designs can be complemented with appropriate lighting, colour, and other embellishments, depending on the individual’s taste. 

Below are a few fantastic ways to use plus minus POP designs to effectively lend your home a striking appeal.

1. POP Plus Minus Design For The Foyer

POP Plus Minus Design For The Foyer
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

The home’s common areas, like a walkway or the foyer, do not receive as much attention as the rest of the house. But a foyer is what every visitor to your home would pass through, and decorating it tastefully will help make a great impression on anyone visiting. 

That’s where a modern POP plus minus design comes into the picture. Using it in the lobby can create a simple yet eye-catching design that signifies grace.  

2. Give A Personal Touch To Your Bedroom With Pop Plus Minus Ceilings

Pop Plus Minus Design For Ceiling
Source: Felipe Hueb / Pexels

An elegant yet minimalist POP design that exudes calm in your private space could prove to be a nice option.

Be bold and experiment with different lights to amp up your bedroom. Diffused lighting that emits from recessed light fixtures creates a soothing ambience and will put you at ease after a tiring day. A perfect setting for binge-reading those books you’ve been putting off!

3. Plus Minus POP Design For Highlighting the Kitchen

POP Plus Minus Design for the Kitchen
Source: Pixabay / Pexels

You may wonder why the kitchen needs a modern POP plus minus design. Does the thought occur to you would be, why do up a place that is utilitarian in nature? But when you choose to spice up the kitchen with a dash of style, it works to elevate your mood and will move away from the dull look most kitchens have. 

A false ceiling with flush light fixtures will make your whole kitchen airy and bright. And that’s perfect for when you are rustling up those gourmet dishes. 

4. Modern POP Plus Minus Design For The Living Area

POP Plus Minus Design for the Living Area
Source: Sidekix Media / Unsplash

Those who love subtle opulence and symmetry in design could opt for this kind of modern POP plus minus design. You can pair the large rectangular false ceiling covering a large part of the roof with diffused lighting that sneaks out from the narrow recesses. 

Contrasting paint on the walls and the furniture completes the cosy picture. It is just perfect for entertaining friends and family. 

POP niches are another interesting concept to play around with. Thanks to POP’s versatility, you can use these niches to place artefacts, as bookshelves, and even for making partitions. 

The placing of backlights works well, creates exciting effects, and will evoke the interest of any visitor. 

5. Plus Minus Pop Design Bathroom For Your Indulgence

POP Plus Minus Design Bathroom
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Gone are the days when the bathroom was only built with functionality in mind and was mostly an afterthought. Instead, one can even destress after an exhausting day with a dip in a tub or a long shower. When comfort is taken care of, can aesthetics be far behind? 

As pictured here, the creative use of modern POP plus minus design works to soothe the senses just as well as your bubble bath. In addition to POP ceilings, even POP textures can be used in bathrooms to enhance their looks.

6. Make Your Kid’s Room Pop With The Plus Minus POP Design

No matter even if the rest of the home has a sober tone. The child’s bedroom ought to be, without exception, bright, colourful and exuding cheer, similar to their bubbly personalities. When choosing a modern POP plus minus design, do not hold back from experimenting. It can be as overboard as they wish. 

Many colours, shapes and designs are available to satisfy their every whim—these range from specially made headboards, wall decor and numerous ceiling patterns. 

7. Modern Pop Plus Minus Design For The Dining Room

POP Plus Minus Design for the Dining Room
Source: Alex Qian / Pexels

Demarcating a separate part of your home for a dining room in apartments and compact houses may be difficult. One way to create an exclusive part for the dining room can be opting for a POP plus minus design to highlight the difference from the rest of your abode. 

A lower POP design coupled with different positioning of light fixtures will do the trick. Even hanging light fixtures will enhance the dining area’s distinctive look. 

Eating at the table is an everyday ritual where people put their worries aside and enjoy a delicious meal together. No matter how busy their daily lives are. Investing in a pleasing dining room ceiling design enhances the overall ambience and makes the experience more pleasant.

8. Decorate Your Porch Ceiling With the Plus-Minus Pop Design

Porch ceilings are extensions of a home that can be used as sit-outs and serve to protect the doors and windows from the elements. The porch may be closed to the outdoors and be an open-air one. 

The porch helps accentuate the property giving it a pleasing look. Many POP designs available at your disposal can create ceiling patterns and wall decor. These add a decorative touch to the porch. It is heat resistant and braves, and handles extreme temperatures very well. Its natural heat resistance will cool down the immediate vicinity. 


So, there you have it. Multiple ideas for modern pop plus designs that cover all the rooms in your wonderful home. These cover everything from ceilings to walls and even include unique textures. 

The usage of POP designs has garnered increased interest recently as they have moved on from their stodgy industrial image in people’s minds.

We hope you can find a design that suits your requirements and personal style from the list above!