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Every time you see a very splendid home, you are bound to be awestruck by the beauty it evokes. Everyone dreams to own and live in a beautiful house. Your home doesn’t necessarily need to be big for it to be beautiful.

Regardless we are going to talk about some of the most beautiful homes in the world. Most of them are splendid and massive but you can simply take some cues out from them and choose them for your home. After all, a little inspiration never hurts, isn’t it?

Let us all explore the different houses that have managed to catch the fancy of every one simply because they are just too beautiful for words. There are several other beautiful houses too as this isn’t the sole list.

1. Updown Court, United Kingdom

Located not very far away from the city of London, the Updown Court is a privately owned home which spreads over 58 access of forested land. It is essentially a four-storeyed mansion and has as many as 103 rooms. There are 5 pools, 2 guest houses, and even a helipad. The dazzling white building is surrounded by lush greenery and is a paradise for luxurious living.

2. Villa la Leopolda, France

This one belonged to the kings and therefore it is needless to say that it exudes the perfect royal vibe. It was constructed back in 1902 and is located on the French Riviera. This villa transcends over 18 acres of land and you will be treated to some of the most majestic views. It has just 11 bedrooms but the property is worth dying for.

The highlight of this property has to be the lush greenery and a lot of effort by several gardeners goes into the effortless maintenance. It is hailed as the true postcard of France and has been clicked often even in movies.

3. Versailles, Florida

Versailles - Florida
Source: Lyon Stock/ Shutterstock

Owned by the owner of Westgate Resorts, this is another beautiful house that deserves a place here. It is spread over 80,000 square feet and is one of the biggest houses in the world. It is built on a waterfront estate and one can enjoy the mesmerising views of Lake Butler.

The key highlight of this point has to be the man-made hill that was made only for the sake of this castle. It took more than 15 years to build this castle as the construction commenced in 2004 and continued till 2019. It has as many as 14 bedrooms along with a wine cellar and two tennis courts. There are both indoor and outdoor pools as well. The place is a sheer treat for the eyes and something that is bound to unwind you completely.

4. Dracula Palace, Romania

dracula palace
Source: Julia Volk / Pexels

This is a national monument and is hailed to be an important landmark. It was once the official seat of the kingdom of Romania and it is needless to say that it is therefore one of the most beautiful houses.

This castle is situated 2500 feet above sea level and is one of the top tourist attractions in Romania. The castle is surrounded by lush greenery and despite being very beautiful, it is also a little spooky. There is an interesting story behind it as Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, the famous horror novel described a spooky fortress that surprisingly matched the description of this place. He had never been here though and it was a chance coincidence.

This is why the Dracula palace is also called the Bran Palace and is often seen as a spooky area. It remains a favourite destination among tourists and is frequented often as it is listed as a historical museum.

5. Antilia, India

Source: Snehit Photo / Shutterstock

The house of Indian magnate Mukesh Ambani, this one happens to be a private residence. Located in the main city of Mumbai, Ambani believes in living with luxury and style. The building has as many as 27 floors and the top 6 floors are completely residential.

The building has a salon, a private movie theatre, an ice cream parlour, a huge temple, and several other amenities. The Indian businessman is among the top ten wealthiest people in the world and he made this house after taking into account the different Vastu elements. It is believed that the design of the building is inspired by the lotus and the sun.

This is not all as this private residence has as many as 3 helipads, a ballroom, terrace garden, health centre, air traffic control and several other things. To keep the kids happy and entertained, there is a designated snow room as well.

6. South Coogee, Australia

australia beach
Source: Vincent Rivaud / Pexels

Still, under construction, this is a huge sprawling property and a must-visit place for those who love the water. If you are a water baby, you just can’t miss out on this amazing property. It has five bedrooms and a couple of living rooms apart from a kitchen.

One of the levels of the house is a large swimming pool and one can feel the sea from the house. It is being touted as the next big summer residence that is sure to create an everlasting impression on everyone who chooses to spend a summer here.

The views from the pool and the rest of the house are to die for and you can truly lose yourself in the true Aussie way and simply enjoy the slow pace of life passing you by.

7. One Hyde Park Penthouse, United Kingdom

One Hyde Park Penthouse, UK
Source: Alexandre Rotenberg / Shutterstock

Touted to be the address for billionaires, businessmen, and top celebrities, this one is another world altogether. The cost of this penthouse is estimated to be close to 160 million dollars and is located in the costliest locality in London which is Knightsbridge. The construction was completed in 2009 and it was done in collaboration with Rogers Stirk Harbour, Partners and an interior designer from the Candy Brothers.

The building has some of the most exceptional features like heated marble floors, an extensive library, walk-in wardrobes, a screening room, a 21-meter pool, a wine store, and so much more. A 24-hour security service is also offered to ensure that there are no break-ins even when the owners aren’t there.

8. Starwood Estate, Aspen

Located in the USA, this one is gorgeous as well. It is spread over a whopping 30 acres and has 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. If you happen to be someone who likes to gaze at the sprawling beauty of nature and get bewitched by it, this is the property you need to visit. It gives you an unparalleled view of the Rocky Mountains.

Of course, like most other beautiful houses, it packs in a world of amenities. It has large closets, a glass-enclosed pool, massage and ping pong room, high-tech media room, wine room and so much more. One can choose to rent this property for as less as a day to as much as a month. Of course, the tariffs are mind-blowing and not something everyone can afford.

9. The Manor, California

The Manor, California
Source: Iv Olga / Shutterstock

It is the largest home in Los Angeles County. The place was designed for Aaron Spelling, the TV producer. It is spread over 56,500 square feet of area and has as many as 123 rooms. Initially, it was bought for 85 million dollars but it was again put back into the market after two years with an asking price of 150 million dollars.

Eventually, it was sold for 119.7 million dollars but the name of the buyer wasn’t disclosed. To date, it is recorded as the highest sale amount in Californian history. No doubt, the views, design, style, and amenities are all world-class and leave nothing to be asked for.

10. Clifton 2A, Cape Town

Still unsold, this villa has a rustic untouched beauty to it. It isn’t very easy to reach as it is located in a particularly remote area setting. Located at the foot of the Lion’s Head Mountain, this is one of the most beautiful houses in every single respect. It is a part of Saota Studio projects and they left no stone unturned to make sure that it turned out to be super luxurious.

No matter which side you gaze, this building spells beauty in every single way. It is also packed with great amenities and seems to be an excellent investment. Once it manages to get easy access too, many buyers are likely to come forward to buy it.


Is Dracula Palace the most beautiful house in the world?

There are no specific parameters in place to gauge which house is more beautiful than the other, but based on general opinion, the Dracula Palace is one of the most beautiful houses for sure.

Which is the biggest house in the world?

The Versailles, Florida is the biggest house in the whole world.

Is Dracula Palace haunted?

While no official reports are claiming the sighting of ghosts, the castle does seem a little spooky. The details of the castle in the book seem to have added fuel to the rumour of it being haunted.